Atlético’s 2013/14 La Liga schedule revealed

Atleti start and finish the season against Barcelona

Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa and Sevilla winger Jose Antonio Reyes

Diego Costa and Reyes (

The stage is set. On the 18th of May, 2014, Atlético Madrid will travel to Camp Nou to take the title of Spanish champions away from FC Barcelona.

At least that’s how we hope things pan out when we take on Messi & Co. on the final matchday of the La Liga season.

Ironically, we also kick off the new campaign against the Catalans on the 21st of August, when the two fully recharged teams meet for the Spanish Super Cup.

Technically that will be our second competitive game of the season, because three days prior we’re heading to Andalucía for the first Liga BBVA game of the season against our fierce rivals Sevilla FC, taking on Álvaro Negredo in the typically hostile environment of the Sánchez Pizjuán.

The match is set to take place on the 18th of August, with the kickoff time, as we’ve come to expect from the LFP, yet to be announced.

On Tuesday the Liga de Fútbol Professional revealed the full La Liga schedule for the 2013/14 season, which can now be found in our Fixtures & Results section.

Other games and dates of special interest are our encounters against Real Madrid (29th of September at the Santiago Bernabeú, and 2nd of March at the Vicente Calderón) and Barcelona at home on the 12th of January.

In the more immediate future, Atlético has friendlies lined up with Numancia (21st of July), Estudiantes (27th of July), Sporting Cristal (31st of July), Nacional (4th of August) and Las Palmas (10th of August).

  • EC

    According to reports on the radio we have signed Demichellis on a one year deal at €1.5 mil wages for the year. Another very good move if true imo

  • EC

    Dos santos has signed for Villarreal. He is no longer an option then

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    in all respectful countries, in all countries who have a great history and great traditions in football : the first fixture of the season is the super cup .. but not in Spain !

    even Egypt does that and we have one of the worst, stupidest and unorganized football federations in the world !

  • Yon

    Wow, add copa del rey and CL and we are gonna have a crazy amount of fixtures this season!

  • kris

    Demichelis would be a great addition. If we fail t land him no worries. We have Gimenez.

  • DJ_ZA

    So for the last 2 seasons we’ve helped relegate our matchday 38 opponents!
    Any thoughts / odds of us continuing that trend in the 13/14 season……

    Seriously, heres hoping for a super rojiblanco 2013/14 – can’t wait for matchday 1 kickoff next month…barring any strikes

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @DJ_ZA : dude, the last game for us this season is against Barca .. at Camp Nou !

  • starvs

    I’m certain she realized that, which, therein lies the humor…

  • Dircil

    I think it is true about the signing of Demichelis

  • JohnGreece

    Atletico is not just only about football..

    “BM Atletico Madrid in official communication to the media this morning announced that the club will be ceasing all sportive activity, and that the economic crisis that hit Spain and Spanish handball have caused this decision. The support from the city of Madrid have not been sufficient, and the club had to take this decision. The club announced that they will no longer play in ASOBAL and the Champions League, and the club will proceed legally to declare ceasing existence.”

    Very very sad,very disappointing,something must be done immediately.Atletico can not just shut down,Atletico is not just another club,a shop, business.

  • kris

    That is really sad, JohnGreece, but it is no surprise. Other Spanish teams have also been ceased because of economic crisis. This particular Atleti team had already been shut down before too.

  • kris

    YYYESS. Demichelis is almost certain, now. Even if he doesn’t play, an experienced player is always helpful to have on the bench. The new guns will learn a lot from Demi.

  • vLad
  • Ahmad Hossainy

    it’s very sad John, and what makes it even more sad the fact that only 1.7 million euros could have saved our handball team

    it was no surprise though, the team was suffering for almost two years .. its disbanding was just a matter of time

    and in fact this isn’t the first time, we had a handball team since 1950 which was disbanded in 1992 due to similar problems
    then in 2011, Atleti took the management of BM Ciudad Real (who also was suffering from financial difficulties) and changed its name to “Club Balonmano Neptuno/Atlético Madrid” and relocated to Madrid

    The new team won 2 Copa del Rey, 1 Super Cup & 1 World Cup (IHF Super Globe)
    but despite that, they couldn’t survive more than 2 years !

    It’s to hard to stay alive in Spain if you dare to just think that you can compete with Real & Barca

    Barcelona now will compete against themselves in handball league .. let them enjoy it !

  • Will


    but it’s awful to everyone. Less people will watch the matches, it will loose sponsors, the teams will get weaker, the best players will outsite Spain, less people will follow this “career”, etc… It’s a big loss to the Spain’s handball. It’s just like business, if you don’t have competitors you don’t have any good reasons for improvements.
    Pretty sad but this is Spain’s economic reality these days.. :/

  • Kulan

    I have read that Kondogbia has à release-clause of around 10 million. I believe that he would be à great signing. But I guess we don’t Have the money for that..

  • Silchas

    Kondogbia and Diego Costa in one team? Thats nearly impossible after the inccident in the Copa semis. 🙂

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Will : of course it’s bad for everyone, especially for Barcelona, they will lose a lot
    but they are acting as they don’t care, in fact they really don’t care
    but it will get to them, just like you said:
    “It’s just like business, if you don’t have competitors you don’t have any good reasons for improvements”

    and what Barca (and Real) don’t know is that it’s their job to make the competition stronger and more competitive by helping other clubs who need help, because simply they are “the big two”
    in football, handball (just Barca) & Basketball

    It’s not charity, it’s obligation

    and it did happened in other countries, the most famous example is the 2 million loan Bayren gave to BVB few years ago to save them from bankruptcy
    now look where BVB is, where Bundesliga is, and most importantly : where Bayern is !!

    but this is Germany, a great country and a great nation

    I’m sorry to all my Spanish friends but there is a huge difference between Spain and Germany, Spain and England, Spain and many other countries

    in fact, when it comes to sports (team sports) I see no difference between Spain and my country, Egypt
    they both are jokes

  • Alex21

    It happens in America too. Money talks, bull shit walls.

  • Alex21