Léo Baptistão presented as new player of Atlético

A month after announcing his signing, Atleti finally unveil their young forward

Leo baptistao presented as atletico madrid player

Léo Baptistão at his presentation (clubatleticodemadrid.com)

Atlético unveiled their summer signing Léo Baptistão on Friday during the Volkswagen Race Tour at the Circuito del Jarama in Madrid.

In attendance were club president Enrique Cerezo, sporting director José Luis Pérez Caminero and club legend Luís Pereira.

“Today is an important day for me. I’m very excited to have signed for Atlético Madrid. It’s a dream to play for a big club and now it’s a reality,” a happy Léo said at his presentation.

The 20-year-old former Rayo player proceeded to explain why he was unconcerned about the pressure of being a Rojiblanco and what kind of player he was.

“I don’t think about having pressure. I’m young and I have to learn at this club where there are very good players and a manager who knows a lot about football,” he said.

“I can play up front, as a winger, behind the forward or as the forward. I see myself as an ordinary player with certain technical qualities and a long and wide range.”

Atlético president Cerezo said Léo was “one of the most sought after players by clubs both in Spain and abroad” and “a player with a great future and above all, great potential,” before wishing him “lots of success” in his “new home.”


  • Kulan

    Great buy Witherspoon loads of talent but needs à year or two to grow in to the Atleti costume. IMO we need a striker and we need to strengthen our midfield. Fred(10 millions), Diego (10 millions), Toulalan (7 millions – hopefully not lost to Monaco), Demichelis (free) and à back-up goalkeeper. All in all under 30 millions and we would be more than ready for La Liga and CL.

  • kris

    Kulan that seems great, but you know most of the times a striker should be a young one. Not someone who is 29. I would love to have Damiao up front with Costa. Other than Fred, everything you mentioned there is great. I wonder how much Damiao is worth, though.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I will not say welcome to our team, because we are not a team

    we are a family.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I have a great faith in this kid, I have a great feeling that he will explode with Atleti

    I’m telling you he will score at least 10 goals this season

  • kris

    15 at least as he will probably be a substitute striker getting 30+ minutes every match, and Copa games.

  • Kulan

    Kris; Damiao would st least cost 25 million. I agree that he would be an interesting option but he would take almost all of our transferbudget. We already Have loads of talent in the team and in our cantera. What we need to add this year is top-quality and experience according to me.

  • EC

    Apparantly we are now leading the chase to sign dos santos. He would be a pretty decent signing IMO if the price is right. I want be happy if we get him instead of someone like Diego though

  • kris

    6 million is the price tag, I believe, now that Mallorca have been relegated, too. Dos Santos is not as good as Diego and if he does sign, Oliver will get more chances to prove himself. But, Papu Gomez is a must. And, I also love Ljajic and want him to play behind Diego Costa. But, no matter what, I will have all my trust on Simeone. I trust that he will lead us to trophies and titles next season.

  • EC

    6 mil is maybe a bit too much seeing as Mallorca got relegated. Iam thinking more like €4 mil would be good. I think we have needed a player like dos santos on the right too give us a bit more width. We don’t really have any good wingers tbh.

  • Alex21

    I want Ljajic and Gomez. It’s a successful transfer period if we land them.

  • super3athens

    well… sergio assenjo and joel will leave??? then we have to sell them and use their money to bring roberto from zaragosa as a back-up… we need one central defender one decend back-up. if cata leaves we may need 2.. of course we can use at that position maybe poulido or one central mid. i don’t know how much diego will cost(i think about 8mil) the same price gomez, about 10 ljajic and about 5 dos santos… gomez is a winger i would buy him or diego and one of ljajic or dos santos(i prefer ljajic but his a little more expencive) to play behind diego costa. i belive at costa he is a great striker, we need a back-up. it’s truth adrian isn’t a striker and leo inexpirinced. if we loan leo the we need one more striker and then we are ok

  • EC

    Toulalan has signed for monaco 🙁 not sure about the transfer fee. Iam currently hating this transfer window. I wouldve been so happy if we just had the same squad that we ended last season with.

  • Silchas

    i have read that he costs 5mio.
    So malaga sells a player under his true value to a very rich team than to a nearly broken rival, who is willing to pay the same amount of money than the rich club -.-

  • EC

    The right move from malaga tbh if we weren’t offering any more then they wouldn’t want toulalan playing against them. Bad buissness from malaga tho considering they paid €10 mil for him

  • EC

    I really wish we had made more of an effort to sign burak yilmaz. I can’t believe gala got him for €5 mil the biggest steal in football for many years IMO. He had scored about 60 goals in 70ish appearances for trabzonspor and has now scored 32 in 39 for gala plus about 10 in the CL. For 5 mil….

  • kris

    Burak is too expensive, I think.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Maybe Monaco signed Toulalan with the same amount of money we offered Malaga, but I’m sure that they offered him much more salary than we did

    and that’s the problem we will face with all the signings we trying to make .. the salary

    thanks a lot petro-dollar clubs