Atleti present 2013/14 kits

Nike and Atlético Madrid presented the eagerly awaited shirts for next season

Atletico Madrid 2013/14 kits

Atlético kits for 2013/14 (

The home shirt for the 2013/14 season continues the tradition of red and white stripes. The main difference from the shirt of the Copa del Rey winning season, is that the sleeves of the shirt will no longer be striped but completely red, with the exception of a white band. Additionally, it will have a red collar and a small blue application at the throat.

According to the club, the design was inspired by the shirt worn when Atlético won the Spanish cup in 1965.

Together with the shirt, the Rojiblancos will wear blue shorts and red socks with a thin white line.

The away shirt for the upcoming season will be blue and yellow, and looks quite similar to the one Atlético wore in the 2003/04 season. It has blue sleeves and sides, and a large yellow block down the middle of the shirt. On both the collar and sleeves there will be a thin band of the complementary colour.

Atleti will wear blue shorts with a yellow line and yellow socks with a blue line and a blue block on its backside.

On the inside label of both shirts will read “110 Years of Legend” in celebration of the club’s 110th birthday this year. The Spanish flag will again be present on the back.

Like all the shirts in the last three years, these will be made of a special polyester made of up to 30 recycled plastic bottles per shirt. The shirt weighs 150 grams and will also incorporate the usual Nike Dry-FIT technology.

The new home shirt will be available in the club store from June 20th. The away kit will follow one month later. It is already possible to reserve shirts at the online shop.

  • I already missed the yellow/darkblue shirts
    always loved those away shirts
    although I liked last year’s too

  • kris

    Order complete!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    very beautiful away kit ..I must get one .. but I don’t know if I can find it in Egypt

    it’s already hard to find a home one (the original one, not the replica)
    sadly here like many other parts of the world they only know 2 Spanish clubs, Real & Barca

    but I wish there are also yellow shorts for Athletic & Osasuna games (no more Mallorca) as they wear black shorts

    anyway, we won’t see that hideous kit we used to wear against these 3 teams in the last 2 seasons : black-blue-red, or as Martin Rosenow called it : “Negrazulirojos” !

  • kris

    Don’t they deliver to Egypt?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @kris : yes they do, but you need to pay through a credit card, I don’t have one.

  • shlomgar

    @Ahmed, if you have a nike store in your city it is possible for them to order one, or at least that is what I’ve heard. Worth the shot.

  • Shay

    The only Atleti shirt I own (2005):

    Really like the new away kit, very unique.
    Shlomgar, are you gonna get one?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @shlomgar there is a big NIKE store at my city, Alexandria, and even bigger ones in Cairo, but I don’t think I’ll find an away Atleti shirt there .. not after Falcao has left !
    and I don’t think they will order just one shirt, but I’ll try anyway

  • SoLobo

    There is no Atleti shirt in Greece neither! There is a Nike store that ‘s not taking orders (!), however they do have Celtic (!!!) balls and shirts! How many cups do we need to win to finally import some Atleti shirts around here??

  • Alex21

    Oh geez, it’s hard enough to find a real or barca shirt here in America that are actually in a store. there’s only football (American) jerseys that IMO look ridiculous to wear seeing as they are about 4 sizes too big on anyone.

    I do like the new kits, however find the away one to be a bit interesting, but i guess that’s why we look forward to the release every year. It seems as though any time i get a new jersey, that player ends up leaving the next season. Forlán in 2010, Falcao in 2012. Maybe i should get a Cata Diaz jersey…..

  • ali_

    Alex21, buy a raul garcia shirt too! 🙂

  • Alex21

    Hahahahaha, deal. Any more suggestions??

  • is the rumors true about Diego Capel?

  • Atleti-Rus

    Nice, much better.

  • kris

    I have been reading in Spanish newspapers, but I don’t believe we will sign him. Ebert is probably the better deal, IMO. Haven’t seen much of Capel since he left for CP, so I don’t know how he plays now.

  • kris


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Alex, don’t you even think of buying Arda’s or Costa’s shirt :))

    actually as you mentioned that, I believe it’s not you .. I think it’s the captain armband .. it’s cursed, every player wears it must leave the club:
    Torres, Forlan, Aguero, Maxi, Simao, and Falcao

    when the club announced that Falcao become a vice captain I knew he is leaving, I even tweeted that .. and it happened !!

  • Alex21

    Well i really want either a Koke or Felipe jersey so….im giving a preemptive sorry to every Atleti fan if they leave next year. Haha.

  • kris

    Is it true that Oliver signed with Jorge Mendes? Please.. I hope it’s not true.

  • AndersAT

    Actually i don’t understand your under appreciation of Raul Garcia.
    He scored 10 goals last season as a non-regular starter. That is third most on our team. I agree that he is not in our strongest 11, but he can move in from the bench and score goals. He brings depth to our squad and can play and score goals in copa del rey (and europa league last season). and probably not the highest paid in our squad. Furthermore he has improved every season since he joined from osasuna. We need depth if we are to compete in both cola del rey, la liga and champions league next season, and i think Raul Garcia can bring that.
    I agree that Oliver Torres should get more chances but Raul Garcia has experience and has proven himself as a goalscore so i think he has earned his place on the team.

  • starvs

    Dear god no, if Jorge signed Oli I will be sick. That’s gotta just be BS rumors….

  • kris

    I really hope so too, that they are just rumors.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I had a bad feeling in my stomach when I read what you wrote Kris, Oliver signing with the devil Jorge Mendes !
    I wish that isn’t true, cuase if it is he will never let him stay at Atleti
    for Mendes : Oliver is a goose laying golden eggs, and he must have his share

    Anders, I’ve been defending Raul Garcia the whole season, I thought I’m the only one, but now we became two .. and also I think we are the only two !

    as you said : Raul Garcia is the 3rd top scorer and he didn’t play so much minutes
    he is not a superstar, but he never claimed to be one .. he accepted to set on the bench and every time he goes in he gives his best and most of the time he scores

    yes he only scores in the easy matches but actually we are searching of such kind of players, a good sub who don’t cost us much and is not paid so much and can do well in easy games in the cup & in the league when we need to rest our starters and has no problem with setting in the bench
    well, we already have one of those !

    I wonder why is everybody criticising Raul Garcia but nobody talk about Cebolla !
    what did Cebolla give Atleti this season ?!
    in my opinion : nothing.

  • Arjit

    The problem with Raul Garcia is that he plays CM but his passing and general on possession play is absolutely terrible. His statistical contributions otherwise (as much as I hate to admit it) are undeniable. I don’t like him because he ruins plays and counter attacks. He’s not the kind of player that makes others around him play better, nor is he the kind of player that plays better when the team is playing better. If he plays well, he scores at the odd time. Otherwise he just makes wayward passes. I don’t mind if he stays as long as we don’t rely on him as much to provide a spark on important games (he was almost always the first sub to go on). I’d much rather have Oliver go on.

  • EC

    I wouldn’t mind if we kept Garcia, as others have stated he isn’t costing the club too much and he is a decent squad player imo. I think cebolla is a waste of wages and we should look to sell him. He scored a couple of fantastic and important goals but apart from that didn’t contribute much. On a side note I read yesterday that someone is interested in the Porto centre half Otamendi

  • EC

    By someone I mean Simione*

  • kris
  • kris

    The signing of Otamendi would cost us 15 million. If they sign him for that much when we can get Demichelis for free, I will be mad. Really. We can’t waste 15 million just like that.

  • EC

    I can’t speak spanish and google translate did not do a very good job. Does it say in that article that Atletico madrid have signed negredo on a 3 year deal with the transfer fee being €13 mil?

  • kris

    Yes, tres temporadas, three seasons. But I don’t know if I should trust this site because it stated it was only 13 millions for him, when the club said they are not gonna let go of him for any price under 20 million. If it’s only 13 million, then it’s a very good deal, IMO, even though, I hate this guy. I will accept him though after he starts scoring and giving his all for us.

  • EC

    Yeah I really can’t see atletico buying him for €13 mil unless Sevilla really need the money and negredo has made it clear he only wants to go to atletico, even then I don’t believe it though. Negredo for €13 mil would be unbelievable business and I would be happy if we paid 20 or €25 mil for him. If he is good enough for Simione then he is good enough for me

  • I’d rather have Otamendi for 15 than Demi for free.
    Financial reasoning being that he’s young, statistics would say a higher level for a bigger duration of quality would be logical, he might even grow, meaning we could make some of the money back or even see profit, while Demi would just cost quite a hefty pay check, would probably sign a short term contract and leave for free, while perhaps not even playing that many games.
    Of course it’s hard to tell right this moment, but seems to have some idea behind it 🙂

    But I’d be happy with either, maybe both if Godin departs.
    As long as Miranda stays put, I am content.

  • i rly like this guy..idk y everyone hates him..he’s a high class finisher!!!and he will be an excellent add to the squad..

  • Alex21

    I mean for 13 million (if that’s true), that is a hell of a deal. That gives us money for Diego, a CB, and maybe a player like Alejandro Gomez or Ljajic. That would be a great bench for Atleti in any competition. We could make a serious dent in the CL.

  • kris

    I agree Alex. After watching replays and coms of Ljajic, he looks like a great player. Diego, Ljajic, and a CB will add great depth and competition in the squad which will help us win titles and trophies.

  • kris

    Yehh, I guess it’s official now. Negredo has signed.,ff7b3deb46e4f310VgnVCM20000099cceb0aRCRD.html?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed

    We’re gonna be paying him 2.5 million euros a year. I don’t know how much the deal was for, though. There’s gonna be a lot of pressure on him if he doesn’t perform well. He better give us his all and not ask to move anytime soon. I hope for him to score in every single game.

  • Arjit

    I was against this move at first but 13 mill is a great deal if true! Diego should be priority now, then a CB and lastly a young promising talent (I’m hearing a lot about ljajic). But with Oliver and Leo, that would just be icing on the cake rather than an essential addition.

  • Alex21

    By the way, how are you guys ordering these so early? I’m having problems order them via the official site. Any suggestions?

    And regards to Negredo, acquiring a player is so relative to his value and for 13 million, it is a good deal. However, knock on wood, there could be a report tomorrow saying we paid 30 million, so who knows at this point. If it is true, I’d love to see our board acquire these young, creative wings and midfields, so fingers crossed y’all!!!!

  • starvs

    Come on, Negredo for 13 mil? Get real people, that can’t be legit. Why ever would Sevilla give a rival like us a deal like that, they could surely get at least that much else where. They can’t be THAT desperate after selling Navas.

  • ali_

    starvs: answer is doyen group

  • ali_

    i mean if its even true… theres no site yet, which confirmed it, except that page.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    Oliver Torres to Mendes: aint nobody got time fo’ that. Saying that he is more than happy with the efforts done from his current agent.

  • kris

    I hope he doesn’t sign with him.

  • Jimbo_With_the_Dancingshoes

    The agent of Mario Gomez (27) will in the following days meet up with Juventus, Fiorentina, Atlético de Madrid and Manchester City, to find a new place to call home for the big German. Would be hard to compete with Juve and Man C if they really wants him.

  • kris

    Mario Gomez is a good poacher and would fit in with the team right away. Costa and him up front, Costa delivering to Gomez, Gomez delivering to Costa=deadly. But, I believe we have already signed Negredo, and now that I think about it nothing bad with having a Spanish striker in the team. When he starts doing well, he will get called up to the national team and can be the permanent ‘9’ for La Roja. Skillswise, He’s obviously better than Soldado, so it will be good for the club too.

  • EC

    i hope torres doesn’t go into business with that snake mendes. today is a bad news day. My local team (that iam a season ticket holder for) is going into administration. I want some good news fast

  • Yon

    Everywhere saying Oli has refused Mendes! A wise young man on and off the park it seems!

    Negredo for 13 is a bargain yeah, but there will be performance boosts in there I assume, just so we only pay 13 on the books this season, as we are apparently limited to what we can spend this season according to a report by LFP!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    guys, what are you talking about ?!!
    Negredo is in Dubai right now enjoying his vacation, so they haven’t even met yet rather than closing a deal .. and with 13 million !!
    come on, you all smarter than that .. they are all lies.

  • Alex21

    I hope that’s true, we can’t afford another conformity. I love this kid.

  • kris

    Yehh. I learned that we can only spend 30 more millions. We have to buy smartly. Caminero, what are you up to?

  • Sommer83

    Here in Indiana there are a few shops but they sell only Real, Barca, and EPL teams. If we sign Dos Santos I’m pretty sure try will stick Atleti jerseys, all these stores are Mexican owned and if we sign him the Mexicans here will root for Atleti they are loyal to their players.

  • kris

    ahha,, yehh, signing of Gio Dos Santos will do good for marketing purposes, too. The fans of those National Teams who don’t have very many players abroad are always loyal to their players.