Rami offered to Atlético

The Valencia centre-back seeks Champions League football

Adil Rami

Rami sought Atlético move (Getty Images)

Adil Rami has rejected renewal offers from Valencia, with his representatives having looked to move the central defender to Atlético, according to a source close to the club.

With los Che narrowly missing out on Champions League football for next season on the final round of La Liga, Rami would like to join a side that will be taking part in the elite European tournament.

Atleti officials were very keen on sitting down at the negotiating table to land a deal that would bring the big Frenchman to the Manzanares River bend, particularly considering his current wages of €1 million per year–roughly the same annual salary that Domingo Cisma earns.

Average wages at Atlético are about €1.5 million per year, so los Rojiblancos figured they could lure the 27-year-old to the club with a more lucrative offer.

However, Valencia have set his price tag at €12 million, a figure that Atleti simply cannot afford to meet at the moment–forcing them to reject the proposal.

The player’s representatives are now looking to potential suitors in Italy.

  • starvs

    Can’t pay 12m for a player who isn’t likely to start (or would force a player worth more to the bench…). Need to be able to do things like that to be a top tier team, just not their yet with this tax bill on our back.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I don’t like him anyway although he is a very good defender

    but we can’t afford 12 million !! this is sad :((

  • Javi

    He would be a good backup, but not for 12M

  • kris

    We just don’t have enough money to be buying Adil. But, we do need another CB, even though, we have Gimenez coming.

  • Heisenberg

    he is a guy with the qualitiya and a price of a first eleven player. Which is something we don’t need at the moment since Godin and Miranda have such a good partnership.
    But we do need a really good CB who could add some debth in the team. IMO Martin Caceres would be great for us

  • http://espnfc.com/news/story?id=1468947&cc=3888
    seems we’re close to signing Diego.
    Source: Espn
    Very reliable source. I hope it is true (Y) 😀

  • Ty Gambo

    If hope it is not, unless he’d be for Right Midfielder, Oliver needs his minutes and I’d rather see what he’s capable of.

  • ali_

    im sure oliver would get his chance with diego coming too.

  • Ty Gambo

    I know he will, but if he turns in better performances than the Brazilian, one of them is probably doomed to get pissed off.

    Oliver if he doesn’t get the spot he’d deserve for being better, or Diego for being on the bench as a “star”.
    Or Diego plays on the right wing, Oliver CAM and Arda on the left, with Costa as a striker and Adrian, Leo, Cebolla as subs with other skills, in which case I wouldn’t mind Diego at all, a very creative front midfield almost out of nowhere.

  • Ty Gambo

    *with Gabi and Koke as CM, hopefully, maybe Mario in a roulation system with them.

  • Alex21

    I love Diego as much as the next guy, but i agree with Ty. I would love to see Oliver get 40-50% of starts. The only way to get him better is to play him. I’d hate to see such a talent get wasted…

    Also, does anyone know who Elliott Kebbie is? I know he’s part of our youth, but is he good. I’ve seen links with him to Man U.

  • kris

    OLIVER doesn’t have to be a star player yet. He is only 18, guys. As long as he comes after the 65th minute every game, he is all right. I know Simeone will find a way to utilize him. I think he will start most Copa matches and some Liga matches. Let’s see what happens but don’t think he will need to be a star player just yet.

  • EC

    I would love us to sign diego, he was fantastic for us first time around and has had a very good season for Wolfsburg. Oliver Torres looks like a very good young player but I think it would be rediculous for him to play a main role in next season 18 is so very young

  • athenssuper3

    we have not to hurry with oliver we need a really good n’10 and oliver can be his sub…

  • Ty Gambo

    Of course he doesn’t have to be a star player, not at all. That’s not even what I’m saying. But, to improve, only 25 minutes per game won’t be enough, like in his skills, there has to be a growth in playing time. For one, it increases his stamina, focus and consistency for a longer time frame.
    Plus the 65th minute strategy, if it’s for CAM, don’t you think Diego would be annoyed by the fact that he doesn’t get to play full games? Or otherwise it’s just the same, only youth when there’s absolutely nothing to play for, which usually is the Cholo way.
    So again, unless he’ll play RM, I’m not sure if I would really like to see Diego.
    This isn’t FIFA, so a midfield of Koke, Diego, Oliver and in some way still involve Arda seems a little too impractical to put on the field.
    So again, of course he does not have to be a star player right now, but a time will come, which I’m expecting not even that far into the season, where only 25 minutes won’t prove to be enough to continue the young lady’s growth.

  • Ty Gambo

    Plus being the main sub this upcoming season is a pretty okay option, but what about the season after that? It’s ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a player you only use 70 minutes per game for one season, if you really try to get Oliver to be great. And if not, you could waste a kid who might be the biggest talent in Spain right now.

  • Legggoooo

    This might be a semi-controversial opinion, but I’d actually prefer making a move for Belhanda over Diego; he’s much younger, requires lower wages, got a taste for the Champions League this past year, and comes with a game that would fit in nice and comfortably in Spanish football to boot.


  • Andres (Lolaya)

    For CL, Oliver can always play full la liga games when Atletico need to rest key players for the game the following week.

  • kris

    Ty, you aren’t wrong but you think different from me. Don’t get me wrong; I love Oliver, has the ability to become one of the best, if not the best in the future but he’s gotta start like Messi did during the 2005-06 season. Just like Messi, he might start some Liga matches and most Copa matches and a couple of CL matches. This will see him gain experience of how it’s like playing with the big boys, and in 2014/15 season,if he outclasses Diego he shall be a regular starter. Mate, don’t worry I think Simeone has it all figured out that’s why he said he wants to sign Diego. I know Simeone doesn’t favor anyone.

  • Ty Gambo

    Yeah, I think that’s a good strategy, but about that 2014/15 season, is Diego really the kind of player you’d get for one season, hypothetically speaking? I’m not so sure. But perhaps I’m wrong and it all works out.
    Maybe they could play a 4-2-3-1 with all of Arda, Diego and Oliver in the “3”? The roulation in positions might even prove to be one of the greatest things, especially in the creativity department, Atleti has seen recently, in field play.
    Also, Diego and Oliver’s positioning might make the Costa as a striker idea better, since they tend to move into scoring position. Arda usually is more of a provider, creating his own chances, instead of being “just” the finisher, if he scores.
    With Adrian, Cebolla, Leo and Pizzi as subs for them for that extra spark or depth, I might become a very happy man, if it works out like I’m envisioning it.

    Manquillo seems to be ready to step it up, too, but Juanfran is quite outstanding, which might make a loan deal a good idea, with Silvio, if possible, as second right back the coming season. In controlling midfield I don’t see why Koke wouldn’t deserve his starting spot, since he was very good there, and seems to see and feel the play the best. An experienced, or more defensively skilled guy like Gabi, or Mario accompanying him, of course with some aid from Diego, Oli and Arda, I see a very strong midfield in the making, with a lot of creativity and charisma. Although a defensive midfielder who is more consistent than Mario might prove useful, although I see Gabi-Koke to be quite effective.
    PS, didn’t they have a buyback clause for Camacho?
    Filipe on the left with Insua as second choice and occasional roulation for rest or something, seems to be as solid as possible, Miranda and Godin as central duo is pretty good, but a new CB might come in very handy, to keep Godin sharp and to not have to fear to see Diaz in back. Pulido was a great prospect, but Atletico does not seem to be the right place for him now. Too little rhythm to be 100% when implemented and he might just need to be loaned or even sold (with buy back option maybe) to a club where he is kind of sure he gets his minutes.
    On goal, Courtois for the coming season… the season after that? A question to be answered later on.
    So, in 2014, if luck is on our (or just mine, I don’t know) we might see something (in my eyes) majestic like

    Manquillo – Miranda – Godin – – Filipe
    – – – – – – – Gabi – – – Koke
    – – – Diego – – – Oliver – – – Arda
    – – – – – – – – – – Costa

    Pardon my jibber jabber, but I really like talking about stuff like this.
    I really hope this sort of becomes reality

  • kris

    Nice. I really love the creativity in your formation. Costa is for sure gonna score 30,35+goals next season. Manquillo is pretty good, just not of Juanfran’s level yet. I would love to see him outshine Juanfran, though. I think Simeone has it all figured out, so, I am not worried. I want to see our youth system to grow and get better and I think Cholo is the right man to help develop that.