Falcao tries to say goodbye

Overcome by emotions, the Monaco-bound striker couldn't finish his farewell presser

Radamel Falcao cries at Atletico Madrid farewell press conference

Falcao cries during farewell event on Saturday

A day after his move to AS Monaco had been made official, now former Atlético forward Radamel Falcao attended an event held at the Vicente Calderón on Saturday to bid Rojiblanco fans farewell.

“These two years have been the best of my career,” Falcao managed to say while trying to hold back tears.

“It has been an honour to defend this shirt.”

The 27-year-old then began to choke up, and members of Atleti’s press corps decided to cut the event short, as it looked as if Falcao would not be able to continue talking.

In his two campaigns in red and white, the lethal Colombian hitman scored 70 goals in 91 appearances (86 as a starter).

‘El Tigre’s’ impressive trophy haul included one Europa League title, one Super Cup and one Copa del Rey.

On behalf of the staff here at AtléticoFans, we’d like to wish our tiger good luck in his new venture, and we’d like to thank him for everything he offered our beloved club.

  • kris

    Thank you Tigre. Best of luck for your future. I know, you didn’t want to leave Atleti but you have to. Thank you very much for your service in Atletico.

  • ali_

    just seen the video… so sad
    i wish him the best

  • Alex21

    Negredo scored 4 today…Atleti’s board will want him more than ever. Why’d you have to go, tiger..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    only 2 years and he is leaving with tears, while another player have spent 5 years with Atleti and we made him a star then he left without even saying goodbye .. and until this moment he still dreaming of playing for Real Madrid

    you know who

    there are many good players, but there are few good persons


  • Chalet

    @Martin Rosenow:

    Most of all I´m feeling very sorry for you, mate.
    It must be hard to take for you to see Falcao go – like it was for me when Forlán had to leave…

    Maybe Atléti could try to sign another excellent player and compatriot of yours from Colombia or maybe Germany as ‘A Quantum of Solace’…? 😉

    Falcao has been really great for Atléti.
    For some reasons he had to leave – but I really think that he will be fine in Monaco.

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    Wouldn’t it be great if Falcao retired or came back to Atletico when he was a little bit older on a free transfer?

    If this part ownership is true, I know he would love it.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    as you talking about compatriots let me talk about my compatriot, the Egyptian winger of FC Basel Mohammad Salah

    he is very talented, young (20 years old) and his price is reasonable (10 millions) and his position is exactly what we need and now after Falcao has left there is an open non-European spot

    and finally an Egyptian player will bring many fans for Atleti
    we are 90 million people, more than 90% of them are football fans and they are divided between Real & Barca !

  • vLad

    @Ahmed: Same story here in Israel.. People only know Barca and Real.. Local Media’s fault…

  • Mohamed fekry

    @ahmed Salah is excellent , would be great signing If atleti did it and finally we can have a fan base in egypt

  • Yon

    I can’t wait to order my Monaco top with Falcao 9 on the back :D!

    Sad to see him go, will never ever be forgotten!

    Still can’t believe people are bitter about Kun, think the whole Kun situation has made this one easier to take for most of you tbh!

  • Chalet

    @Ahmad Hossainy:

    I know Mohammad Salah.
    A member of my very big, very mixed and very international family is following FC Basel.
    She is a little bit in love with goalkeeper Yann Sommer – and sometimes I´m watching matches of FC Basel to please her.
    I felt sorry for her and for them when they lost the cup final to GC Zürich last month – but fortunately Basel managed to win the league yesterday for the fourth time in a row.

    Salah is really a very talented and promising young player!

  • Jorge

    Why would anyone be upset about Kün?! He signed an extension with Atleti before he left! A move that forced interested teams to pay Atleti a transfer fee–also, Real was always a no-go for him! Any Atleti supporter who is upset at Aguero just doesn’t “get it”.

  • ali_

    one day he said he loves here, the next day turns out he wanted go to real madrid. he was talking bullshit all the time.
    also the way he expressed his desire to leave is very quiestionable… he is a great player, but a rat.

  • Danut10

    He will come back some day ‘cuz he loves this club too much

  • Yon

    Without Aguero doing that, Falcao would not have been possible!

    Also when did he ever say he wanted to go to Real Madrid? Do you’s just believe everything that is on the internet? There was lots about Falcao and Real Madrid? Also a clip when he was younger about him talking about Real and AC Milan I am sure? He went to Monaco. Ken went to Man City and won a Premier League title, none went to Real Madrid.

    Both did love/(d) the club and had to move on due to our finances!

  • ali_

    in the dressing room it was an open secret that he wants to go to real. even ujfalusi confirmed it.
    dont u see that theres a big difference how falcao and kun left this club?

  • palc

    Falcao is a gentleman. Kun is a thug.