OFFICIAL: Falcao is now an AS Monaco player

'El Tigre' looks set to leave Atlético after only two years for big-spending Monaco

Radamel Falcao joins AS Monaco

Falcao's move to Monaco is now official

UPDATE: On Friday, AS Monaco confirmed, on their official website, that Falcao had been signed on a five-year deal. Atlético followed suit on their website shortly after, wishing the striker well on his new adventure.

“Atlético Madrid wish [Falcao] a lot of luck at his new destination, and we thank him for his great display of professionalism he has shown in the two seasons he played for our club,” Atleti’s website read.

Atlético have reportedly agreed to sell their famous forward Falcao to Monaco. Ever since his arrival two years ago, it was apparent that the Colombian would leave, and after two hugely successful years, he finally will.

A deal between the two clubs over the transfer is said to have been reached on Tuesday, after Falcao had already passed a medical examination and negotiated the terms of a contract. He was allowed to miss today’s training session in order to wrap his transfer up.

The Monégasques will pay the Rojiblancos €45m for ‘El Tigre’, who will be earning a net salary of €14m a year on a four-year deal in the principality, according to AS. However, Cadena SER says the fee paid by Monaco is €63m and Falcao’s annual salary will be €12m on a five-year deal.

One explanation for the €18m discrepancy is that it includes the various fees paid to the Colombian’s former team River Plate, and the various parties with a stake in his transfer rights.

Falcao had been linked with a host of clubs before nouveau-riche Monaco made their interest known. Their multi-billionaire owner Dmitry Rybolovlev is said to be a big fan of the top Rojiblanco goalscorer.

In Monaco, ‘El Tigre’ will be reunited with his compatriot James Rodríguez and João Moutinho, his former teammates at Porto, who have also been acquired by the big-spending Monégasques this month.

  • starvs

    Jorge Mendes up in this bitch.

  • kris

    Fuck Mendes, that little asshole. Falcao definitely doesn’t want to leave Atleti. If we do get at least 45 million, it’ll be good for us to find another replacement. Maybe Benteke?Yilmaz will do well in the CL as he has the expereince, if we can manage to buy him.I don’t want Negredo for many different reasons. We most definitely need another creative midfielder like Arda, maybe two.

  • starvs

    Don’t think we need two more creative mids, as I think that would see Koke squeezed out, and he has really emerged this season. Def add Diego though.

  • Atleti-Rus

    We need a central defender and a right back plus a top forward and Diego.

  • kris

    But a little competition in the squad isn’t bad at all. Well, maybe not two creative midfielders but we need at least one more to help Arda out.

  • kris

    Definitely a CB.

  • msommer83

    Gil Marin is in the UK looking at Suarez, Chicharito, Benteke,
    & Dzeko. Also were looking into Damiao and Giovanni Dos Santos

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    just had a chat last night on twitter with Billy Edwards -one of your writers- and I said if what AS reported is true (that Monaco paid only 45 millions) so it’s just Atleti share, and there is another amount of money they will pay for the third party (Mendes Company) who own a share of Falcao’s contract

    well, Cadena SER report that Robel mentioned support my theory

    but “Real Madrid daily” (AKA AS) has another theory which suggests that – and I quote – :

    “Falcao agreed last season to stay with Atlético Madrid provided he would be allowed to go this summer if he helped the club qualify for the Champions League. With the goal met Atlético felt morally obliged not to demand the full buy-out clause of 60 million euros, and merely seek a reasonable price for the player”

    how the fuck a club like Atleti who are drowning in debt give a 15 million discount for a club owned by a billionaire like Monaco !! … BITCHES

  • Silchas

    The second Theory is some weird stuff. It wasn’t Falcao alone who brought us into CL( yeah a football team consists of at least 11 Players 🙂 ) . And what the hell has morality to do with football? You should sell a player so high how you can. -.-

  • LosColchonero

    You guys. This was a long time coming. Firstly, we need to understand the situation. Falcao, after agreeing to Jorge Mendes’s proposition way back in Argentina at River Plate, had very little choice in the manner; except that if he played well and was lucky enough – along with Mendes’s sponsorship – he would make it big in football. So, along come in a 3rd party company, that after careful scouting, purchased part of Falcao’s registration. Jorge Mendes becomes his agent, never mind that Mendes and ex Chelsea boss are both partners in the 3rd party company, and begins to market the player aggressively through his connections. Atletico and Porto never quite owned Falcao fully. In fact, the 3rd party company maintains the right to object or approve a transfer just as a club would. They have invested heavily in the players reputation along with their shoulder rubbing and its in their interest, as a rational organization, to maximize the value of their investment in Falcao’s registration. Thus, with this setting, and the fact that their star has already been pumped up in value through agreements with Porto before them, and with very few clubs able to top a (full price) 40m Falcao, things were getting itchy for Mendes and his partners; Falcao is 27 at the peak of his career and probably will not justify a higher price afterwards. So, they called in the dogs, Chelsea and other suitors, to start negotiations, for all they have to do is satisfy the buy out clause, which would net Atletico a small profit (but big loss in capabilities) and the 3rd party company a very hefty pay day since River Plate. What they did not discount is Atletico’s incredible run, though Falcao was having a less than sensational season. Atletico (I believe) offered Mendes a juicier return if they managed to make CL (thus guaranteeing 40m+), and they honestly believed to need Falcao to do it. So, it is likely Atleti lowered their stake in the Falcao resale, either to enrich the 3rd party company, or to ensure a deal happens at a lower price (if the investors got cold feet), or to simply enrich Falcao (which is Mendes’s job too). Now, why Monaco. They are rich and can afford the price. And are now the hottest property on Europe. Second, perhaps there is a tax angle vis a vis England (no way would a German team offer those types of wages) for Falcao. Nice city, better weather. Third, if Mendes says ‘Jump’ Falcao jumps; he owes his career to Jorge. The power dynamics are also plain for everyone to see; while both parties cannot contest if a buy out clause is satisfied, Falcao can always reject terms. If a low ball offer comes in Atletico, who might want to maximize the sale rejects, then Mendes calls up the barbarians and his buy out clause is satisfied the next day, Falcao says yes, and Atleti risk endangering a relationship with the very useful and powerful super agent. I dont know why Mendes gets a lot of hate, he got us Falcao. We did not pay 40m our part of the deal was only 75% of that, and we still had a problem settling 2m of that structured deal to Porto which caused them to report us to UEFA. Everyone knows we arent financially strong, yet we are a respectable stepping stone club, and each of Atleti, Mendes, and above all Falcao got lucky together. Torres to Liverpool, Aguero to City, Falcao to Monaco. For us, we were looking for the golden CL money, which as a better guarantor than nifty player trades and season tickets will definetly provide us with a solid footing for raising capital, restructure loans, and settling debts – while maybe acquiring a next hotshot. Kudos for Atletis management, for Simeone, and to Falcao and Mendes. No wonder Falcao was used to the maximum, too much for my likes for a player of his importance. Both on the pitch and marketing internationally the Atleti brand. PS Mendes and Kenyons company also arranged for us our Azerbaijan sponsorship, with some of the proceeds going to the Falcao purchase. This is why we solemnly accepted Falcao’s departure in the press, and tried to make the exit of our hero a gift from Atletico to Falcao. Let us see where we go from here.

  • LosColchonero

    One last addition, we made 45m on our 35m purchase (75% of 40m Falcao). Buy out clause was met and even overacheived. So Atleti still managed to macimize value. Only thing they had to settle the remainder of their purchase by buying out Mendes and other rights. So, for a probable investment of 1.5m (i am guessing) back at River, the third party made a huge profit (some part of that 28m). Again well done Atletico at a successful negotiation.

  • LosColchonero

    Ahmed, Atleti never owned all of Falcao. And, technically, the buy out clause was met at 63m.

  • LosColchonero

    Its a risky business. Remember Sergio Asenjo. What was that???? Hahaha. Not all calls go our way. But I am glad this Falcao situation gave us the best of all scenarios, given all he constraints

  • Kaminero

    Since Atlético apparently aren’t making a huge profit in this transfer it’s likely that the replacement for Falcao would also be a player partly owned by outside investors. Therefore, Negredo looks like the most probable candidate (

  • 43 million € ? oh great mr.serezo!!!thanx alot!

  • I say get Damiao, Diego, A centre back, and maybe wanyama as a centre mid

  • starvs

    ohhhh, I like wanyama, he is always a crazy bargain in FIFA.

  • Karam

    Hey guys .. Lets get “shaqiri” !! He didnt play alot in munich and he will do great things with us and lets get damiao and central midfilder and center back and we are ready for next seson ..
    This is my opinion and thanx

  • Ty Gambo

    Two wingers like Marin, Shaqiri and a well scouted striker which they have the finances for. A cheap central defender and you have a strong team.
    I really think two new wingers who can play as CAM are important, one if Arda and Cebolla both stay. Then Koke can join the central midfielders and slowly gain his regular starting role alongside Gabi or Mario. In front of them the more creative players, who’ll have to help them with hard work, though, of course.
    Just like this season changing between 4-2-2-2 and 4-2-3-1, with Costa or the new guy up front, partnered with the other or Adrian, or behind them, where Oliver could and should get more chances to play. On the sides the new wingers, or Arda or Cebolla. Oliver is another substitute there.
    The back line consisting of the same as this year, but more minutes for at least Manquillo.
    I don’t really know how long Insua is content with being a back up, but we’ll have to wait and see, I don’t see Filipe losing his place or leaving, at the moment.

    All in all, I wish good luck to Falcao! I think he was kinda overrated, but he seemed to be a great guy and worked pretty hard and he can still get better. Have fun on your future adventures!

    Ps the difference is 18 million, not 28*

  • Possible line-up next season

    Juanfran- Godin – Miranda – Filipe Luis
    Suarez – Wanyama
    Arda- Diego- Cebolla
    Luis Suarez
    a POSSIBLE line up. I like this team oddly enough ._.

  • kris

    I don’t think we will be getting Suarez. And, I don’t know how you don’t include Costa in the line-up with that wonderful form he’s had.As much as I love Cebolla, he hasn’t showed me his greatness yet, Koke still deserves to start.

  • ali_

    wanyama isnt even on our radar. that starting 11 is highly unlikely.

  • Hassim El Wacheed

    Piece of shit Falcao ! You said if we qualify for CL, then i’ll stay.. You said i have alot of love for Atletico and that you only would leave it for a big club !

    You are already filled with stacks of money, and still you leave Altetico for the money… To Monaco ffs, i hope you get a injury !!!

  • Arjit

    Hassim, after countless articles and members explaining why Falcao was forced to leave, if you still have hatred against him then you are just plain ignorant. Be grateful for what he he gave us, what took him away was the exact same thing that brought him here in the first place.

  • Oh god..we will b fucked 🙁 if u have the best forwarder in the world how could u sell him????fucking stupid.. Look at real and barca its immpossible for them to sell messi or ronaldo even if they got 10 billion euro because they cant get onther player in their level..and so does falcao!!!!i dnt think we can buy suarez or cavani so who the hell will be instead of falcao???lets see if the money will make us forget falcao!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Hassim : I don’t think Falcao had a choice, it’s all about Jorge Mendes and his company which own 50% of Falcao’s contract (maybe more) .. so Mendes can put him in any club he wants
    I see that a kind of slavery .. and signing with them was Falcao’s fault, and that what I can blame him for

    on the other hand, I read some comments about Falcao’s replacement and other signing Atleti could make this summer
    and it’s all good a respectful opinions

    but I have a different and crazy opinion:

    I see that we don’t need any player (if no other player left than Falcao) .. and there is why:

    what is Atleti goal for the next season (or few next seasons)?!
    we can’t win La Liga or Champions League, to do that we need to spend 300 millions in the transfer market, and we don’t have 1/4 that amount !
    so our goal is to finish 3rd in La Liga ( win “la otra liga” ) and to qualify to round of 16 or to the 1/4 final (if we get lucky in the draw) of CL
    and I believe we can achieve those 2 goals with our current squad + the 4 loanees (Pizzi, Silvio, Ruben Perez & Joel) + the 3 youngsters (Oliver, Manquillo & Saul)

    if we can sign a super star striker like Falcao it will be nice, but if we couldn’t I don’t see a problem
    we have Costa, Adrian & Pizzi who had a good season with Deportivo and who can play as a striker or false striker (like Adrian who I wish he come back the Adrian of 2011-12)

    after all with Falcao we scored only 62 goals in 37 games in La Liga (1.67 goals/game) .. very low average

    with Falcao we are only the 5th strongest attack in La Liga

    Falcao scored 8 penalties and scored 5 goals in 1 game, and Atleti scored 27 goals of those 63 (44%) in only 6 games while in 13 games we scored only 1 goal, and in 8 games we couldn’t score any goal

    I’m not saying this because Falcao has left us .. I repeated this many times among this season and some of you got angry of me
    but those are numbers .. those are facts

    our problem is creativity, the playmaking .. we all know that, so we don’t need a striker, we need a playmaker, and the first name we all can think of is Diego
    but again, if he didn’t come back then no problem
    I have a great faith in Oliver, he is not too young to be a starter in La Liga .. Torres was our captain when he was only 16
    we can play 4-2-3-1 with
    Diego Costa
    and on the bench we will have:
    Silvio, Insua, Manquillo, Tiago, Saul, Adrian, Cebolla, Pizzi & Raul Garcia (we just need a good CB sub, but let’s not forget that we signed the Uruguayan Jose María Gimenez, although he is 18 but he is very promising)

    with this team I believe we can finish 3rd again because I can’t see any team can take our place ..

    guys : all La Liga teams are getting weaker, Valencia, Sociedad and Sevilla are going to sell many of their stars
    Malaga project has collapsed and their Sheikh is just a fraud

    so, let’s use Falcao’s and Champions League money to pay some of our big debt .. let’s try to reach a debt-free state as soon as we can, then let’s open a new page and build a stronger team on strong bases.

    That’s my opinion.

  • Gert

    I like Ahmad his comment!!!

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    No matter if you think Falcao is overrated (Even though I think that is just mean) or hurting Atletico more than helping the team (Which is almost disgusting to hear), Falcao will be a legend rojiblanco for life.

    Anyone who denies that is ignorant.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Andres if you are referring to me with your comment so let me say that I have never said that Falcao is overrated or that he hurt Atleti more than helping them
    in fact I just send him a message via Twitter few minutes ago and I thanked him for all he have done for the team (although I unfollowed him because I only follow Atleti players and Egyptian players)

    you said : “Falcao will be a legend Rojiblanco for life”
    who can denie that ?!

    let me tell you something : about month ago AS had a poll for all-time Atleti XI in the 110th Anniversary, I voted in that poll and Falcao was the only player from the current squad that I put in that team although he only played 2 seasons.

    I love Falcao, and I wished he could play for Atleti until he retires

    Andres, I was clear .. Falcao is a finisher and we have a problem in creating chances and Falcao couldn’t solve this problem and no other striker can .. cause it’s not his role

    if we had a great playmaker Falcao could score much more goals .. and yet his goals (and his amazing assist in cup final) gave us 3 big trophies

    but is Falcao’s departure will be catastrophic for Atleti ?!
    I don’t think so
    we play as team, we have many good players .. and most important : we have a great manager.

  • Karam

    I want the team like to be
    Juanfran miranda godin filipe
    Wanyama suarez
    Arda diego shuqiri
    And i think we gonna bring him i have a feeling
    Yes the dourtmond golden boy
    We need to strengh the offence not the defence cuz we already have a good defence strategy with simione but we need to work in our offence and the counter attack stuff .. I meen we need a speedy wingers with a good shooter with inside cuts to the area .. I think this is a good way to play in champions leuage .. Shiqiri is a must now with a solid striker and a good center midfelder ..
    Thnx ..

  • kris

    Karam, now you are being way too unreal. We might be able to get Shaqiri but Lewandowski? Lewa is valued at 28 million euros in the transfer market. And I think, we will only receive 40-45 million from Falcao’s sale. Now be realistic. How will we be able to sign Diego,Wanyama,Shaqiri AND Lewandowski? That is too much money for all of them, mate.

  • EC

    Iam from Scotland and support Hearts in the SPL. Iam also a season ticket holder and have been for many years. Trust me wanyama is not good enough for Atletico especially with how much Celtic would want for him.

  • kris

    Ahmad, I agree with you in many different things but only finishing 3rd? Really? Simeone is a winner, not a Wenger type of manager who motivates his team for the 4th place cup. We have seen in the past seasons that we have the ability to win Domestic Titles, and European Titles. I know the Champions League seems pretty unrealistic, but we have the ability to finish at least QFs or even the SFs with or without Falcao. But, we can win the La Liga and I really hope we do next season. I really hope we can sign a(two) striker that can score goals like Falcao; head,left foot,right foot, hold the ball, dribble well, and somebody faster than Falcao. I really hope we sign Diego to help Arda in the midfield. And I really hope we sign a great centre-back. Our team will be complete and ready to challenge any La Liga team. Aupa Atleti!

  • kris

    Spot on, EC! He is not even proven yet. I don’t think we need him anyways.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I wish you are right Kris, but even Simeone himself just said two days ago : “if I promise to compete for La Liga title next season I’ll be lying”

    and I still remember what he also said before this season starts, he said : “Atleti can reach 80 points, but the problem is Real & Barca can reach 100”

    now we have 73 points and can make them 76 tomorrow .. very close to 80 .. and also tomorrow Barca can reach 100 points

    that what’s going to happen next season and God knows how many other seasons

    the problem is not just that Real and Barca are too rich and so too strong, but also the rest of La Liga teams are too poor and so too weak !!!

  • Chalet

    The moment Falcao kissed the badge when he joined Atléti 2 years ago, I had a feeling that he wouldn´t stay with the club for longer than 2 years.
    Things are like this when a player comes along with the Mendes Company – but I still remember some nasty comments about me when I expressed my feelings back then.
    Sadly I was right in the end.

    Falcao was a great success for Atléti – like he was for Oporto and like he will probably be for Monaco.

    Monaco is a lovely place to live there – and Falcao will be fine alongside his teammates from Colombia.

    But I think that nowadays a player really shouldn´t kiss the badge – unless it´s the badge of his national team or his childhood club.

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    Nah Ahmad I wasn’t really talking about you 😛

    I was more talking about Hassim El Wacheed and TY Gambo. 😛

  • rockefeller

    Jovetić anyone?

  • EC

    Jovetic won’t score anywhere near the same amount of goals falcao did. Iam dissapointed falcao left even though atletico got a lot of money for him. There going to struggle to find a replacement that can provide as many goals as falcao did. Cavani would be best but very unlikley

  • What about Mario Gomez as falcao’s replacement??? Because if bayern buying lewandowski, they would have manzukic and lewa and gomez wont have a chance and we know what he is capable of because of the past we need a creative midfielder and centre back and maybe a centre mid but thats way to much money :/

  • Alex21

    In my opinion, Falcao will be with Monaco for no longer (or even less) than he was with Atleti. I can see the French bastards finishing in 6th or 7th place, even with a dream team. They will moan and groan and want to sell him before he turns 30. Who will pick him up you may ask? Someone who is capable of spending a mass amount of money – A Man U, or Real Madrid.

    Van Persie will be past his prime by that point and i could see him going back to either arsenal or dutchland. Falcao will be a good replacement there. Real Madrid (i believe) will have a shitty year next year. Higuain will leave this summer, putting the pressure on Benzema. All real fans will get sick and tired of an underperforming striker that they will be forced to spend big bucks on someone. Falcao. They will buy him after one year for an outrageous amount.

    With that being said, i do believe we need a striker. We need to sell Adrian as he clearly only put together one good year of service. Never been a huge fan of his. Damiao or Baptistao would be a great fit if you ask me. Both young, fast, and have the ability to grow tremendously. I don’t like the idea of buying old talent. We have a great young class right now in Oliver, Saul, Manquillo, Gimenez, Koke. Lets build a team that’s young and fresh So if a Chelsea or PSG want to reach the buyout clause on one of our players, they have to spend big money solely because of their age and prospect.

    No, I’m not saying that buying older players is a bad thing..but by the looks of Inter this season, it only makes me worried what could happen with the bringing in and staying of older athletes.

    Just my two cents. And for all of you who will criticize me over something, chill. It’s just my opinion. Keep your alpha dog nuts to yourself.

  • ali_

    “So if a Chelsea or PSG want to reach the buyout clause on one of our players, they have to spend big money solely because of their age and prospect.”

    one thing i cant understand that why arent we make buyout clauses much higher for our players.
    porto signs a totally unknown player, but his buyout clause is 50 million. 50 million for a nobody. while arda’s is 24 or something. and he is a proven, well known player.

  • Alex21

    That’s what I’m saying! Put the buyout at a huge number! That way we make the call when to sell if we want.

  • EC

    You have to understand that the player and his agent has a say In the buyout clause. The lower the better for the player as it means other clubs can sign them easier and keeps the ball in the players court.

  • Msommer83

    Remember the rumors of the Mexican billionaire buying Atlético. What happened to that and if that would have happened we would have Falcao. One player doesn’t make a team unless your Lebron James. I believe most of our success lately wasn’t due to Falcao but to our coach, last season we were knocked out of the Copa Del Rey by a lower division team, Simeone steps in and we win not 1, not 2, but 3 trophies and qualified for CL. If Real sign Suárez & Bale, I don’t even want to think of that situation. Whoever we get it will be interesting I hope it’s Chicharito I live on the US and the Mexicans I work with and friends with love him and it will bring more attention to Atlético. Simeone is the heart and soul of this club lets move on from this.

  • EC

    With Valencia dropping out of the CL and also being in financial difficulty along with Sevilla. Sell Adrian keep Costa and sign negredo and soldado

  • Silchas


    the mexican billionaire was Carlos Slim and he bought Real Oviedo( plays in the spanish third League, but maybe next Season in the second)

  • kris

    Msommer, you are very correct. If we bring a top Mexican player like Chicha who scores goals for Mexico every time he plays, then it would bring much attention to Atletico but Hernandez isn’t the player we need. Hernandez is more of a poacher and can barely hold on to the ball like Falcao can. We need a top class striker who can hold the ball, who is fast, has really great positioning to let others score, left foot,right foot, and header. We are looking for a pretty much complete striker and I am sure Simeone will develop him and make him perfect. I am still wondering though, whatever happened at that Singapore visit. Is that billionaire going to sponsor us? Reply please, somebody.

  • Chalet

    @Alex 21:

    I beg your pardon – but what exactly do you mean by calling Monaco “French bastards”???

  • Alex21

    Figure of speech i guess. No disrespect to French people. I call my own people that if it makes you feel better.

  • Chalet

    That´s a little bit weird – at least in my eyes.

    But apart from this expression and apart from the fact that Monaco and France have €, the football league and the language in common, as far as I know Monaco is as far away from being ‘French’ as I am from being a make-up artist.