Quique is growing concerned about squad excess

Pitarch has been largely ineffective at trimming down the roster

quique sánchez flores garcía pítarch

AS is reporting that manager Quique Sánchez Flores is growing increasingly concerned about the excess of players on his squad, especially considering the imminent clash with Inter little over a week away.

Shortly after the conclusion of the 2009-10 campaign, following the Copa del Rey final, Quique submitted his list of ruled out players for the 2010-11 season. Despite having been presented the coach’s list months in advance, Sporting Director Jesús García Pitarch has been largely ineffective at closing out relocation deals.

This might seem a bit contradictory given this summer of several high profile signings. One might be tempted to believe that Suso is at the top of his game.  AS suggests, however, that the director has had very little influence in these transfers–“hardly intervening” in them according to the paper.

Suso’s lack of leverage at the negotiating table has been the main culprit behind his inability to unload some of our surplus personnel. The paper maintains that Pitarch’s minimized role stems from the fact that he was only able to hold on to his job through a contractual clause.

Club officials had every intention of dismissing the director from his post by March of this year, however, a provision in his employment agreement guaranteed an extension if we qualified for the Europa League.

Player representatives and negotiating partners are well aware of Suso’s inferior position at the bargaining table, further weakening his clout.

Attempting to defy his detractors, García Pitarch met with Argentine forward Eduardo Salvio’s agent yesterday in order to work out an agreement to place the attacker on loan elsewhere. The young striker reportedly has a host of options to choose from, including Portuguese sides Benfica and Porto, and Italian Serie A teams Fiorentina, Palermo and Genoa.

Atlético has set the loan fee at €2 million for the 20-year old and a verbal agreement with Benfica has reportedly been reached, but the deal hinges on Toto’s acceptance. The loan would likely be for a year, as opposed to earlier reports that the club was looking to bring back Salvio by January.

The recent moves of Ibrahima, Keko and Regalón to the Atlético B team were all the result of Quique’s insistence that he could no longer continue to train with 30 players. After Pitarch successfully negotiated a deal to send Ibrahima on loan to Recreativo, the Senegalese striker refused to leave.

  • Arjit

    I was thinking about this too, our squad is getting too big, we have too many useless players taking up spaces that instead our youth products can take up and get chances. I would love see keko, borja, koke, pulido put some minutes in. but we have useless players like valera, juanito, pernia(is he gone yet?), raul garcia(i try to like him, but i just cant he adds nothing to the team), asenjo(he’s actually good but he won’t get playing time), etc. we also have promising young players who want to play but probably wont like camacho n ibra. I dont see why mario suarez was bought either, he’s like raul garcia but he doesnt lose the ball as much, i dont mind him because he’s not a bad player but he’s just another player taking up space that maybe koke or camacho could take up.

  • javi

    I think Toto is going to develop into a great player, he just needs minutes-in the Spanish Liga. Playing in a foreign league will be ok but I think he really needs to understand this leage for a year in a starting role to feel confident and really come out as a player. But beggars cant be choosers and if all the offers are foreign, then so be it. Its too bad we cant place him for a year in one of the lower ist division Liga teams.

  • ticcino

    Pitarch is the worst part of management in my opinion, we need better manager