The buzz: Falcao out, Negredo in? Courtois to stay?

The latest about Falcao's likely departure, his possible replacement, and Courtois


Negredo. Falcao's replacement? (EFE)

Last week, AtléticoFans reported that Radamel Falcao’s stay at Atleti was going to come to an end this summer, according to a member of the Colombian’s social circle.

Other media even claimed that the top Rojiblanco goalscorer of this season was set to go to Ligue 1 club AS Monaco, and a deal had been wrapped up already.

Falcao subsequently dismissed the stories about the destination of his next career move. And after his team’s victory in the Copa del Rey final, he refused to be drawn out about his future.

But statements made by Atlético’s CEO Miguel Ángel Gil Marín this week suggest that it’s up to ‘El Tigre’ to decide whether he’ll leave after spending two seasons in Madrid.

“Before the season we spoke with Falcao and we promised him that if he helped us get into the Champions League, Atlético would help him. On the decision he makes, Atlético will be with him,” Gil Marín said in a press conference during the Colchoneros’ trip to Singapore.

He continued: “Atlético know how to replace a good forward — Fernando Torres, Forlán, Kun Agüero, now Falcao. I don’t know exactly who will be the next one, but you can be sure Atlético will have a strong team next season.”

However, the coming season’s team might not be quite as strong, since Sevilla striker Álvaro Negredo is one of the candidates to assume the red-and-white number nine shirt. His team are currently coping with major financial trouble, and they have to sell players to stay afloat.

Gil Marín declared on Thursday that the Andalusians’ forward is a target for the Rojiblancos. “There’s a serious possibility that Falcao could go, so I have to consult, ask questions, and talk to other chiefs,” he said.

He added: “Yes, I talked to [Sevilla chief] José María del Nido. I told him that we could part with Falcao and that we were thinking about Negredo. We agreed to talk after the season was finished [in June].”

Courtois to stay at Atleti for another year?

With a stunning goalkeeping performance in the final, Thibaut Courtois played a big role in Atlético’s conquest of the Copa del Rey, the third trophy they’ve won since his arrival.

The Belgian custodian has spent two very successful years with the Colchoneros, and in an interview this week with AS’ Dani Hidalgo, he made it known that he’d like to stick around for a third.

Atlético have been borrowing Courtois from Chelsea, where Czech goalie Petr Čech has been the undisputed first choice for nine straight seasons, and who is looking to continue for many more.

Wary of the prospect of competing with the experienced Čech, ‘Tibu’ said “If I’m not going to be a starter there, I prefer to stay here, without any doubt. I want to grow and be in form for the 2014 World Cup.”

He continued: “I much prefer being at Atleti and playing in the Champions League to playing in England for a team that’s fighting to be, I don’t know, eighth. Chelsea wouldn’t let me play for one of the higher-placed teams.”

  • starvs

    NOBODY fucking wants Negredo, NOBODY. That would go down pretty poorly.

  • Ian

    I’m just wondering, how many years are left on courtois’ contract with chelsea? We can loan him every year and sign him for free if he really wants to play for atleti!!

    And, about Falcao’s replacement, I’m just gonna trust the board.. Maybe Negredo will be great after he puts on the talismanic number 9 red and white jersey..

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    Interesting to see both Moutinho and James Rodriguez move to Monaco and possible Neymar (Santos accepted 2 bids and now all Neymar has to do is sign, the two teams are unknown at the team)

    It’s like Monaco signed them both early to show it is attractive to Falcao as a Colombian, and former Porto player.

  • Silchas

    Before Courtois stays for another year, he will extend his contract with Chelsea until 2018.
    Oh and i don’t like Negredo.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes


    I’m sorry but you may not loan a player for more then 3 years in a row. I think his contract end in 2015.

    Negredo, Martinez, Hernanez, Muriel, Yilmaz, Surarez, Torres, Osvaldo, Morata… Etc. Etc.

    As for Falcao half of Europe is rumoured to play at Atléti. So I don’t really know man. what will be will be. Anyway it can end both good or bad. Let’s just the board for ones know what they are doing

  • ali_

    i think he isnt that quality what we had in the recent years at the striker position.
    i still hope we can land suarez.

  • Atleti-Rus

    Suarez will be a great signing, though he is a complicated person, may not want to go to Spain. Without a top forward we will still score and win, but much less.

  • vLad


    Fuckin hate Sevilla.. and their players..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    this may sound non professional but I hate Negredo

    even if he will score 40 goals every season I don’t want him

    I can even accept Suarez with all the biting, diving and racism, but Negredo .. hell no.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    about Courtois : come on guys .. do you really believe that Atleti have any chance to sign him !!

    it’s Chelsea, Abramovich club .. they don’t sell, they only buy.

  • Jeronamo

    I agree with most of you, I don’t think Negredo would be the right man…. Martines, Yilmas or Suarez for me should be the targets or another striker with great potential

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    I would actually rather have almost any other decent striker than Suarez. Never could stand him even since before the 2010 World Cup.

    About Courtois. What would happen if Courtois handed in a transfer request to Chelsea?

  • Paulo

    Puta Negredo. Puta Sevilla.
    What the hell? Gil Marin shouldn’t be even talking to del Nido knowing the “difficult relationship” between atleti and sevilla fans. It’s like a bad joke.
    We don’t want shit from them and Negredo is not Atleti material.

  • palc

    We can do a “Tiago” on Courtois’ case. Loan him untill hus contract with CFC expires.

  • starvs

    No we cant ‘tiago’ him, you can only loan a player max three years, so next year his last. And his contract goes longer than that by a few years. Would truly love him for years to come though, hard to see that happening though, why ever would Roman want to sell the next great thing?

  • palc

    Yeah I know. Just a wishful thinking on my part 🙂

  • Kaminero

    The rumors about Falcao undergoing his medical today at Monaco are everywhere. Sad.

    No need to jump at Negredo. There will be better options in the summer. For instance, let’s see how the arrival of Neymar stirs things up at Barcelona.

  • MR

    another 2 very sad proofs of either footballers have no brain or they are completely led by managers:
    – in Thibauts case I am sorry but I feel he just can not understand that he would have a better carreer here than at Chealsea. PL has 5 clubs at the same “high” level and he could easily see this year that Chelsea struggled to get in CL even though they spent 100 millions every summer (not to mention the humiliation of the Supercup!). They play terribe football every year (even if they win the CL with all the luck of the world). Chelsea have no more chance of winning their league than Atletico winning La Liga. Plus Cech is only 31, he can stay for another 5-6 years at the very top.
    – In Falcaos case I think he really does what Mendes tells him, I can hardly believe that he is that stupid to sign for Monaco. Though, I would like to see him leave…
    If both stayed, we call back Pizzi and Micael (at least) and only spend a few millions on Diego and a very young, very talented defender I truly believe we could seriously fight for the title next year.
    Nonetheless, without Falcao Atleti will be at least as strong as this year, as I feel that Costa still did not show his full poential in the shade of Falcao. I would love to see Costa play as a lone center forward supported by Arda, Rodriguez, Adrian, Diego?, Pizzi?…
    I already mentioned here that I don’t think Falcao utilized the full potential of his role, he missed too many chances and the main problem is that he played below par for many occasions.
    As for Negredo: I also dislike him, but his stats are impressive, he could easily score as many as Radamel. But my dream would be Martinez from Porto, but only if Cholo thinks Costa can’t cope with that role. We could also inquire about Soldado, he is just another goalscoring machine and could be even greater in this team.
    All in all, we could be even stronger next year with losing our biggest star, and I am very happy with this. All the success was not down to Falcao but the whole team, this team has incredible quality, even our defenders, fullbacks or ball winning midfielders have incredible technique, Cholo added the much-neede professionalism, hard-work and fighting spirit and this can only bring success.
    Next year will be ours!

  • athenssuper3

    yes i also agree about soldado case… any way i would buy another decent striker to play the half minutes costa plays(costa at league the new one at cl or something like this)… give some money for diego and maybe one winger and buy two decent young buck ups(1 cm and 1 cd)

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    What MR says is funny… Falcao has the highest shot to goal ratio in the top 4 leagues! If he misses a lot, then Messi does even more.