Copa del Rey: Real Madrid 1 – 2 Atlético

Atleti triumph in a dramatic final and win La Décima, their tenth Copa del Rey

Copa del Rey celebrations

Captain Gabi lifts the Copa del Rey (AS)

La Décima! Atlético claimed their tenth Copa del Rey title on Friday with a heroic 1-2 victory over their rivals Madrid in an eventful derby final. They did their fans proud; it was only the Colchoneros whose songs could be heard throughout the night.

The Rojiblancos’ cathartic triumph over the Merengues was their first of this millennium, and they had to fight hard for it; the winning goal only arrived in extra time.

Cristiano opened the proceedings in the 14th minute. His headed goal from an Özil corner put Madrid in the lead with the first chance of the game.

Mario had cheaply surrendered the ball to his opposition, who then launched one of their characteristic counter-attacks. However, Miranda was on hand to send the ball out for a corner kick.

But Özil’s ensuing delivery was met by Cristiano, who left Godín behind and underneath him to head the ball towards the far corner and past an onlooking Courtois.

The next 20 minutes saw Madrid sit back and defend, waiting patiently for opportunities to counter-attack while their defence comfortably repelled Atlético’s offence.

In previous derbies, including those played this season, a lead for the Vikings meant game over for the Colchoneros. But on this occasion, things were different; Atleti were different.

An equaliser just had to be on the cards, and in the 35th minute, it finally came.

Mario, earlier the schlemiel, dispossessed Cristiano with a classy sliding challenge that didn’t touch the Madrid forward.

The Rojiblanco midfielder then passed the ball to Falcao, who twisted and turned to shake off Khedira and Raúl Albiol before sending a perfectly weighted through ball to Diego Costa.

Bolting away from the right,  the Brazilian forward left Fabio Coentrão in his wake and fired a left-footed shot towards the far corner that went off the inside of the post and into Diego López’ goal.

It was Diego Costa’s eighth goal of this season’s Copa del Rey campaign, making him the top goalscorer of the cup competition in which he has shone in every round.

Shortly after, Arda Turan was booked by referee Clos Gómez for raising his boot too high while contending for a ball with Sergio Ramos. The Madrid defender went down clutching his face, but replays revealed that his face had in fact not been struck.

After the Rojiblancos’ equaliser, the only opportunities in the remaining part of the first half were for the Blancos. Modrić made his way to the edge of the box and thumped a shot across Courtois’ goal that went wide. A few minutes later, Özil hit a perfect volley that had Colchoneros holding their breath as it bounced off the post.

For Atlético, additional chances only started to come in the second half.

First, an incoming Filipe on the left received a pass from Gabi that he failed to control well, before hitting a tame shot which was saved.

Moments later, from a well-worked set piece with Arda, Koke sent in a low cross from the right into the Madrid box and towards Miranda, who couldn’t get the ball under control.

Then, Arda sent away Gabi on the right. The captain seemed to over-hit his cross, but he reached Filipe. The Brazilian left-back cleanly volleyed the ball, but only managed to touch the outside of the side netting.

The best chances were reserved for Madrid though.

An hour into the game, Cristiano chased down a ball on the left and managed to get past Miranda just enough to send in a cross which deflected off Gabi. The ball fell to Benzema, who from close range could only direct his shot at the post.

The rebound dropped to Özil, who feinted past Courtois and Filipe and looked certain to score with a left-footed shot, only for Juanfran to make a brilliant goal-line clearance with his left knee.

A while later, Madrid struck the post yet again. The Merengues were awarded a free kick after Godín fouled Benzema just outside of the box. Cristiano’s clever delivery passed under the Colchonero wall and bounced off the post into Essien’s path, who rushed his shot high over the crossbar.

While Madrid grew frustrated at their missed opportunities, Atlético only became more determined and assertive in their quest for victory. It was obvious only one side would come out of this encounter victorious.

Perhaps the Vikings sensed this, as they increasingly turned to foul play and kicking their opponents in the latter stages of the second half. This led to many bookings for Madrid players and a sending off of their manager Mourinho for remonstrating with the referee too forcefully.

The Rojiblancos had a number of corner kicks in stoppage time to finish their opposition off, but nothing came of their set pieces. It was clear this confrontation was going to be decided in extra time.

And only 5 minutes into extra time, it almost was. Falcao received Juanfran’s throw-in and delivered the ball to Koke, who drove past Khedira and threaded it through to the Madrid defence to give Diego Costa a shot at doubling his tally for the night.

But the Brazilian couldn’t get his efforts past Diego López, who carried out an excellent double save.  Costa’s initial left-footed attempt bounced off the Merengues’ custodian and his following right-footed attempt was deflected wide.

A few minutes later, in the 98th minute, Atlético finally got in the lead and set what was to be the final score of the game, with a set piece.

A Colchonero counter-attack culminated in Sergio Ramos knocking a high pass into Koke’s path, but Essien got ahead of the young midfielder and sent the ball out for a corner kick.

As per usual, Atlético’s top assister delivered the corner kick from the right, but Higuaín kicked it away and back into Koke’s feet, who then struck a perfect right-footed cross into the box for Miranda to glance into goal.

While the Rojiblancos were now in the lead, their job, and particularly that of their Belgian goalkeeper, wasn’t finished. Some marvelous Thibauting was required to prevent the Blancos from equalising.

First, a misdirected Xabi Alonso pass was flicked on by Koke to Godín, who inexplicably sent it into Higuaín’s path. The Argentine forward’s volley from point-blank range was blocked by Courtois’ left shin.

A little later, in the second half of extra time, substitute Adrián relinquished the ball to Madrid. Di María played a one-two with Cristiano, darted away on Atlético’s right flank and sent in a low cross for Özil to meet on the other side.

It was the German number ten’s misfortune that he faced an unleashed Courtois, who pulled off an amazing diving save only two meters in front of Özil.

Sadly, things turned ugly in the final phase of the game, as a rudderless and exasperated Madrid saw their star player Cristiano get sent off for shoving his studs into Atlético captain Gabi’s face. The opposing benches confronted each other, but fortunately the situation did not escalate.

In the closing stages, however, Madrid staff continued after their ejected boss’ example, protesting to and harassing match officials over  every decision the referee made. Meanwhile, Courtois had to receive treatment after a coin was flung at his head from the stands.

Remarkably, Gabi was sent off in extra time, as well. He was informed by the referee that what he thought was his first bookable offence, was actually his second.

But ultimately, none of these ugly scenes were able to stain a glorious night for Atlético, in which a triumphant Rojiblanco team discarded one recent tradition of derby defeats and continued another of winning finals, three out of three in the past year and five out of six in the past three years.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Koke (“113 Raúl García), Gabi, Mario, Arda (“111 C. Rodríguez); Diego Costa (“105+2 Adrián) and Falcao

Goals: 1-0 Cristiano (“14); 1-1 Diego Costa (“35); 1-2 Miranda (“98)

  • Elorm

    WOOOWW what a sigh of relief from the taunting Real fans….am so Glad we finally broke da Jinx. Aupa ATLETI

  • AaX

    Not but Just-is when coming into the match we are clearly left entering the final as the ‘Underdog’ team out to give Whatever it takes to break this long ‘mis-spelled’ barren. What goals and fortune that came in our way, it was achieved within the justified legitimate rules of the game. In the End, the Heaven have decided that from this moment onwards GOD Willing, WE WILL BE EARNING OUR FORTUNE AS WE HAVE TODAY.

  • Hussein

    AMAZING feeling after an amazing win.cant remember when was the last time i was so happy. and the thing that made me very happy the most during the games( aside from the goals) was the scuffle that happened… shows how great the passion was from our beloved team…..thank you el cholo

  • Silchas

    “Some marvelous Thibauting was required to prevent the Blancos from equalising.”
    Love that line.

  • Ratchet


  • Ty Gambo

    There was some dirty action, from both sides, but overrall one of the most exciting games of recent times.

  • Yon

    I still cannot stop smiling 🙂 What a performance by everyone especially Cholo, Courtois and Costa! So relieved!!!!!!

  • piserakos

    what a nice day??? it’s time to celebrate… the best final i’ve ever seen for a long… great passion, good football, funs giving his life for cheering for our favourite team, winning reaal!!! we were a little lucky today and that’s good(remember our losses from real everything they did it was a goal)….
    everyplayer was fantastic but i give the credits to koke, courtois and juanfran the were just perfect(we wait from falcao to be perfect) and also yess that was diego costa!!

  • vLad

    Just so you’ll know- I cried from happiness last night for the first time in my life.

    BTW- My favorite moment:
    When Pepe came over to start shit with Simeone, Diego Costa was all over him like the guardian Beast he is.. Love that guy..

  • vLad

    And thank you – Juanfran – for coming back to play..
    The minute I saw Cata I knew were gonna lose

  • Atletico- palestine

    Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaats for all of you 🙂
    Great atleti great team…. End of barcelona real madrid era, back to ATLETI as big competitor in spanish football.
    Atleti atleti atletiiiiiiii
    Real madrid the losers

  • Akis

    Forza Atleti….I’m an Atletico Madrid fan from Greece and yesterday I really wanted soo much to be in Spain….We Are The Champions…!!!!!

  • piserakos

    re aki kai si ellina??? ti ginete kathe mera ellines mpenoun sto cite auto???

  • JohnGreece

    Copa del Rey-winners:ATLETICO!!!!!!!!!!!We fully deserved it!In Real’s face and inside their stadium..By the way,it seemed more than a greek final rather than a Spanish..(red cards,objects thrown,coach dismissal).. 🙂

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    my little sister told me that I was smiling while I’m sleeping

    that all I can say.

  • SoLobo

    I cried guys. I really did. Cristiano and Mourinho got what they deserve and that adds up to our celebration! I also need to say that Juanfran’s performance was epic. He saved a goal, he continued to play even after that hit from Cristiano (not even a yellow card?!) and he was crying after the match. Thank you Atletico!
    (I am Greek too, maybe we should consider starting an official fan club here, so that we can celebrate together? In Greece you can’t even find an Atletico jersey, and I think that ‘s really a shame.)

  • Campeones..Campeones..Campeones..Vamos Atleti..Aupa Atleti..Frente Atleti..Finally We Beat Those Fuckers..Big Thanx For “El Cholo”,”El Tiger”,”Beast Of The Manzanares”,”Cortouis” And For Sure “The Sherif Of Our Defence” And Juanfran Superb Save And Our Promise (Assister) “Koke”…Everything Was Almost Perfect…Thanx Atleti <3 You Enjoyd Us <3
    Waitting Other Finals!!!

  • starvs

    Juanfran’s clearance off the line was fucking legendary! That could have so easily went of his knee/thigh and in. And he kept playing so Cata didnt have to come in. Loved Juanfran since his first his first game in red and white which was also against Madrid. Even though he was brand new he showed the most passion and was the most fed up with the shit reffing and lackadaisical/passionless effort some of the team was putting in. Hope he continues to improve at RB and stays for years.

  • piserakos

    what the hell??? all greeks here??? ρε παιδια παρτε το e-mail μου να επικοινωνησουμε αν ειναι.. [email protected]

  • Eli

    You forgot to mention Sire Miranda and his righteous header. He was also extremely efficient and solid in defence. What a great purchase he is – a gem from nowhere! Juanfran was epic indeed, Filipe was deadly with his runs and tackles, and what a gracious feline dribbling by Falcao! Mario also did his super moves in the centre.

    All in all, we have a team of tough motherfuckers here, a team of real men and such a great example for the youngsters, whom Cholo allowed to enjoy the celebration along with the big guys.

    Hopefully what we see is a new beginning for the club, and gradually it will prove itself as one of the European football forces. We are tough, but there’s work to be done. Vamos!

  • Alex21

    I think it’s safe to say that every single player had a crucial importance to the team last night. The underlying heroes were Gabi and Mario protecting the middle of a powerhouse Madrid midfield. Unbelievable defending from start to finish. If i had to pick the worst performance from anyone got Atleti, it’d have to be Turan. But even he had his moments of pure brilliance, not to mention coming off of an injury that lasted over a month. Such an amazing match. Such passion. Real are a bunch of pussies – bitching and complaining over every little thing that didn’t go their way. The typical Jocks, especially Ronaldo. The cheeky, chippy, sly little snake he is. Fuck ’em, Aupa Atleti!!!!!!!

  • starvs

    Yes Miranda was awesome, but no he wasnt a good purchase, he was free! So awesome.

    He was so composed on the ball, what a G.

  • Willen

    I was screaming alone in Brazil. I was proud of the team after the 90′. A team so expensive live RMadrid but lacking passion, lacking motivation and these we got.

    I’ll have to use my jersey today and I need to get a new one. Just don’t know who’s? Tough question..

  • vLad

    We’ve come a long way in defence sence Heitinja and Ujfalushi… Thank you Atleti..

    @Willen: I’d be proud to be from Brazil tonight.. I think Costa, Filipe and Miranda were top 3 key players (+thibout) all from Brazil!! Thank You!!

  • RealboyinLondon

    Hey Atleti fans across the world, am a Real Madrid and Arsenal fan from London. Even though I was upset with the result, you can’t deny Atletico deserved it just for the pain of not winning a derbi for so long, you guys were due a victory. It easy supporting clubs like Man utd, Barca, Madrid or Bayern. But you guys stayed loyal to your team threw the hard times, I only hope my Arsenal team start winning trophies again soon.

    Memo to the Real Madrid Board, never agree to Real playing a Copa final at the bernabeu again. This is the 4th time Atletico have beat us now and we also lost against Deportivo in the centenary game in 2002.

    Once again atletico fans, well done and congratulations.

  • AaX


  • ali_

    usually im a tuff guy, but when it comes to a heroic atleti win, i cry too. 😀 i cried like a little child this time too. its good to see that not im the only one, who can get that so emotional about atleti.
    vLad: imo ujfalusi was one of our best defender in the recent years, he was a true warrior and a really cool guy!

  • Ash

    “The best thing about Atleti fans is that they never stop believing”——Diego Simeone (

    “We are the hope for society, a reference for people suffering, who are not enjoying the best of times. If you work hard, your moment will come.”——Diego Simeone (

  • Athletics- Palestine

    Is this true?????
    Falcao to Man City??? :(((((

  • epoy

    We are Atleti!!! We pee wherever we want!!!

    freaking funny… lol

  • vLad

    @Ali: I think ujfalusi was good as well.. But not like Miranda who is great. A real Defense Boss.

  • piserakos

    athletics-palestine… every week falcao has agreement with another team… as he told if all those where true now he would play for all europe, that make me think that he might go nowhere

  • Willen

    @vLad: And only Filipe is in our (awful) National team.. go figure?

    I keep wondering what goes inside Miranda head. He was almost coming back to Brazil when a guy nicknamed Choio joined. And the guys is now considered the on of the best defenders of La Liga alongside Sergio Ramos. He has this special feeling for important matches being almost perfect in all the finals we played.