La Liga: Atlético 1 – 2 Real Madrid

Di María decides Derbi Madrileño against lackluster Atlético

Angel Di Maria scores against Atletico Madrid

Di María decides Derbi Madrileño (MARCA)

This here is supposed to be a match report, but screw it.

Atleti blew the best chance we’ve had in the past 14 years, the best chance we might ever get, to finally beat Real Madrid.

Atleti celebrated their 110th anniversary and had greatly anticipated what is Atlético’s most important day of any season, but Mourinho didn’t even bother to turn up with his strongest players in what’s supposed to be Spain’s second biggest league fixture of the year, instead playing all his reserves.

And still Atleti played without the belief and faith that we could finally bring down our big brother. We started strongly, yes, but after going ahead through a Falcao goal in the 4th minute, we collapsed and returned to the defeatist attitude that we’ve so often seen from the Rojiblancos in this particular fixture.

Passes were misplaced, possession was carelessly given away, and we conceded two cheap goals from only three attempts on target by Real.

Mourinho had no problems resting his players and even Madrid’s official Twitter account seemed more interested in the upcoming Champions League clash with Dortmund than the once so fantastic Derby of Madrid.

Even with our best line-up, we, again, stood no chance.

The only thing keeping us going is knowing that extending our bad streak against Real Madrid now will only make it sweeter when we do beat them on the 17th of May.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Raúl García (“72 Adrián), Gabi, Mario (“74 C. Rodríguez), Koke; Diego Costa and Falcao.

Goals: 1-0 Falcao (“4); 1-1 Juanfran o.g. (“14)

  • Hussein

    im starting to fear that i will never ever see atletico beating those scumbags :'(

  • Chalet

    Atléti are going to have CL football next season either way.

    But this is really a little bit starting to get ridiculous now.
    Another ‘Derbi Madrileño’ lost…
    Another missed opportunity…

    And Real Madrid didn´t even have their strongest line-up on the pitch…
    Yet they managed to spoil Atléti´s birthday party…


  • bin

    With players like Koke, Diego Costa and our weak defens, we will never win of R.Madrid

    A Valencia would’ve won against THIS Real Madrid.

  • piserakos

    well… 1. i saw at the end of the game coourtois and falcao hugging and kissing with real madrid players… for me those two have to realise where they are espatially falcao(he done it at all games against them) i blame simeone and gabi for this they should make all players see real like someone who really hate and all the players… for me?? sell falcao and bring torres he is the only one who really gave 110% at atleti games and i think he is the guy who can change our pathetic role at derbies.
    2. come one simeone whyyyyy?? why again no attacking football??? 1-0 and then what??? instead of killing them we all played behind the centre…. we did this at all big games this year and we lost them ALL only against chelsea we didn’t did this and look at the score…
    3. raoul garcia?? come on we don’t play against cartajena use adrian!!!! too late the sub and only when adrian get in the game at part of this clown we did some good attacking plays
    4. only filipe and gabi saved from this fiasco… maybe and mario i couldn’t asked for him something more…
    WIN THE FINAL NOW!!!! OR EVEN SIMEONE’S SPOT ISN’T STRONG ENOUGH. what im’s saying is that simeone came last december he changed only one thing the spirit of winner and the passion of football(high pressure and give 110%) this year??? he changed everything we don’t play that attractive offensive football, we play a boring predictable football, we became a dirty team with a lot of fouls(thanks to costa) and the most important! i see NO PASSION.

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    That is pretty drastic in my opinion ^

    Atletico played better than Real but were outscored. The attacking workrate was actually really good and a lot better than Real Madrid’s.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a playmaker, even if we have to sell Falcao, I don’t care any more
    what is the point of having the best striker in the world without a great playmaker to make goal opportunities for him

    and excuse me bin, did you say “weak defense” ?! because as far as I know, Atleti’s defense is the strongest in La Liga, in fact we owe our amazing season to our great defense (Miranda in particular)

    FACT : from our 21 wins, 7 ended with 1-0 .. that’s 1/3 of our wins, that’s 21 points and that’s prove that we have a strong defense and -opposite to what many think- weak attack

  • ali_

    after this match i think it pretty sure that we never gonna beat real madrid. NEVER! better buy some extreme pain killer and/or some fine booze for the cup final, cos it will be a horrible disaster for us.

  • yon

    Devastating! Gabi with that chance what was he thinking!!!!!! Wish Adrian started! Also missed Arda 🙁 ah well, role on May! Although if we can’t beat them weakened at the Calderon how on earth will we beat a full strength team in the Santiago!!!!!!

  • Jamie23

    Simeone needs to show more tactical flexibility in these kind of games, it’s the same team literally week in, week out.
    Could he not have started both Costa, Falcao and Adrian up front in order to expose their very inexperienced left back? He was booked with 30 mins and and i’m sure that if Simeone had targeted him, he would have been sent off at some point.

    ps referee was shit