Atlético turns to investors

Miguel Ángel Gil in talks to sell rights of young players

Atlético Madrid B players celebrate a goal against Real Madrid Castilla

Atlético Madrid are considering selling part of their most promising youngsters’ rights to international investors as a way to generate some much needed income for the club.

Atlético has a wide selection of talented young players coming through the cantera, and their value is expected to increase rapidly as they start to play more first-team football. However, Atlético can raise some essential cash for these prospects by choosing to sell their rights now.

The latest batch of talent to make the step up included Ignacio Camacho, David de Gea and Álvaro Domínguez – players who helped los Rojiblancos to the Europa League crown last season.

Atleti risk losing out on income in the longer term, but would gain a financial boost by selling the rights now. However in future, if Atlético refuse to sell a player against the wishes of the investors, the club risks having to pay the money their creditors are missing out on.

Gil Marín in talks with Peter Kenyon

MARCA reports that Miguel Ángel Gil, general manager of Atlético, has been negotiating with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) since 2009. The Hollywood-based agency has created a new sports division led by former-Manchester United and Chelsea executive Peter Kenyon, who has already started “collecting”  young players.

Although this plan is new in Spain, it has been tried before. Feyenoord Rotterdam created a talent pool with some of their most exciting prospects. The club  received capital while investors got their hands on the rights of players like Royston Drenthe and Jonathan de Guzman.

Risk is involved though, because while Drenthe proved to be a success for Feyenoord financially, the highly rated De Guzman is leaving the club as a free agent this summer when his contract runs out, leaving the investors empty-handed.

A second talent pool Feyenoord created didn’t prove as succesful because of a lack of highly rated youngsters.

Is this the right thing to do for Atlético?