Salvio on his way out?

Quique has reportedly chosen Costa for the final non-EU spot, leaving no room for 'Toto'

Salvio Atlético-Tenerife

According to AS, Atlético club officials have given Eduardo Salvio the following ultimatum: he can either choose to remain in Madrid and be ineligible to play until a non-EU spot becomes available, or he can choose to leave on loan and play elsewhere until then.

The former Lanús man has indicated that he would prefer to play at another club until the winter transfer window opens. Italian side Fiorentina is said to be interested in Toto, and the player’s representative traveled to Madrid yesterday expecting to meet with Pitarch soon to hammer out a deal.

If the young striker doesn’t leave, he will continue to train with Atleti – a scenario that manager Quique Sánchez Flores favours, as he would like to closely supervise Salvio’s progress. Just as it was rumoured to be with Diego Costa when all signs pointed to his departure, Toto is expected to return to the team for the second half of the campaign.

On his decision, Quique had this to say:

“Regarding Salvio or Diego Costa, the decision has been made. I would like to keep all the non-EU players, but it cannot be. I have thought about the best solution for the first three months.”

Ever since the 20-year old’s arrival in January, playing time has been scarce and a series of setbacks have not helped him to win over his coach. Reports from Argentina even claim that the forward fought with Quique.

Another factor working against Salvio was that his signing was not requested by Sánchez Flores. It was Sporting Director Jesús García Pitarch who pushed for his purchase and ordered that the club spend €8 million on the footballer just eight months ago.

A loan wouldn’t be all that bad for Eduardo. A brief stint with another team, whether it be in Spain or elsewhere, will likely give the striker more opportunities to develop and prove his worth.

With this decision and defender Leandro Cabrera’s recent loan deal, our passport problems look to be resolved. The three non-EU roster spots will be reserved for Argentine Sergio “Kun” Agüero, Uruguayan Diego Godín and Brazilian Diego Costa.

Do you think Quique made the right decision?

  • I still hope that somehow we will manage to finish the paperwork with Kun before the registration closes. If not, it should be done as it is: Salvio should choose his destiny.

    We have a serious problem with this boy. He has tons of potential, maybe not as much as Kun, but still he could be a leading la liga winger/striker if he had proper environment to develop, which we actually cannot provide him with all the pressure always attached to Atletico players, hard competition on the bands and QSF who hesitates to experiment with the lineup and who doesnt provideto second choice players like Salvio with too much playing time.

    Although I would rather bet on him than Diego Costa if it was up to me.