Courtois blown away by ‘Thibauting’

The Atlético keeper on loan from Chelsea comments on the trend he's inspired

Thibaut can't get enough of 'Thibauting'

Thibaut can't get enough of 'Thibauting'

Belgium’s biggest sports paper Sporza contacted Thibaut Courtois by phone on Monday regarding the latest craze created by an AtléticoFans staff member and inspired by the young goalkeepers’s phenomenal saves en route to Atlético’s incredible run of 10 straight home games without conceding a single goal.

“I saw it a few months ago already, but nothing came out of it back then,” Courtois told Sporza’s Steffy Merlevede.

“Since a few days ago, quite some people picked it up. It was in the Spanish newspapers as well for example.”

He continued: “Now since it’s on the Internet, there’s a lot of reaction on Twitter. It’s nice to live through this.

“It’s funny how people are imitating my funny faces. The main example picture is one from my first Atlético game where I completely stretch my arms into the air. But I also see some saves from my period at Genk [Thibaut’s former club in Belgium]. There’s one where I grab a ball with a really funny face!”

People from all over the world have submitted their photos to the Thibauting page created by good friend of our site, Mais Raad, on Tumblr.

“It’s fun,” Courtois said.

“Not only people from Belgium or Spain are imitating me, I also saw pictures from the United States and Africa,” the 20-year-old said.

Which one was his favourite?

“I don’t know…there are a few nice ones like the one on his car, in the snow, the ones with their pets are also funny. Each photo has its fun factor,” he concluded.

Even Frank Raes, one of Belgium’s most famous sports reporters, submitted his own Thibauting picture.

What are you waiting for? Get in on it here!

Big thanks to Gert Jacobs for pointing out the report and translating Thibaut’s comments.

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    I love Thibaut. I will cry the day he leaves us.