Atlético announce club has reached 60,000 members

Atleti continues to expand its fanbase

Atletico Madrid fans

Atlético Madrid fans (Marca)

On Tuesday, Atlético Madrid proudly announced the club has reached the milestone of 60,000 members.

As an institution there are still several things for Atlético to improve, but clearly the club’s sportive success has generated an even larger fan base both in and outside of Spain.

More and more Rojiblanco fans are proud to represent the club and have signed on to become a socio, an official member of the club.

Nearly 48,000 season ticket holders automatically qualify as club members, while over 12,000 fans proudly represent the red and white stripes even if they don’t regularly attend games. Among those are the 145 socios outside Spanish borders, although if it’s up to us that is a number that should increase since we know how many of you are passionate Atlético supporters.

Become a socio

For €45 a year you can become an official socio of Club Atlético de Madrid. You can find all the details here, but unfortunately the website only provides information in Spanish.

These are some of the benefits of becoming a socio:

  • You will be an official member of Atlético and will get a really sweet card to prove it!
  • You receive newsletters, promotions, text messages and e-mails from the club
  • You can visit a league game for free! (But not against Barcelona or Real Madrid)
  • You are given priority when applying for other tickets
  • You get a 50% discount on tickets for Atlético B and the Handball team
  • You get a 10% discount on all products in the official store
  • You get a 50% discount for the museum and the stadium tour

To become a socio, you can apply on the website by clicking on “Formulario de Solicitud” (in the bottom of your screen). However, for foreign fans there is a special form, which you can download here (PDF).

Note that Atlé has no official affiliation with Club Atlético de Madrid. For more details you can contact [email protected] or ask for help on the forum!

  • Urban

    Unfortunately support for foreign supporters is very poor at the club. ENG version of website is poor (compared to
    FCB and Real websites), the newsletter is only in Spanish, Twitter in sSpanish, Facebook in Spanish, and ATM Insider doesn’t even have subtitles.

    At the club facilities (store, museum) only a few workers speak English. Even persons responsible for contacts with foreign penas are merely comunicative in English.

    LOTS OF WORK TO IMPROVE the foreign supporters numbers

  • Matthijs

    Urban, you are definitely right. Sometimes I want to order something at the club store, but I can’t do that, because of certain rules. Also I want to become a socio of Atleti, but I don’t understand anything of the form 🙂

    Three years ago I visited the club store with my Atletico shirt, which I bought here in the Netherlands. I wanted to put a name on the back of the shirt, but it took me a half hour to make sure that it was the right name.

  • super3athens

    well this is a huge problem in spain because lot of spaniards don’t speak english… real madrid and barca are a tourist attraction and most of tourists go to their stadiums so they must have people who speak good english but atletico should try to became more global team that will surely increase the income of the team and this will help us… i also tryied to became a socio of atleti

  • Andres

    Only 145 international socios? I would think at least a couple thousand.