Arda hints at summer exit

Atlético's beloved Turkish midfielder suggests he wants out of Madrid

atletico madrid midfielder arda turan hints at summer exit

Will Arda leave in the summer?
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The merry-making and good cheer of a holiday season in which Atlético, unlike years past, are flying high in the Primera División has taken a hit with reports that playmaker Arda Turan, a fan favourite, wants to leave los Rojiblancos at the end of the season.

Speaking to CNN Turk, Spanish paper Marca reports, Arda confirmed what his agent, Ahmet Bulut, had claimed a few weeks back.

“My goal is to play at one of the biggest five or six clubs in Europe,” the former Galatasaray man said.

“My dream is to be able to win the Champions League.”

The Turk’s agent Bulut had recently admitted to the Turkish press, “I have a desire to see him play on another team in another league, and Arda also would like to play for another club, live a different experience.

“Atleti are aware of our intentions. If things go well, Arda would leave the Madrilenian club at the end of the current season.”

AS reporter Dani Hidalgo had recently informed us that Arda isn’t pleased with the extra defensive work he’s had to perform under Diego Simeone.

Interestingly, it’s the 25-year-old’s fighting spirit in all sectors of the pitch that has helped him win over the Atlético faithful.

How do you feel about Arda’s comments?

  • starvs

    fuck you Arda.

    just kidding, I’ll always love you, as long as you give 100% on the pitch you can do whatever you want off. it’s your life you wanna go, then do your thing, you only get so many playing years. I’d miss you though.

  • Volcano88

    He said that he is very happy at Atleti, even he bought a hous there but Yes he said that he wants to play a team which is able to win Champion League in the future but he didn’t say exactly about leaving Atleti next summer ! here is the interview on CNN ( please check the 2n video )

  • Yon

    We will be in the Champions League next season anyway to win it 😉

  • ali_

    “fuck you Arda.”
    that was exactly my first thought when i read the news on spanish sites. is that a new trend, that u sign a 4-5 year contract and u start bitchin after 1-2 years? i bet his idiot agent is behind all this shit.

  • palc

    This Bulut fuck is closely affiliated with another fuckhead, Jorge Mendes. I think Arda is used just as a pawn in their sick little games.

    Although Arda has every right to say whatever he wants, and has every right to pursue his dreams and ambitions. But he should know by now that Atleti is going to win everything on their path this season and next season. Including the Champions League.

  • greece3

    well there is a buy out at 25 millions… i think that no one will give those money for arda… even if they give them then it will be good for us… so why not?? any way i believe he will stay(as falcao) for more years and the next year we can do something big…

  • Will

    I really like Arda and the complaints about his defensive work he has to do now is pure press bullshit. He’s playing with passion and has the right to choose his way. Exactly as @greece3 said, 25 millions would be a fair price. We spent almost 1/3 of this to get him, right? We will be able to pay huge debits with this money preparing the club for a brighter future.

  • Shlomgar

    With 25 mil we can plan on signing James Rodriguez. I know, another Colombian from Porto but he is truly good and ferocious like Arda.
    I can understand the Turkish, he wants the world to see him as a better and more versatile player then he is able to show at Atleti. He is wrong though, his place is here. He is the best at what he does at his role in Madrid, and none of the Big clubs play the same as we do, his career would not rise.

  • brendon

    James Rodriguez is rumored to be Nani’s replacement at Manchester United this coming summer.

    Greizmann to us, maybe?

  • Arda its your life u decide man. You have done so much for us. It would be sad to see you go.
    His most likely replacement would be Diego. and we would have 15 mil to spend still so we could buy another Defender because Cata Diaz is Shit!!!!!

  • Andres

    Shlomgar, that would be amazing. I’ve always thought James would be great to Atleti as I watch him closely and he is going to be a big star in the future.

    @brendon James Rodriguez has been rumored to take Nani’s spot, but you never know. James once said that he dreamed of playing in Spain (He would really fit as he is really technical). Spain could either be ATM, RM, or Barca. If he did join a team in England though, it would probably be Man Utd.

  • ali_

    im pretty sure when he said spain, he meant RM or barca.

  • AaX

    And you would be missing your dream of winning the Champions League if you are not with the new Superpower Club, Atletico de Madrid. The barrier has been broken (2010), now is the control of the power and passion with optimistic patience.

  • Andres

    Ali_ you never know though like I said before. Since Falcao is here at Atleti, he might be encouraged to come with his fellow compatriot. Anyways, look where RM is right now.