La Liga: Real Madrid 2 – 0 Atlético

Toothless Atlético continue losing streak against Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates against Atletico Madrid

Ronaldo decisive against Atleti again (AS)

As always there were hopes and ambitions. Perhaps even more now that for the first time in years Atlético were leading Real in the league, by eight points no less.

But again the Derbi Madrileño ended in heartbreak and disappointment for the Rojiblancos, as they fell to their neighbours without ever looking like the team that has impressed so much in Spain and Europe this past year.

The first opportunity of the game was for the visitors. Diego Costa beat his defender and reached the back line, from where his low cross reached Falcao at the near post. Unfortunately for Atlético the Colombian’s subtle touch was kept out by Iker Casillas.

Just a few minutes later Real did score from their first attempt on goal. Arda Turan stupidly conceded a free kick for a handball and was made to regret his mistake by Cristiano Ronaldo, who superbly put the free kick past Thibaut Courtois.

Ronaldo’s goal was reminiscent of last year’s derby, when he was also succesful from a set piece. The Portuguese has made the most attempts of all players in La Liga, and chose the match against Atleti to convert his first free kick of the season.

The teams created few opportunities in the first half and instead were busy trying to get each other sent off. Diego Costa was a menace for Real’s defenders and constantly got into fights with Xabi Alonso, Pepe and Sergio Ramos, who weren’t shy about getting physical either.

After an hour of play, Mesut Özil decided the game. Miranda completely missed a header and allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to bring the ball forward. Initially Juanfran and Godín did well to block Ronaldo’s pass to Benzema, but all of Atleti’s defenders lost sight of Özil, who was calmly waiting for the ball on the edge of the box. Despite the German’s poor first touch, he had no problem slotting it underneath Courtois for Real’s second goal of the night.

With the result beyond doubt, Real finally started moving the ball around well and in the 10 minutes after Özil’s second, the home team created three huge opportunities to extend their lead even further.

Cristiano Ronaldo hit the woodwork twice in as many minutes. After first smacking the ball against the crossbar from a free kick, he later hit the post after a fantastic Özil through pass. Earlier Thibaut Courtois had done well to stop José Callejón’s shot.

Despite all our ambitions, Atlético failed to show up in the Derbi Madrileño and lost the match without ever posing a real threat to Real’s hierarchy in Madrid.

La Liga: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Cata Díaz; Mario, Gabi (“73 Tiago); Koke (“73 Adrián), Arda (“78 Raúl García), Diego Costa; and Falcao.

Goals: 1-0 Ronaldo (“16); 2-0 Özil (“66)

  • King Gerard Piqué

    Yet again pathetic Atletico Madrid get owned by Real Madrid. You disgrace the league by always giving them assholes 6 easy points.

    Visca El Barça! In 2 weeks you Pathetico are going to get thrashed 5 or 6 goals in our stadium by a proper team you shits. Courtois is going to be crying and Falcao will be begging glorious Tito to bring him to Barça next season.

    Yet again well done to your crap team on not even trying.

    Puta Atlético, puta Real.

  • AtleticoPhilly

    My only complaint is that Simeone seemed slow with the substitutions. I would have preferred a quicker trigger.

    I guess, too, that the Filipe Luis injured really hurt the Atleti attack.

    I would even speculate, too, that the Cebolla injury made a difference, as he might have come on to play an important role as a sub.

  • Kabir

    lol. let’s bet on where this guy is from. ghana, india, or bahrain?

    bandwagon fuck

  • Arjit

    It amazes me how people have the time to find a fan site of a rival team and be the first comment on a match report. Look at yourself in the mirror, what the fuck are you doing with your life?

  • layi

    @Arjit and Kabir, I’m a Barca fan but I track Athletico and other la liga teams too, I assume you know not all barca fans are like the fool above (even though about 80% of barca ‘fans’ online are like that nowadays). Just Ignore.

    About the game, I was disappointed too that many athletico players couldn’t bring their A game. Diego Costa seemed to have decided long before the game started that he was going to try and get some one sent off.

    I think it was always going to be hard for athletico to play the way they would have wanted since Madrid is firstly a counter-attacking team also. In hindsight now, I wish Simeone had decided to sit back more and defend with 10 even if Athletico has had the better season. The onus was on Madrid to come out and try to win. 1st goal was key.

    I think trying to bring Diego back again isnt a bad idea after seeing how the game went. Multiple weapons are needed for scenarios like this. Cebolla n filipe also missed.

    Still 5 points ahead of them.

  • Chewie

    Look on tne bright side. I liked our defensive play. Most of the time. And there are another 20+ games, time to move on and give Simeone another chance with Barca and Real.

  • ratchet

    I just think it was very poor, like we didn’t reall want to win. No fighting spirit shown, it’s really disappointing actually. This was the time to beat them, but for some reason we decided we would be half assed. And the game itself was a pretty poor one too.

  • yon

    Defo missed Filipe, think he would have been on Ozil to stop that 2nd goal, having cata/miranda there both drifted too central as that’s natural to them!

    Agreed about Diego, its fine having koke and rg be the link against the lesser teams in the league but against the likes of Madrid we need a Diego class player to be that missing link between defending and attacking!

    Freekick was not that great, poor from Courtois, although all Arda’s fautl!

  • Andres

    Too bad about Cebolla. He could’ve gone in for Diego Costa.

    Simeone needed to control Costa…. The game was just getting tense with many foul stoppage.

    The game wasn’t fluid (Kinda like the Valencia game)

  • The goals were luck you know.
    The wall for the free kick should’ve been better positioned and for me the flop of the match was CATA DIAZ. That’s how Real got the second goal. He was out of position a lot i am so sorry filipe got injured because cata just did a lot of shit 🙁

  • Look Uefalona and Real Shitid have the best swimming team they love to dive. And it wasn’t Arda’s fault for the freekick. Courtois should’ve done better and lets sell cata this january and buy a proper defender.
    King Gerard Pique Thats great what u said nobody cares about you and ur fuckin side so go and criticize yourself not my atletico. and i agree with Layi. Well said bro.

  • Jeronamo

    Was I the only one that thought quite a few of those calls were hugely bias? The foul in the first half @ the edge of the area on El Tigre by Pepe, The elbow to the face of again Falcao by Sergio Ramos right infront of the linesman and the shove to Adrian by again Sergio Ramos inside the box off of the ball was a penalty for me.

    I’m not gonna say we shouldve won but some of these calls did help influence the game to run the way it did

  • Paulo

    Let’s face it. Atleti played a shameful game. In front of people mocking this team, there was NOTHING to be proud of. Just pure shame. “Pathetico de madrid…” This time we earned it. Heard it the rest of the night and didn’t complain. We were fucked in the ass.
    Falcao was being laughed at and everyone was so off their game because of the aggressive approach by Madrid… Would’ve loved to see Adrian in the starting XI. Costa is so clumsy and we need more speed.
    I just can’t understand why there’s no one in the centre of the field dictating the flow of the game and looking for free players when Atleti attacks. Why always to the wings? Also stupid long balls form defence to nobody. Why give the ball away voluntarily? There wasn’t much ground passing going on and when there was, mostly they were really off the target. Madrid players were everywhere and they were pressing so hard, at times it was just pure panic.
    I’ve seen so many derbi madrileños but considering the expectations, this one made me feel so bad. Too bad.