Europa League: Académica 2 – 0 Atlético

Second loss of the season ends Atleti's impressive European record

Academica forward Wilson Eduardo beats Atletico Madrid back Silvio

Wilson Eduardo more alert than Sílvio (AS)

Atlético Madrid’s historic streak of 16 consecutive victories in European competition came to an end as we suffered defeat at the hands of Académica de Coimbra.

Like against Valencia on the weekend, Atleti again lost 2-0 in a game with few opportunities for either side.

In the entire game we weren’t able to create any clear cut chances, while the Portuguese mid-table side scored from their first opportunity of the match.

In the 29th minute Académica took the lead when Wilson Eduardo anticipated an incoming cross faster than the lethargic Sílvio.

It wasn’t the only time an Atlético defender was caught napping, as Cata Díaz and Sergio Asenjo also occasionally lost concentration.

There was little Atlético offered offensively in the first half. The single moment of excitement came after Adrían’s clever backheel opened up a shot for Raúl García, but the midfielder’s attempt was blocked.

Directly after the break, Koke nearly beat Ricardo with a long-range strike, but the goalkeeper managed to get a hand to it. A few minutes later Raúl García wasn’t able to keep his volley down after he controlled a poorly cleared corner for the Rojiblancos.

Emre provided a spark shooting wide just seconds after replacing the injured Mario Suárez, while Raúl García also only missed the target by an inch. All of Atlético’s attempts came from outside the box, as Académica did well to shut out the creativity-lacking Spanish side.

The Cantera-stacked runners-up of La Liga (B-teamers Saúl, Pedro and Kader all got a run out) seemed to be closing in on an equaliser, but our hopes of taking a point from Coimbra were demolished when Jorge Pulido conceded a penalty. The centre back completely missed the ball with his challenge and instead brought down Salim Cissé, enabling Wilson Eduardo to score his second goal of the night, this time from the spot.

Line-up: Asenjo; Sílvio, Cata Díaz, Pulido, Filipe; Mario (“58 Emre), Tiago (“71 Kader); Raúl García, Koke, Saúl (“46 Pedro); and Adrián.

Goals: 1-0 Wilson Eduardo (“29); 2-0 Wilson Eduardo p.k. (“70)

  • Ringo

    I liked Koke and would’ve liked to see more of Saul
    other than that pretty dull.
    We need more offensive prowess, a young agile player, maybe Marin’s worth has decreased

  • Palestine-atleti

    We lack quality depth!!! Again and again fuch RG he z soooo bad… Very weak midfield and no creativity… Get us DIEGO plzzzz

  • Sinan

    @ Palestine-Atleti

    Calm down my friend. Even if the score was 6-0, it doesn’t matters.

    This match was not important. Our main focus is the Primera Division and getting nr 3/4 for CL.

    Nearly all big clubs try to avoid Europa League, see Bilbao , PSV, Twente, Liverpool, Tottenham, Marseille. Even Manchester United last year. And why ? Because for a big club Europa League is not worth it.

  • yon

    Might have known Silvio would be at fault! Not an important match but for the sake of the streak we could have fielded a stronger team!

  • Epoy Pogi

    dont say Europa League is not worth it…
    It gave us colchoneros a reason to celebrate
    twice in the last 3 years… Also gives us an
    avenue to make our presence felt in europe
    at a time when we suck and underperformed
    domestically and proving we are among europe’s elite by demolishing the ECL champions twice…

  • starvs

    man united fielded very strong squad last year when they got stomped by Bilbo

  • starvs

    and you gotta be kidding me if you think teams like psv and twente don’t care about el, teams who have no shot in hell of winning cl care I’m sure

  • Arjit

    Europa league is good place for us to expand the atletico name and get some revenue off of however, Champions League can do a lot more for us. I was personally disappointed by the result but a result like this in the league would hurt us a lot more. Europa league is important but I think in the past we’ve put out such strong teams that our league results have suffered for it.

  • ali_

    expand? expand to where? we won it 2 times from 3. isnt that enough?
    it doesnt worth it. especially financially…

  • Arjit

    Sometimes I think people just like to argue. So tell me ali_ does Atletico not make money and get international exposure off Europa League?

  • ali_

    money from europe leauge? dont be naive… the money is in CL. sad but true. theres a financial article @, but i cant find it now. the point is, that if u just get in the CL group stage and doesnt win a single match, u can earn more money than the EL winner…

    its a 3 years old article, but the situation is almost the same now.

  • Alex

    All in all, the Europa league is beneficial. Sure the payout is mediocre, but it gives clubs something to fight for. It helps build experience which will improve the entire team and coaching staff. To say its not important is like saying if you don’t secure a champions league spot, you might as well finish 8th in la Liga. The EL gives us something to fight for and is arguably the reason Falcao stayed: winning trophies. If you believe it isn’t important, don’t comment on the pre/post game articles.

  • ali_

    thanks, but i can decide if i want to comment or not.
    and you dont know why falcao stayed… what if we really have to sell him just because EL isnt that beneficial as CL. this club needs money, you know.
    do u really think that he wants to win EL all over again? he proved, and proves it every week that he is bigger than EL, and atletico madrid is bigger too.
    its very nice that we won it twice, i was happy too. but u cant pay debts with happiness…

  • Arjit

    I don’t think you understand that everybody knows CL is more beneficial. Go back to my very first comment and read it. However to disregard Europa League is stupid. If we didn’t win it those two times we would be a lot worse off right now. Obviously champions league would have been better. So I don’t even know what you’re arguing about. You didn’t even answer my question. It wasn’t about champions league, it was about Europa.

  • ali_

    who the hell is arguing? i explained that we earn jack sh*t in EL, and i was wondering where do u want to expand the atleti name. we won EL, Supercup twice. its time to play where we belong. otherwise we gonna be the team that however win EL, but never gets in CL.

    and no offense, but u just need some sense to figure out that the money is in CL…
    its my opinion that now we won EL twice, we should concentrate to get back to CL.

    “If we didn’t win it those two times we would be a lot worse off right now.”
    who said the opposite? im talkin about this season.

    and yes i answered your question.
    “So tell me ali_ does Atlético not make money and get international exposure off Europa League?”
    money issue is already explained, and we are already known in europe.

  • Kaminero

    Europa League is a much more interesting competition than the super boring Champions League. The latter has been artificially inflated with money and hence it has become an obsession to everybody. European club football should be restructured so that the smaller clubs from smaller countries would actually have a chance to be succesful. Unfortunately this will not happen because for UEFA business comes first and football second.

  • Arjit

    Read your responses and you will figure who is arguing. My question had a yes or no answer which would end the discussion. Champions league qualification gets you more money than winning europa league, it’s common knowledge. It’s what I’ve said several times now. If you think I need “sense” to figure something I’ve said repetitively then I think you have a problem.

    Champions league qualification is obviously the priority but you can’t just throw away Europa League. If you’re going to do that, might as well just lose all our Copa Del Rey games since it doesn’t get us much money and it will reduce the pressure on league games come January/February.

  • Good point there, but Europa League matters, nevertheless and its important we continue to battle on. CL is a priority, but for that we’ll need to focus on the league and achieve good finish!

  • ali_

    ahhh come on arjit…
    who talked about CDR? nobody. why did even u bring it up? have we won it? NOPE. have we won EL? YES. twice.
    its not all about the money, but this squad isnt enough for 3 competition.
    “you can’t just throw away Europa League”
    seems like simeone is doing that right now. at least i hope so. 5 youngster from atleti b for an away game…

  • Arjit

    I only bring it up because it seems like money is your reasoning behind which competition prioritizes over others. It was clearly your reasoning for bashing Europa. Also, I don’t blame Simione for using youngsters in this group. With all due respect these teams do not need to be dispatched of with our finest players. Rather have a fully energized ‘hombres’ for league games. Later on when we get stronger teams the situation might be different.

  • ali_

    u still dont understand dude, im bashing EL cos we win it twice already, and its not that beneficial. thats it.
    lets just agree to disagree, and hope that we gonna destroy getafe today.

  • Arjit

    Really do hope we destroy them today. We need to start another good run of form with the tougher set of games coming up.