Simeone reportedly wants Diego back at Atlético

'El Cholo' has requested Atleti officials to sign his chief playmaker of last season

diego simeone congratulates diego ribas at atletico last season

Cholo congratulating former Atleti playmaker Diego

What can be better than an undefeated season for Atlético fans?

How about the return of beloved former Colchonero Diego, now back at Wolfsburg following a majestic year on loan at the Vicente Calderón?

Well, if Punto Pelota co-host José María ‘Petón’ Martín’s claims are to be believed, the Rojiblanco faithful’s frustrated dream of this past summer might become a reality.

AS journalist Dani Hidalgo, quoting Petón’s statements on the Spanish television programme, reports that Atleti boss Diego Simeone wants the Brazilian back in the squad as soon as possible.

“Jair da Cunha has received a call from Atleti,” the Madrid-based Bahía Internacional sports agent Petón announced.

“He’s Diego’s father and the person who is responsible for these matters. Wolfsburg are having a horrific season and have fired Magath. In [the winter transfer window] or at the end of the season, Diego could sign for Atleti. His family would approve of the move and it’s something Simeone is insisting on.

“The coach believes that, with the Brazilian, he would have a squad that could compete for everything.”

According to Hidalgo, the barriers to a deal for the midfielder, whose contract with the German outfit runs through 2014, are the obvious ones, particularly, Atlético’s dire financial situation.

Though the Bundesliga’s current last-place side may be willing to part ways with the 27-year-old, Atleti are still trying to make ends meet in order to keep the present team members together.

There’s a chance Rojiblanco officials may be willing to bank on our marvelous start and what seems like a likely Champions League berth, and shell out whatever is needed to please ‘El Cholo’ and bring Diego back.

Wolfsburg have struggled mightily in 2012/13, but Diego’s commitment hasn’t been in question.

The former Juventus man has three goals and four assists so far in all competitions (eight league games and two cup matches).

Are you excited about the prospect of a Diego return?

  • Dircil

    I’m so excited to know that he will come back haha

  • Shlomgar

    I’m excited too, but it raises a bigger question; who is going to leave?
    I mean, let’s forget about the obvious “will Falcao stay?”, and the latest “will Adrian and Arda go PL”, because if Diego is coming, he arrives at an extremely flooded period of our midfield history. Someone has to go.
    A quite realistic, though painful option, is the parting of Atleti, from it’s Turkish colony. An Arda move to Anfield would surely turn our newly baptised Rojiblanco, Emre, a bit less enthusiastic to stay in Spain. With all the warm words of Cholo in his head, he would probably go back east, leaving all Doner Stall’s owners around Madrid out of business.
    Another option is the all so familiar “goodbye youth product” project, that would see us part ways with another player making brief visitations to the all crowded, first match selection, Koke. His departure, as sad as it would get, would probably be a joint one as well with the obvious candidates (in my opinion) being Tiago, RG and Pulido.
    This scenarios are not speculations in my opinion. Midfield is the main cause of headache for Simeone nowadays, and if (aw please God, I don’t believe in you but if you’re out there…) he would stay, he is unlikely to suffer another season on Asprin.
    Someone, probably two, would sing Bye Bye Calderon.

  • Palestine-atleti

    No need for any one to leave… With diego it z the same squad of last year with some additions that will depth squad…DC, Cebolla, RG and Emre instead of salvio and assuncao… Koke z supersub for diego and we can fight for 3 titles

  • Dircil

    that RG8 dude should go to make room for Diego

  • Palestine-atleti

    Of course diego is way better than RG!!!
    Come on guys diego is what we want and for sure no need for arda or koke to leave.
    But if RG left for good money its great he z average midfielder

  • Mirai_Torres

    I think the future of Diego depends much on what will happen now at Wolfsburg. It was no secret that he and Magath did not like each other. In the newspaper there was an article about Magath trying to convince Diego to be transferred to Brazil in winter but Diego refused. Magath got sacked a few days afterwards.

    There were only two matches since Magath lost his job and in both of them we saw Diego in his best form. He said in an interview for german “Bild” that he is happy Magath is gone (indirectly), that this will be a “new start” and that he would love the current coach Lorenz Günter Köstner (who was the under 21 coach before) to continue his work at the club. I think if he stays, Diego will surely stay as well.

    There are several names on the list to be the new coach but all of them are options for the winter…. we’ll have to see what happens but actually from what I read here in Germany I don’t believe he will leave in winter.

  • starvs

    Damnit Mirai, couldn’t you just let us have our fun for a few minutes.

    Thanks for the info though, I suppose 🙁

  • Alex

    Why are you guys bashing on Raul Garcia?? He has been absolutely clutch for us! What does he have 3, 4, 5 goals this season? Coming at crucial times? I have to say, I’m most impressed with Garcia this year out of anyone. I thought Simeone was crazy not to rid him of the Calderon this summer, but he obviously knows what he’s doing.

    I like Diego as much as anyone else on here, but haven’t we achieved 25 out of 27 points without him? I’d love to see him in jersey, but i don’t think there’s any spy for him. We have a superfluous amount of midfield as it is, and I’d hate to see someone else who has played great ball leave. It’s a tough issue.

  • Ringo

    In this time I prefer Raul Garcia and Koke to Diego.
    He is truly great, but he slows down the play big time, and speed is one of the greatest assets this season.

  • Ringo

    this team*
    Plus Garcia seems to be more effective, ha

  • Jorge

    I’ll never understand why people thought Perea and Asunçao were great, but that Garcia is/was so terrible.

  • Palestine-atleti

    RG no way to compare to diego… Dont over rate raul garcia plzzzzzz he z not a playmaker nor a good midfielder. He z average player

  • @Jorge
    They were great(perea and assuncao) because most of their football they devoted to atleti. Same with Giggs. he wasn’t the best for United but he is remembered for staying with them so long that we can’t forget his contribution to the team and I think that is the case with Perea and Assuncao and why so many people like them

  • starvs

    Raul Garcia WAS shit before his loan to Osasuna, let’s not re-write history. I was his biggest hater, but he’s been beyond serviceable this season.

    As much as it pains me to say, I think Koke should lose his spot if Diego were to come in, he could still get some minutes probably on the wing as we are still thin there.

    Man I hate to say Koke should lose minutes, but Diego…

    Great problem to have at least :/

  • k14

    I honestly believe that Diego can come without anyone leaving, and look at our league games without arda, the team couldn’t make any chances.
    Thats why I think Diego will be a great addition to the squad, without anyone leaving or losing a spot.

  • Arjit

    It’s true Diego can come in without anybody leaving, but in the case of $$$, the most suitable option to leave would be Raul Garcia. Also, somebody mentioned Diego slowing down play earlier, it’s true he holds on to the ball too long at times and I noticed that. He’s a bit different from arda, who’s a incredible team player. However, he does offer vision and a passing range that nobody else in our team can offer (oliver in the future but not yet) and that is invaluable. I really do hope he comes as long as we don’t lose anybody important. Adrian scored his first goal, he’ll be getting up to speed now.

  • Ringo

    I said that and I keep to that
    I don’t want Diego back right now. Not because I dislike him or think he’s not good enough, but because he’s not the best for this team right now. I’m sure of that. Plus he’s too good and expensive to be Arda’s replacement, and I rate Arda higher.

  • Alex


  • ratchet

    Right, its been a while since I posted on here… Personnally, I dont think we should invest in Diego. If it aint broke, dont fix it. We will have to think about it at the end of the season, no need to worry about it now. If we do (and I highly doubt it) actually win the league, then we dont need Diego. End of story. Lets see how the season develops, then think about getting Diego.

  • 20corona

    To compete for the league title we sure need Diego. We probably would have won against Valencia with Diego.
    Simeone sees a chance to compete for the title then the board and we should listen, everything he does has been for the clubs best, now and for the future!
    But if he is coming it shouldn’t be on some other players expense.

  • Ultimate atlético fan

    You are all forgetting the quality of gabi and with the imminent arrival of Diego surely we cannot play 2/3 attacking midfielders we have enough midfielders and I feel that we need to strengthen our defence not our creative midfielders after all look at the ability of the ones we have.
    Lets bring in a couple of strong centre backs in the summer and concentrate on taking barça. We have the attacking talent but we need to strengthen at the back so summarising keep arda don’t sign Diego and strengthen the back.