Falcao’s dad creates hot, stinky mess

"My son dreams of playing for Real Madrid," Radamel García told Colombian radio


Someone has some explaining to do

UPDATE: Following the media frenzy created by his father’s controversial comments (see original report below), Falcao has posted the following message on his Twitter account:

“To make it clear to the whole world: My dream is to continue winning titles with Atlético Madrid and to qualify for the World Cup with Colombia.”

When rumours first surfaced late Tuesday evening suggesting that Atlético striker Radamel Falcao’s father, Radamel García, had claimed his son’s dream had always been “to play for Real Madrid”, they were almost immediately dismissed as nothing more than Twitter lore.

I mean, who could believe that someone could be so foolish? To say that Colchonero idol Falcao, days after celebrating perhaps the most important victory in Rojiblanco history, is a closet Madridista?


But then, all hell broke loose Wednesday night when the Spanish press got a hold of the audio recording of the elder (but obviously not the wiser) Falcao’s comments made to Colombian radio station Todelar.

Not only did ‘El Tigre’s’ pops reveal that our lethal forward’s dream was to play for our bitter rivals Real Madrid, but that it is “his current objective”.

“His dream is to play for Real Madrid,” Radamel García said on the ‘El Gran debate de Todelar’ programme last Friday.

“Since he was a boy he’s always wanted to play there. Other teams in Europe like Chelsea and Manchester City were interested in him. If he can’t play for Real Madrid, he’ll play for a team in England.”

The blathering continued: “Of course he wants to go to the 2014 World Cup, but most of all, he wants to go to Real Madrid.

“He will change teams at the end of the year”.

Coincidentally (or likely not), Spanish television programme ‘Punto Pelota’ reported on Tuesday night’s broadcast that Real were very interested in signing Falcao for next season, even claiming that all parties were in agreement and the sale price would not surpass the €50 million mark.

History is once again repeating itself in Rojiblanco land, as this situation brings to mind Sergio Agüero’s tumultuous exit, where it was also made known by a father figure, on that occasion by ‘Kun’s’ father-in-law Maradona, that the player was interested in joining the no-European-trophies-in-over-ten-years-versus-our-four side.

  • Can’t we “get rid off” his dad. He knows too much and talks a lot…its not good for business…

  • Matthijs

    Pff, I don’t want to hear more.

  • Ratchet

    We should do it Godfather-style lol. No seriously, im not going to go overboard yet, but if he does move to Real, I will lose all respect for him.

  • Martin Rosenow

    Alright fellas, come on. No murder conspiracies here in the comment sections please.

    That’s what we have the forum for!

  • AtleticoGlasgow


    You brushing up on that copy of “The Departed”?

  • Martin Rosenow

    The forum, the forum!

  • Andres

    Lose respect? You guys might be rivals but come on…

    If I had to see him leave I would definitely choose Real Madrid!

  • Gio

    Higuain + 45 million euros will be a great deal for Atletico Madrid.

  • Martin Rosenow

    Check out the update on the report for what Falcao tweeted.

  • Ringo

    Almost seems like his dad wants to be in the limelight through him… -.-

  • Croatia Atletista

    You just saved my evening and made my day.
    Radamel Falcao Garcia <3
    Atleti <3

  • Urban

    Aupa El Tigre! Fuera padre!

  • Javi Lozoya

    If he leaves I rather see him at Chelsea. Madrid and Atleti are not rivals but enemies.
    As for his dad I don’t know what’s his deal, or anyone’s deal. If Falcao has never said anything about Madrid why does anybody believes his dad?. It’s like those remarks Forlan and Kun’s dads said. Nothing but BS. In the end, Falcao is gonna have the last word. Perhaps Falcao’s dad just wanted to gain his 5 minutes of fame even though he was a renowned player in Colombia.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Soccer players dads, 0 credibilty. Ex, Kun and Forlan dads.

  • Shay

    So what did Falcao twitted?

  • Andres

    Well it might be true about Falcao admiring Real Madrid… I definitely do right now…

    If Falcao still likes his fan club since he was little, nothing wrong with that. If he had to go to any team, I would like to see him at Real Madrid (Don’t really want to see him move to England… quality has decreased)

    Lets say Atletico signed me… I was a Madrid fan before I became an Atletico fan…

    One thing is true… Falcao’s dad has been talking a bit too much… without Falcao really giving him permission.

    In my opinion I feel like he doesn’t really like Atletico that much and wants to see his son at a “bigger” team… even though Atletico in my opinion is the 3rd best team in Spain and Top 10 in the world.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Oh Shit!. Falcao does really supports Madrid! and Milan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFplWYp_wvw&feature=related

  • Shlomgar

    Shay dude, haven’t got any messege from you on Facebook. Thing is I’m checking an option of buying the tickets from Atletico directly. Send me a messege again so we can discuss it.

  • Willen

    He didn’t show any regret when scoring against Real Madrid. He’s Colombian not spanish, he might have changed clubs in Spain easily and I’m sure he’s not a “Madrid supporter” anymore.

  • Shay

    Hey Shlomy, Maybe you can check ” OTHERS “?

  • Dircil

    @willen: lol, dude, If u were Falcao, would u express any regret to the club that u love when u score a goal. Hell no!!! I might say he was bleeding inside but the fact is that he’s a professional footballer who will gives his full dedication to the club that he’s playing for. 🙂

  • DJ_ZA

    There is no cure for stupidity!
    Word of advice to Falcao’s dad : Be sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth!
    Instead now we have to listen to half-baked stories, with Falcao having to make that tweet.
    How many Colombians do you know whose dream it is to play for Atletico Madrid? How many footballers actually get to play for their dream team? Besides, dreams change!
    But those dreams aside, reality is that he’s at Atlético, (hopefully by choice and not only the dealings of club officials /agents), fulfilling the dream of winning trophies and continuing to make a name for himself…. And finding NEW dreams.
    … And if by some horrible (for me) twist of fate he moves to a club I don’t like, well he’s a sincere enough person for me to continue to to wish him success (except against Atlético)

  • Shlomgar

    @Javi Lozoya My take on the subject is that Real and AC Milan is probably very popular in Colombia, and that Falcao was smart enough at that time to know that he won’t fit in Barca.

    He is has a humble persona, he always looks like a sweet kid, even though he’s 26. He can move absolutely anywhere he wants but for now he stays. Let us hope he’ll stay longer.

  • Willen

    @Dircil, sure! My point is, he’s Colombian and probably has in his heart a club in Colombia that he was passionate since he got his first ball as a gift. It will not change.

    Maybe he liked Madrid because they wear white or whatever, but it’s not that feeling that can’t change and I really think it already changed.

    One thing is right, all these father’s comments are completely useless and unnecessary, a stupidity.

  • Yon

    I almost spewed watching that video!!!!!!!

    If he was a big Real Madrid fan he surely wouldn’t sign for Atletico, he would have just been saying those 2 clubs at the time in the hope one would sign him I guess!

  • ali_

    “If he was a big Real Madrid fan he surely wouldn’t sign for Atlético”
    no offense, Yon, but LOL.
    i think every player wanna play in real or barca, since their childhood. (lately they wanna play in the rich clubs, i think i dont need to right those club’s names).

    any of you seriously think that in modern football principles still exists? im sure that a lot of players (even in the current squad) sees us just a step on the ladder. honestly i think we dont really have a single player, who would say no to realbarcamancitychelseaunitedandco. maybe oliver is the excpetion, but who knows for how long.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes
  • Yon


    He could of playing Champions League with Porto though, surely thats the stage he wants to be noticed on, if any?

    Couldn’t agree more about they money thing, although there are some good guys out there, De Rossi for example, could have easily went to City, but didn’t! Adam Johnson, he left City for Sunderland so he could play every week, rather than sitting on the bench for City 80% of the season!

  • Shlomgar

    So let’s check the evidence.
    There is a player, Falcao, he is not the brightest player in the world, but he isn’t stupid enough going to Real Madrid. He isn’t going to Barca for he won’t do well there.
    Man Utd won’t spend 65M, Liverpool and Arsenal don’t have the money, Man City has enough CF I Guess.
    Italy, France and Germany is a step down, Russia, Qatar and S.E.Asia is for stars on a down hill.
    So our worst case scenario is for us getting Torres+40M. Ammmm… OK

  • Veiko

    no one will go from atleti to real madrid. This one signing on the paper would make hero a villain.
    Its not gonna happen if Radamel has any respect to Atletico Madrid and our fans.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes