Falcao staying put at Atlético, for now

The Super Cup hero chose to remain at Atleti in spite of multiple bids from other clubs

radamel falcao at super cup against chelsea

"I'm all yours Atleti fans," is what we
believe Falcao was thinking here (Reuters)

On Friday, Radamel Falcao turned in a performance beyond Atleti fans’ and, he admitted to reporters afterwards, his own wildest imaginations in scoring a first-half hat-trick against Champions League title-holders Chelsea, helping Atlético to their second Super Cup trophy and fourth European honour in little over two years.

Jokes were aplenty among the fans and even the players and coaching staff about the recent closing of the transfer market, with Diego Simeone, according to the Spanish press, even joining in on the ribbing of ‘El Tigre’ in the locker room after the game—saying he was glad the final wasn’t played a day before out of fear of having to say goodbye to his Colombian hitman.

If Falcao’s father is to be believed, and there’s no reason not to trust the senior Radamel García, ahead of the Chelsea clash in Monaco the striker himself wasn’t even sure if he’d remain a Colchonero beyond the weekend.

“I don’t know if I’m going to play. I don’t know if they will sell me. What if you come [to Monaco] for nothing?”

These are the words Falcao told his father, his dad claimed when explaining to Colombian paper MÍO why he did not attend the Stade Louis II to catch his son in action.

“I knew about offers from a Russian club that was very interested [in signing Falcao],” Mr. García said.

“Plus, there was interest from big clubs in England.”

Gol Caracol, a generally reliable Colombia-based source, reported that Chelsea and Atlético had entered into a pre-agreement that would give the Blues first preference to sign Falcao in January should los Rojiblancos decide to part ways with their talismanic forward.

But Dani Hidalgo of Spanish paper AS reported that Atleti officials strongly denied the rumours when contacted about the Gol Caracol claims.

Hidalgo added that ESPN confirmed the falsity of those assertions by speaking directly to Chelsea personnel.

Sources at the London-based outfit said they had no interest in acquiring Falcao. Instead, they purportedly stated, they were targeting Napoli’s Edinson Cavani, but the Uruguayan attacker eventually proved too costly for them.

Atlético general director Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, speaking to Radio COPE (Spain) on Saturday, assured that multiple clubs had offered to pay Falcao’s release clause over the summer, but neither the club nor the player were interested in negotiating a move.

“Falcao would be nothing without the rest of his team-mates,” Gil Marín said.

“Atleti can afford the luxury of having players like him, but they have to qualify for the Champions League, because if they don’t, there are very big risks.”

He continued: “We’ve received offers for his release clause during the summer, and he has known about them. We have problems keeping them here, but we are working hard to achieve that. Radamel is committed to the club. He thought he was going to leave before the pre-season and he’s very happy at Atleti. For sure, he’s not going to want to leave.”

Atlético’s majority shareholder also claimed bids were made for Filipe, Godín, Miranda, Arda and Adrián, “but there were players that we didn’t want to let go of.”

According to Dani Hidalgo, Falcao is pleased at the Vicente Calderón and is only interested in putting together another solid season with Atleti and with the Colombian national team but, much like Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero before him, he is continously fighting off pressure from members of his family who would like for him to join a bigger European side, a sentiment widely shared by his compatriots.

Regardless of who is asked about the issue, one thing is clear: if El Tigre is to continue to don the red and white colours for years to come, it will be because we have secured a Champions League berth and the crucial funds that qualification into the elite European competition entail.

Otherwise, these could very well be the 26-year-old’s last months at the club.

  • Pao

    Hopefully we really do finally qualify for Champions League once again.

  • Shlomgar

    Shay. I’m Shlomy Garaya on Facebook. Only one. Get in touch and I’ll let you know about tickets. Btw, talked with box office and there won’t be tickets for non Hapoel supported until Monday

  • Selami

    I am a big fan of Arda from Turkey and I’m supporting Atleti solely for that reason (not the only one either, I’m sure) but even I have to say, as good as Arda is, Falcao is just way too perfect in comparison to the rest of the squad. “Falcao would be nothing without the rest of his team-mates” is a very inaccurate statement to say the least.

  • Urban

    Falcao is perfect but only in his role, which is actually quite narrow. He is not that much of a all-round attacker like Messi or Ronaldo. He is a typical poacher and this is something not played in a modern football too often (for example lately Tito Villanova stated that El Tigre is great but he wouldnt fit at Barca and he is 100% right).

    In any case I believe we should asap offer him a new contract and increase his buyout clause to around 100 mln euro. Zenit has just paid 80 mln for Hulk and IMHO El Tigre is better player all in all. I have some doubts but I think Mendes would approve that.

  • Lubo

    @Urban: I read that Zenith has paid 80 mln € for both Hulk and Benfica’s Axel Witsel. So what was Hulks price then?

  • Shay

    50 for Hulk.

  • Urban

    Ok, my bad, thx for makint it clear. But still the 65 mln of current clause does not seem abstract at all.

  • SoLobo

    Are we playing a friendly match with Al Ain tonight?

  • SoLobo
  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    we play Them tonight 20:00 at vicente Calderon, i Think.

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    this might be the first time I agree with Gil Marin… Falcao is no Messi or Ronaldo, he ‘s a true number 9, and what do number nines need?? THE BALL!! if they dont get the ball they are nothing and the same applies to Falcao. Noone talked about the incredibles crosses and passes he continuesly gets. He’s an effective striker but give him the ball in the mid field and he will look like a second division player. Yes he scored three goals in the final, but in all of them he got and incredible pass either from Arda, Adrian or Koke. I like Falcao but i dont want to have to deal with this BS all season

  • SoLobo

    @ Jose Ignacio
    I totally agree! It ‘s not “Falcao and the others”, we are a TEAM.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    Does anyone have a link so you Can Watch the match against Al Ain?

  • Willen

    I don’t think Villanueva was that serious about Falcao not fitting in Barça. I think he can play in the Villa’s role and probably performing better. I wouldn’t like to see him playing for the catalans but I think he would fit there.

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    What??????? dont start speculating about how falcao could or would fit in Barcelona. Havent u realized wut forum this is??
    Please no useless stupid comments that noone gives a CRAP about!!

  • Sash


    Chill dude.. It wasnt like willem was saying he wants falcao to go to Barca, more like falcao is good enough to fit there.

  • Shlomgar

    I’m with [email protected] no place for dumb Barca talk in here, there is enough going on anywhere else…

  • layi

    I’m a barca fan that ’follows’ athletico as well but i’m tired of barca talk as well. With shlomgar, there shouldn’t be such avenue here.

  • Arjit

    Come on guys, it’s not about barca, Willen was defending falcao and his qualities to succeed in barca’s system. The topic is falcao’s quality, not barca.

  • Shay

    Shlomgar, I sent you a massage on Facebook. Any news?

  • Urban

    @Arjit you got it dude.

    If you read my comment carefully you will see that it was about Falcao not Barca.

  • Sam

    @mrmobb: yawwwwn. It must be soooo easy following “bigger clubs” with ALL the economic and political factors tilted in their favor. Atleticofans are for-real fans.

    @Falcao: stay with Atleti, man. Take a pay cut if you have to and be a legend for us. Otherwise, you’ll end up with 3 or 4 seasons of success at a big club before being forgotten in the folds of history.

  • Kabir

    it’s hilarious how people come out of the woodwork now (mostly ignorant EPL fans) and say that Falcao is carrying Atletico and all this Falcwow rubbish. It’s all media hype. Sure he is the best number 9 in the world, but that’s about it. I went to two Atletico games last winter in which Falcao was booed because of how aimlessly he was playing. As a number nine, games can be hit or miss and it all comes down to the delivery. I remember under Manzano with his ridiculous tactics, Falcao was trying to be messi, incorporating in play in such a way that he is unable to. He is not a great passer and he is not creative. He is a world class striker. Atletico is so much more than him. Where is all the praise for Mario Suarez? He didn’t place a foot wrong at all in the supercopa. Of course, a player of his position doesn’t get all this hype.

  • Evan C

    Dont Get me wrong i Love Falcao BUT Adrian was just as important in last years EL run scoring a lot of goals and crucial ones at that.