UEFA Super Cup: Chelsea 1 – 4 Atlético

Atlético and Falcao obliterate European champions on historic night

Atletico Madrid beat Chelsea 4 - 1 in the UEFA Super Cup

Atlético beat Chelsea 4-1 in Super Cup

It is great being an Atlético.

Not only does it make you passionate and an all round better person; these days it makes you a great winner too.

Tonight, Atlético fans in Monaco, Madrid and from all over the world got to celebrate a fourth European title in just over two years as Atlético were again crowned winners of the UEFA Super Cup.

And it was the manner in which the Rojiblancos brushed aside the current holder of the Champions League title which make us, the fans, even more proud. After dominating the Europa League last season, Atleti now played a near perfect game and beat Chelsea with four goals to one, a score generous to the team from London who had been branded the favourites to win this tie.

Besides the confidence boost and the silverware, Atlético also earned €3 million as new Supercampeones of Europe.

From the first minute until the very last it was the Spanish side that controlled the game. They overran Chelsea from the get-go and their aggressiveness resulted in an incredible chance for Radamel Falcao after just four minutes. The Colombian reached to a sharp cross by Filipe and volleyed the ball against the crossbar. As the ball came bounced back of the woodwork it was Adrián who collected the ball, and Atleti protested heavily when he was seemingly brought down by David Luiz.

The misfortune didn’t bring Atleti down, as Adrián and Arda later combined inside the box again, but the Turk wasn’t able to reach a teammate with his cross as he tried to bring the ball back across goal. It was just a minute later, with only seven minutes on the clock, when Atleti opened the scoring. Adrián launched Falcao and El Tigre finished with a deadly chip over Petr Cech, which went in with a little help from the post.

Determined to break Chelsea down entirely, Atleti went on to ferociously attack the goal and Adrián nearly got his when he burned past Cahill, only to be denied by Cech. Still in the opening periods Arda came close again with a header that went just wide.

Where his teammates failed to find the target, Falcao would not. The Colombian ace was allowed too much space too close to goal by Luiz, and curled in a magnificent attempt that was reminiscent of his opening goal in the Europa League final last May.

Still hungry for more, Atleti created huge opportunities for Gabi and Adrián, but the two Spaniards missed incredible chances. Especially Adri’s miss was head scratching. He managed to shoot the ball against his own head, in what was seemingly a tap in for an easy goal, and in the rebound Falcao headed against the post, to leave Atleti fans wondering how many more chances it would take to seal the deal.

Apparently just one.

In the final minute of the first half Arda Turan did very well to hold on to the ball after a long run, and he waited just long enough for Radamel Falcao to join the attack. With his first touch the European mass murderer beat his opponent and killed the tie by beating Cech with his left foot.

It wasn’t only El Tigre’s third goal with his supposedly weaker foot, it also was Falcao’s sixth goal in just five days and his 5th in 3 European finals.

After the break Atleti took their foot off the gas and sat deep on their own half, without ever allowing their English opponents any chances. Especially Gabi and Mario did incredibly well to protect their defence, while Rojiblanco idol Fernando Torres never stood a chance against centre back duo Diego Godín and Miranda. On the wings the offensive runs by Juanfran and the amazing Filipe effectively kept the much talked about Eden Hazard and Juanma Mata completely out of the game.

The only people more deserving of praise than Simeone and his men, were the masses of Spanish fans who had made their way to Monaco and had the Louis II stadium rocking all night long.

The game was put to bed by Miranda after exactly an hour of play, as the Brazilian responded quickly to a loose ball from a Koke free kick. The defender chipped the ball over the ‘keeper and took away any hope Chelsea might still have had left.

In the 67th minute substitute Óscar shot just wide of Courtois’ goal, which was only Chelsea’s second attempt that came remotely close to the Belgian’s goal. At the other end his colleague Cech was much busier and did well to save a free kick by our playmaker on the night, Koke.

Fifteen minutes before the end Chelsea pulled one back, when Cahill pounced on a rebound after Atleti failed to clear a corner. It was only the first shot on goal by Di Matteo’s side, who were flabbergasted by Atleti’s prowess throughout the game.

In the final minutes Atleti looked to hurt Chelsea even further on the counter attack, but a pass from Raúl García to Falcao was intercepted by Ashley Cole before the superstar striker could score his fourth. Filipe also saw his shot saved by Cech after he received a nice pass from Cebolla Rodríguez, who impressed after replacing Adrián in the second half.

Atlético hit the woodwork for a 4th time in the 90th minute when David Luiz slid a cross against his own post, to prevent our Turkish duo of Emre and Arda from combining for what would have been a nothing but deserved fifth goal.

And so Atleti cruised to an amazing and completely unanticipated 4-1 victory in the UEFA Super Cup. The historic victory places us amongst clubs such as Barcelona, AC Milan and Liverpool as the only clubs to have won the title twice. The festivities officially began as captain Gabi lifted the cup, after a game that will be long remembered by Atlético fans.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Mario, Gabi; Arda, Koke (“82 Raúl García), Adrián (“56 Cebolla Rodríguez); and Falcao (“87 Emre).

Goals: 0-1 Falcao (“7); 0-2 Falcao (“19); 0-3 Falcao (“45); 0-4 Miranda (“60); 1-4 Cahill (“74)

  • palc

    We own Europe.

  • what a night! Chelsea ripped. Atleti triumphant, emphatically. Can I just point out, its Falcao’s 6th goal in 3 finals, 1 for Porto against Braga, 2 against Bilbao and now 3 against Chelsea. Does anyone notice a trend?

  • DJ_ZA

    A night to remember! What a super game!

  • Gokhan

    What a win!
    Atletico owned the London side, like it was a walk in the park, as if they were the real CL champs.
    Well, this is not what many so-called pundits of the game expected, but a courageous effort by the Madrid players made it possible.

  • uyanga

    That was perfect game. Greetings from Mongolia to the all of atletico fans

  • Javi Lozoya

    Indeed it was a superb performance. Atleti showed that it can compete against the best teams in Europe. Falcao is simply the best CF in the world. Hopefully Atleti gives more world class performances like this thought the season. This is a great team, not too many big names but big men warriors who get the job done. If we Atleti manages some consistency Champions League qualification should be achievable.
    I’m very proud of Atleti, and our great coach Simeone. He is a genius. Grande Cholo y Aupa Club Atletico de Madrid!. Somos Campeones!. Our fourth international title in 2 years!.

  • Dircil

    @uyanga: wow a fan from Mongolia :))!!!
    btw, a couple of hours before the match start, I tried to look for some comments from both international soccer sites as well as Vietnamese sites (my first language) and all of the comments were in favor of Chelski. Most of em, especially football lovers from Vietnam show their supportive attitudes toward Chelsea as Premier League is dominant in Vietnam. They seemed to know nothing about Atleti and La Liga and said that our team was just an average Spanish club. I tell em that oh we are just an average team in Spain so we’ll see how we r gonna toss Chelsea in the trash. Of course, they laugh at me cuz I’m the only one claiming to be an Atletico’s fan. Now I guess they understand how determine our team are and how lousy Chelsea is!!!

  • Epoy

    Yeah!!!!!! Aupa Atleti!!!!

  • Jorge

    Walking down South Beach, many people applauded my girl and me in our Atleti regalia. Few were actual Atleti fans per se, but even those that weren’t, were fans of beautiful football and offered there cheering respects. We ended up walking down Ocean Drive for a while–soaking it in. Nights like tonight remind me “porque soporto al Atletico.”
    ¡Aupa Atleti!

  • Andres

    I like Chelsea, no doubt about it, but some fans were so over confident that they were already saying that they shouldn’t take Atletico seriously… look where that got them. They predicted scores of 5-0 6-0 to Chelsea and look where that got them.


  • Erhan

    What a win! Chelsea were owned

  • Arjit

    Huge win, we play like this and we’ll finish 3rd this year for sure!

  • Greek

    Wonderful night! Thank you Tiger , thank you coach , thanks to all the players!

    Except Andrian maybe hahaha 😛

  • DJ_ZA

    What I really loved about this match, was that there was no controversy, no bad ref decisions, no diving or dramatics….. just a great display of football ( well at least by Atlético – can’t say too much about what Chelsea were doing).
    So different ( in a good way) from what we witness when the Cules & Merengues make an appearance, where (despite their talent) football always takes a back seat to drama.

    Atlético De Madrid … True ( well deserved) Champions!

    We can (humbly) celebrate with PRIDE & HONOUR!

  • yon

    Great night, great result! Obviously Falcao was immense, but Arda and Filipe were brilliant, credit to the whole team!

    I bet on a Falcao hatrick before the game £10 on at 80/1!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Shay

    Hey Shlomgar:
    Got tickets yet? The 1st game is in TLV.
    Where do you get your seats and tickets?

  • Shlomgar

    If I got it right, tickets would be sold from HTV website, לאן or from the ATM site for Spanish supporters. No tickets yet though.

  • Shay

    Great, thanks!
    keep me posted, maybe I’ll see you there

  • mrmobb

    Compare the opening pre season game starting lineups bet6ween the two clubs. listen matress boys we have far more important things to do then play for a mickey mouse trophy.

    WE are already EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS you mugs. something you will never do and we beat barca and stopped messi.

    You crumbled and were humbled before Real.
    When Real play you again you’re gonna pay cabrons.

  • Shay

    Who the fuck is this loser? 5th place in EPL with this budget??
    Fuck off U and your fuckin boring-ass team..

  • Arjit

    lol sore loser is all I have to say, some child who has nothing to do with his life.

  • Shay

    — “Dont care about the small trophy” —

    — Plays with their best 11… —

    Bitch, Please… 🙂

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    Aupa Atleti!! We deserved to win with a 100% of right over this match, Chelsea can go back to london now.. their job is done. And now i hope the Torres realises that its time to come home, and win with his team, not the brittish.
    And it wasnt only Falcao who won us the game, which seems to be wut every newspaper said, Atletico as a whole was perfect, and yes Falcao played awesome, but who got those perfect passes to Falcao?? Arda, Koke and simeone were my heroes today, not Falcao, he was just the finisher of something great.

    Watch out Madrid and Barcelona, there’s a new boss in town!!!

  • Shlomgar

    Listen, do you hear something? I know, nothing right? It’s the sound behind the Atleti backline, you know, the one you didn’t go through once last night…

  • Dircil

    @shay: nice counter argument though.

  • Mikael


    ahh that was their best? thats make me so sad, just agree with whatever they’re saying guys, dont remind them the game

  • Alex

    Who the fuck is this guy – getting on an Atleti board and having a bitch fit that his team didn’t win. Anybody can name 2 or 3 handful amounts of players on Chelsea, and could name maybe 1 one atlético? We have a fucking amazing team that plays like a team. We didn’t spend 100 million and we sure as hell didn’t need to. Chelsea won’t do shit this year. Atlético won hands down. We could’ve played with 2 defenders and still come out ahead. Aupa Atleti. Go fuck yourself douche.

  • Dircil

    @Alex: Now Atletico’s boards start to learn how to spend their money wisely so I would say any 1m that Atletico spends is worth any 10m that Chelski spends. We have been doing good business recently. Look at those players that cholo signed in this year. They are all good subs for our main players. And now look at Chelsea: Eden Hazard, Oscar, Lucas Piazon and Marko Marin for OM, c’mon dude!!!!!

  • Ringo

    seemed like an easy night, had to pick a friend up somewhere two hours away after work so no time to watch it myself, beside the goals and two or three missed chances in the summary.

    Let’s see how they’ll play on monday.
    Hopefully this’ll become a consistent team for once.

    Stable defence + Falcao and delivery from Filipe, Arda, Koka and perhaps Juanfran and Adrian when back in form seems pretty good.
    Still, how will central midfield be all season?

  • Mark

    Jajajaja (Hahahaha)
    How quickly chelski forget their true place in world football. What are you? The 4th biggest club in London? Did you see the managers interview after the match? He was almost in tears. Certainly not the look of a man with more important games.

    Barca always want to win it, but what would Real Madrid know about the super cup? Sweet fuck all. They haven’t won a European trophy since what, 2002? Atleti now has 4 in 2 years. No comparison.

    Please please please keep your bitterness coming through because knowing how much you no marks are hurting, just makes it even sweeter.

  • Shlomgar

    Trophies-The Borinyo era in Madrid:
    Game on Bitch!

  • Alex

    No no, I’m saying all we needed was 1 million spent to already help our fantastic team. If Chelsea are European champions, why would they need 4 big time players brought in? before someone nails me, i realize drogba and essien and whoever else I’m forgetting to name left.

  • Mikael


    hahhaha ikr?
    their manager couldn’t speak a word bcse he was having an orgasm at the time after falcao’s performance lol

  • SoLobo

    Fernando Torres… You left only to get trophies. You got the Champions League but you lost 1-4 to the team you thought that would never win anything. 3 years ago you were at Liverpool and the team that would never win anything eliminated you and won the Europa League. What on earth are you waiting for?? Just come back!

  • yon

    Do we even want him back? Would he fit into that team? No! Falcao every day for me!

  • SoLobo

    Yes, Falcao is better, for now at least, but Torres is our family. I always want him back.

  • Kabir

    It is much more likely that he left because the board wanted to make a buck. Liverpool is not that much more competitive than atleti.

  • SoLobo

    It could be very well the reason that you ‘re saying, but back then Liverpool had much more chances of winning something than Atleti had.

  • Independencia

    The Handball team won the Super Globe Cup on Saturday. CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD. Aupa Atleti!!!!!


  • FancyFartPants

    does atletico play today? fixture says atletico has to play betis today, but next match it says also rayo vallecano , but that is the 16th of the month, i dont understand. play today or not?

  • yon

    Says the game tonight is postponed

  • palc

    Exactly why is the match postponed? Is it because we won the Super Cup? Then why was today’s game scheduled for today in the first place? Didn’t they figure that we were going to win it :p?

  • Derek Maaijen

    The Betis game has been postponed, but not yet rescheduled. Atleti requested the game to be moved, not only because it’s only 3 days after the Super Cup but also because we’re missing several players who have been called up by their national team.

  • SoLobo
  • Dircil

    I have heard somewhere else that Betis opposed for delaying the match as they perceived it as an opportunity to have an easy win over atletico. However, seems like they failed doing it 🙂