OFFICIAL: Atlético sign Cisma

The left-back joined Atleti on Tuesday, signing a one-year contract

atletico madrid sign domingo cisma

Cisma at the Vicente Calderón Tuesday

Atlético have confirmed that left-back Domingo Cisma has agreed to a one-year deal with los Rojiblancos, after being released by former club Racing Santander on Monday.

The 30-year-old will be at coach Diego Simeone’s disposal immediately, and will even train with the squad Tuesday evening.

Cisma spent two years with Atlético B from 2003 through 2005.

The Sevilla-born footballer can also be deployed as a central defender.

What do you think of this free signing?

  • solari

    it’s cool to have a substitut of el grande Luis filipe kasmirski…

  • Sam


  • Well thats good business. 4 descent signings for 1 million euros so well done Atleti. I like Cisma. Very effective backup.

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    randy, 4 decent signings??? emre 30+, cata 30+, cebolla 28, and now cisma 30. whats decent about that?? Cisma is a horrible defender, i dont think any of you know him, theres a reason why he came for free.

  • palc

    He’s got that “I came here to warm the bench for Filipe Luis”- look.

  • Shay

    Nothing decent this transfer window, Randy..

  • Urban

    I guess there is some logic behind this signing. Silvio has to play to find his best and he wouldnt have the chance at the VC, so the loan deals seems a good idea.

    So many of our players benefited from loan outs (Jurado, Reyes, RG, Salvio, even Cleber Santana), maybe history will repeat itsfelf.

    And for warming bench Cisma is good as anyone else. I could do the job good enough. So this free transfer for one season makes sense.

  • Arjit

    yep, agree with everything urban stated, only good can come out of silvio’s loan and cisco’s one year signing. It’s a risk-free experiment!

  • Jorge

    Wow! Tough crowd. That’s a fine signing–he’s a backup for heaven’s sake (and an essentially free one at that).

    It’s a smart move by a team that is trying to get out from under the crippling weight of debt.

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    so ure telling me that getting rid of: Antonio Lopez(capitan), Perea(capitan), Assunsao, Dominguez and Salvio; for the new signings: Emre, Cebolla, Cisma and Cata; is a good trade?????? please get real. Our office is simply useless, we ll never be a great team if we dont stop selling our top youngters for old cripples that maybe on atletico for only one or two seasons????

    i dont think so

  • He’s a backup for Gods sake and i meant thats the fact we bought 4 people for 1 million was ok business. And in the past Emre was a pretty good player. Cebolla, well i really don;’t understand why people hate him. I find he is descent player. And this is worst possible signing Cata Diaz. So All in all a terrible transfer seaosn and for the record Lopez, Perea and Assuncao went for less than 1 million.

  • Will

    Considering we have a huge debt and we needed to sell players to reduce that debt, I think the “trade” of players was ok.

    Disregarding my first sentence, pretending we don’t have any debt and it was a normal year, it was an awful trade of players.

    I think Randy is right.

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    randy inform yourself, assuncao, lopez and perea left for free!!! and it wasnt 1 million for 4 players, 1 million for cata and the rest free. Emre might have been good in past, but we are in 2012, and this 4 players all they do is make our squad older. Have u seen Cebolla control the ball?? he looks like a duke, he has no dribbling wutsoever, and his crosses land nowhere. Have u seen Cholo put emre yet?? or at all??? and cata is as old as you can get. Atletico is not a club where old stars go to retire. We are more than that. The only thing the fans asked was Diego, thats it, noone else

  • Dircil

    @Jose: well said 🙂

  • Palestine-atleti

    I dont know why cebolla is in the first 11??!!! Adrian with falcao and arda use koke or oliver instead of diego… Cebolla is over rated and doesnt ve the minimal skills to get forst 11 call

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    @ Palestine Someone finally seems to know what they are talking about!!

    Aupa Atleti!!