Atlético deny Geromel signing

Club officials claim the FC Köln defender will not be the next Rubén Micael

geromel will reportedly not be coming to atletico

Point that finger elsewhere son (Bild: RD)

Rampant speculation in the past few days, particularly from Germany, suggested FC Köln defender Pedro Tonon Geromel would be signed by Atlético, only to then be immediately loaned out to either Betis, Sevilla or Valencia.

But Spanish paper AS reports that Atleti directors, who admitted they have followed the Jorge Mendes client over the course of last season – a campaign that saw Geromel’s side be demoted to the Bundesliga 2 – have assured the Portuguese centre-back will not be signed.

The rumours bring to mind a similar situation that arose last summer when reports surfaced alleging Atleti had signed Bruno Alves’ largely unknown little brother Julio, also represented by the shady Mendes.

In the ensuing days following the Julio Alves claims of a year ago, sporting director José Luis Pérez Caminero (whose role, incidentally, appears to be losing significance by the hour) had also spurned reports of advanced negotiations, only to announce the youngster’s signing two weeks later.

Could we be looking at a similar scenario with regard to Geromel?

  • Javi Lozoya

    Hopefully not. I personally don’t like neither Geromel or even Bruno Alves. If they’re going to sell Godin, might as well get a proper replacement. Bruno might be but I think he is too old. If the sell of a young player like Alvaro for Cata wasn’t smart at all, it was somehow because of the money, selling Godin to sign a old player like Bruno doesn’t make sense for me. It would if Atleti was to sign a younger defender. Maybe Musacchio from Villarreal. Too bad they seem to not like us.

  • Dircil

    haha Musacchio for the win!!!! young and competent. I used to dream that the future defense line of A.M would consist of Juanfran – Dominguez – Musacchio – Filipe, but now thing doesnt come out the way I want

  • Not the biggest fan of this signing. I would prefer if we buy a cheap winger and Bruno with the money. Perhaps we could go for Quaresma and Bruno Alves with the money.
    And who doesn’t like Bruno Alves……… He’s a beast he commands his area and just takes over control but he can be a bit reckless so i can understand why some wouldn’t want him.

  • Arjit

    I agree with Randy, Bruno can be a bit reckless but he has a huge presence at the back and is s natural leader. Defenders usually hit their peak when they’re older so it’s not altogether bad to have some older players in centerback. Younger dendenders tend to make far more mistakes at the back.


    Just look at this Benfica placed a 60 Million euro buy out clause on salvio 6 times what they got him for -__-