Announcing the AtléticoFans forum!

Registrations open today, get involved in the future of our community


It’s been a long-time coming, but it gives us great pleasure this evening to announce the opening of the official Atlé community forums.

For a while now it’s been obvious that the comment section on our articles weren’t going to be enough to capture everyone’s opinion, nor keep a flowing conversation between those who do regularly visit our website.

So here we are, a fully-fledged forum open to members as of today! Feel free to get involved and start creating topics, get to know each other better, and continue to give us your valuable opinions!

We’re launching just a few days after our second birthday, and the forum marks the start of the next phase of Atlé

Looking to the future, more and more features will be added to the site, and we’ll continue to ask for your input and opinions to shape our website into something you fans can be proud of!

I hope everyone takes advantage of this! What a day for us here at AtléticoFans.

Have fun!

Click here to visit the forums now and start contributing to the community!

  • Sebyk

    Great idea and great job, guys! Finally an English-speaking forum! 🙂

  • leika

    I agree with @Sebyk. Always wanted to be a part of discussion of my favourite team and I can’t understand those spaniards. Nice job guys!

  • Sam

    I think its important to still maintain comments on the main articles–instant reactions, etc. to keep the community strong.

  • Derek Maaijen

    We agree Sam. We don’t have any plans to disable the comments. We do hope to move some of the discussion that was taking place in the comments, to the forum where things will be much better organized and hopefully even more interesting.

    In just the first few hours there have already been over 50 new members and I talked to some great people in the live chat. I hope to see you all there!

  • Zhulaoshi


  • Nice job…..
    By the way how can i register to the forum. I can’t wait to get started.

  • ABCD

    New forums fail if they have too many categories. There should be an Atletico discussion category, and non Atletico. Breaking it up into game, player discussion, etc will lead to a lesser forum unless there are literally thousands of people on it.

  • DJ_ZA

    *thumbs up*