Atlético lose the Teresa Herrera in final test of summer

Final preparation game for Atleti ends in penalty shoot-out defeat after comeback


Atleti came back twice but lost in shoot-out

Missed penalties by Adrián and Diego Godín in the shoot-out following full time cost Atlético a bid for their seventh Trofeo Teresa Herrera.

The annual summer event hosted by last season’s Segunda División champions Deportivo de la Coruña was a back-and-forth affair that finished 2-2 in regulation time.

Deportivo got off to a fast start when ex-Atleti man Juan Carlos Valerón smacked home a rebound created by Thibaut Courtois’ save of a shot by Riki in the seventh minute.

Lax defending by Filipe Luís, Miranda and Godín, who better shape up quickly if we don’t want to be routed out of Levante for the third straight season, resulted in Riki’s close range effort that was ultimately tucked in by Valerón.

But Diego Simeone’s men struck back just three minutes later when Koke snuck a low shot under the outstretched left arm of Depor goalkeeper Aranzubia.

The pass came in from former Deportivo man Adrián, who the boo birds at the Riazor aimed their jeers at whenever he was in possession.

Our ‘Perfect 7’ hit a ball in from the right-wing intended for Falcao. The Colombian played the dummy, letting the ball get past him for Koke to strike.

Moments later, Mario Suárez was denied when he headed Filipe’s cross goalwards from very close range that Aranzubia did well to reflexively put his fists to.

Atleti continued to threaten, particularly from the right flank through an inspired Juanfran. The former Osasuna man clearly has the edge over Sílvio to start in next weekend’s La Liga opener in Levante.

In the final minute of the first half, Falcao blasted a shot into the crossbar after executing an exquisite pull-back-and-spin move like on his second goal in the Europa League final against Athletic Bilbao.

The start of the second half saw Arda come close to putting us ahead, but his shot veered left and into the side netting.

Depor took the lead in the 55th minute when Courtois fumbled away a cross into the box. Pizzi, who traded in his red stripes for blue ones over the summer, was there to recover the loose ball dropped by Thibaut, but his shot was blocked by Filipe.

Unfortunately, Bruno Gama was well-placed for the deflection and fired away past a helpless Courtois to put the home side ahead 2-1.

‘El Cholo’s’ men subsequently took control of the game, charging forward looking for the equaliser but to no avail.

There was a bit of controversy in the 78th minute when, after some sweetly-designed set piece work by Atleti executed to perfection led to Adrián taking a tumble inside the box, but referee Miguel Ángel Pérez Lasa wasn’t buying, much to the dismay of our players.

The night was looking grim for the Rojiblanco faithful, but ‘El Tigre’ came through to level the scoreline in the 87th minute, pushing in Adrián’s blocked shot to make it 2-2.

The ref blew the final whistle and the clash headed into PKs, where we lost 4-3 following misses by Adrián (crossbar) and Godín (bar across town).

The Teresa Herrera stayed at home at the Riazor.

Simeone will want to clean up his squad’s defensive errors prior to our trip to Valencia next Sunday.

You can see a play-by-play account of the shoot-out on our Twitter account here.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Mario (56″ Tiago), Gabi (68″ Raúl García); Koke (58″ Cebolla), Adrián, Arda; Falcao.

Goals: 1-0 (7″ Valerón); 1-1 (10″ Koke); 2-1 (55″ Gama); 2-2 (87″ Falcao)

  • Hmph
    We have to do better than this if we are to play for Champions League Football the following season. Very poor.
    Now you all see why Godin should go? I always hated him since he made errors last season. So the possibility of Bruno Alves doesn’t look bad now. I really want him to come because Godin missed a stupid penalty. SMFH.

  • lets just hope im wrong, only time will tell, but it looks very bleak…

  • DJ_ZA

    Adrian still can’t find the net 🙁 …. not his best these past few weeks

    … why was Godin taking a penalty??? odd choice!?

  • Dircil

    We really need Diego for the CL spot Without him, we’re struggling creating chance and dominating the game.

  • Martin Rosenow

    I was thinking the same thing during the game, but then I remembered the way all of our away games would play out last season.

    Even with Diego, do you recall an away match we clearly dominated last season in La Liga?

  • ali_

    i think we should sell adrián too, cos he missed his penalty too…

  • ali_

    btw im very mad with simeone. finally i can see one of our preseason game in live and he leaves oliver on the bench, and send RG on the pitch instead of him. seriously, wtf? i dont even remember he touched the ball during the game. he shot a penalty and thats it. correct me if im wrong.
    also cant understand why he picked courtois? it was a friendly match, why not asenjo?
    the match wasnt good imo, almost fell asleep sometime. and i agree, we really need another more creative attacker. oh, and i think cebolla was really good.

  • Dircil

    @ali_: oh, cebolla is definitely a black panther, nothing more I can complain about him. With regard to R.Garcia, I agree with ali that he’s nothing but a failed playmaker (If I’m not mistaken). Hope that Simeone recognizes how important Diego is to the team and get his full service before the end of the transfer period. If the team wins no trophy this season, surely we are more likely to lose Falcao’s service and maybe Arda, Adrian, and etc.

  • Yon

    Don’t think people can complain about Simeone playing Courtois instead of Asenjo, our first competitive game is next weekend, you want to give your first team players match practice and fitness after a summer off, so Asenjo played in some of the earlier games!

    We have the quality to make 4th place if everyone stays fit all season! I still think Diego and Felix wall fall out again yet, might get him in January on loan again!

  • Shay

    @Randy G & Ali:

    You guys can’t judge players only because theyve missed a penalty.. “Sell Adrian”?? Really??

    Players miss penalties. It happens.

  • ali_

    jesus, Shay, it was sarcasm from me…

  • ali_

    just wanted to point out how ridiculous was randys post. again.

  • Shay

    Oh.. Cuz its so easy to understand written sarcasm..

  • ali_

    it is, this is why i typed 3 dots at the end of the sentence.

  • Okay we should a keep a guy who made consecutive errors for us in back to back fixtures in La Liga and he has no clue about on how to fix those errors he made and those errors cost us CL football because we lost to Mallorca and drew the other match he made an error in so go ahead lets keep him and turn Atletico into a club like Tercera Division club.

  • @Ali_
    U gave your Dotish opinion I gave mine so whats the prbolem??? -_-

  • Okay Godin WAS a good defender but not last season and don’t deny thats what I think

  • ali_

    it wasnt his fault that we didnt qualify for CL. it was the whole teams fault.

  • palc

    Godin strikes again..

  • Arjit

    It’s true godin WAS good, I remeber his first 5 or 6 games at the club, he was great! confident and strong player, really pushed himself. Doesn’t do anything like that now, he’s just clumsy. While bruno alves’ natural playing style is strong and confident, he’s huge and he plays with passion, that’s simply his style. Godin played well because he was trying to impress his new club, the way he played wasn’t his usual style. This is why i really want bruno to come

  • Arjit

    On the cheap of course lol

  • @ali_ its actually called an elipse, not ‘3 dots at the end of the sentence’ and btw, randy wasnt saying we should sell godin just because he missed a penalty, it was because he has been poor for quite some time now, and he is the weak link in the team.

  • ali_

    ratchet: if u are a grammar nazi, i will be too. its ellipsis. not elipse. and btw, randy wrote: “I really want him to come because Godín missed a stupid penalty”
    anyway, yeah maybe i was overrearcting but i dont like that randy guy since he called me and others ass, just because we had different opinions. i think it was something about chamakh.

  • AtleticoPhilly

    I still believe that Tiago is not a good fit for a top-four team. I know that he and Oliver do not necessarily play the same position, but I would much rather see Oliver on the pitch, gaining experience, than watching Tiago ride off into the sunset.

  • Shay

    The whole Chamakh thing got way out of hand.. 🙂

    BTW, Sevilla got Botia.. I fuckin hate Sevilla..

  • @Ali_
    Lets just forget it okay. We all overreacted. So lets move on. 🙂

  • @Ratchet
    You explained it perfectly. Probably Ali_ u didn’t see my other post

  • yon

    Sevilla and Valencia snap up everyone we should be going for!

  • I think that Cebolla should play right wing and Adrian on the Left wing and have Arda as the attacking mid and well Falcao as the lone Centre forward. So i guess the new season formation would be 4-2-3-1.

  • KTBell

    I like it Randy, I think that is a lineup you will see often in the upcoming campaign.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    About the upcoming campain, Oliver is NOT gonna take part in our Europa league squad:(

  • Mahmoud

    How do you know? I didn’t think we had to name our squad until the start of the next month. And anyway Oliver is an underage homegrown player so he doesn’t actually have to be registered in order to play in European competitions (at least that’s my understanding).

  • its because he doesnt meet the requirements to play in Europe. Im not sure about the details

  • That’s a bummer one of our pass masters can’t play in the Europa League. Gee…… I try to find a link with more details.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes
  • Shay

    oh god… what a shitty pre-seasontransfer window..

    only bad news all the time… shit…

  • palc

    What dissapoints me the most is that Godin would be sticking with us next season too.

  • AtleticoPhilly

    This year’s focus should NOT be the Europe League. While it would be great to win again, for the third time in four years, the focus this year MUST be on finishing in the top four to qualify for the Champions League.

    So, there are two thoughts:

    1. By not playing in Europe this year, Oliver will miss out on having a chance to develop his game in a setting that, more or less, does not matter

    2. Oliver can focus all his attention and effort on league games, which are clearly more important this year