Diego confirms Wolfsburg return

The Brazilian announced he will play for the German club that once cast him out

diego will not return to atletico and will stay at wolfsburg

Diego will not be coming back to Atleti

At a press conference in Germany on Friday, Brazilian playmaker Diego announced he will remain with the club that owns his rights: Wolfsburg.

“I will stay at Wolfsburg,” Diego said at a press conference on Friday.

“I am very happy here and I will give my all for this team. I thank Magath for his trust in me and for giving me a second chance here.

“I have made mistakes, but now I am happy to be back. Now, I want to play the best season of my career.”

The confirmation was a huge bummer for Atleti supporters who were still harboring hope that they would see their man in red and white in the UEFA Super Cup and in the upcoming term.

A much-publicised dust-up with coach Felix Magath at the end of the 2010/11 season while with the Bundesliga outfit led to the former Juventus man’s banishment from the squad, a situation that was temporarily resolved with a one-year loan spell at Atlético.

After a remarkable 2011/12 campaign in Madrid that added a European title to the 27-year-old’s account, it seems as if Magath and Wolfsburg officials, lacking reasonable offers for their troubled asset, were compelled to forgive him.

“The decision has been made: Diego will stay with us,” Magath said at Friday’s press conference, before asking his club’s fans to give the midfielder a second chance.

Though it saddens us deeply that Atleti couldn’t make a permanent deal for Diego happen, we would like to thank him for his brilliant season as a Colchonero, a year that has been etched into our hearts and into the Rojiblanco record books–capped off by his memorable goal in the Europa League final against Athletic Bilbao.

  • yon

    My life is over 🙁

  • Gert

    Somehow we knew this was coming. Yet it ruined my weekend!

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes


    Mabey hé Will Come for free next year???

  • k14

    His contract has at least 2 more years Jimbo 🙂

  • Man this is perhaps one of the saddest transfer. Hope he impresses at Wolfsburg not like before. Atleti will have a good season this season under cholo if we kick off from where we left off from last season we would definitely get champions league football next season

  • Arjit

    Maybe, just maybe this could mean Oliver will shine this season…

  • Javi Lozoya

    I guess Raul Garcia is gonna be Diego’s replacement. Atleti should invest in youth talent. Abdel Barrada, Adam Maher, or Suso would be great signings. Suso is a teammate of Saul and Oliver. They won together the Euro U 19. And I don’t think Liverpool has Suso in their plans for this season. It’s only a suggestion. Of course I’m aware it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Shay

    mmm… damn…

  • Sam

    Naturally, once they remembered how fantastic he was, they hold onto him. And I’m sure Diego would prefer it anyways. This puts a serious dent in Champions league hopes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

  • Andres

    If Atletico start off fresh unlike last year (Simeone has a whole season) they will definitely be in front of Malaga. I hope we can be in front of Sevilla and Valencia.

  • Willen

    I would be devastated if it was 1 month ago. But if this means Oliver will have more playing time I’m ok – not happy – with it. 15 millions euros are best when invested in our promising Cantera.

    Spend dozens of millions buying players and letting them leave for free such as Simão and Maxi Rodrigues is stupidity and this would eventually happen with Diego also.

    Wish the best lucky to Diego :/
    And a huge playing time for Oliver. 🙂

  • ah well, aorse things happen. Its not the end of the world. Now, we dont need any additional signings. The reason being a) we need to save money, we will have spent less on transfers than we have earnt from them, so that’ll help with the debt (a bit) and b) we should now use our youngsters to fill the spaces, to get a head start on our rivals for 5 years down then (when current players age and you need to add a lot of youth quickly, never ideal) this would prevent our squad from ageing, so we wont end up like Chelsea or Milan, instead be a bit like dortmund is now. So, i guess there are positives to take from this, but it defo wont help Diego. Wolfsburg are very mediocre, finish in the bottem half, and Diego wont change that. Not on his own, at least. His career is suffering now, and i fear he will become a forgotten player stuck with Wolfsburg. Poor career choice from him, he could have gone anywhere, but i guess its more complicated than that.

  • worse things, even. I appologise.

  • Dircil

    lol, so Raul Garcia is gonna take over the AM position, isnt he? or Oliver Torres ?

  • Dircil

    btw, why dont Atletico grab Mateo Mussachio or Botia for a cheap fee as Villareal has already relegated. Buy either of the suggested two out and kick Godin’s ass out of our team. That’s a good business

  • Arjit

    Oliver seems to have the creative passing and skills to do so but Raul Garcia scored 11 goals last year in la liga which is very good for a midfielder. I can see the two switching it up as we challenge for all 3 major competitions we’re in. However, la liga priority.

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    oliver is diego’s replacement, might be young but he has the will to win in this house, and diego doesnt have that. With Oliver we get talent, hes also cheap on the roster, and we get future!!

    Aupa Atleti!!

  • k14

    I see a lot of complaints about Diego Godin, but it I guess I just had enough.
    I know you all need a scapegoat to blame, but just because he gave away 2 penalties when it didn’t matter anymore.
    Other than that hes been really solid, and major threat on every corner.
    And don’t tell me you are entitled to your opinion, because most are just repeating what they heard about Godin. So based on the same principle why no complaints when Falcao miss easy goals in the silliest manner ?

  • Shay

    I agree with you, a lot of teams would be happy to have Godin on their squad. And the fact is that last season we had a good defence (unlike any other season) under Cholo, and Godin was one of the reasons..

    Now, get ready for all the idiots here telling you “You are not a real Atletico fan”..
    Everyone here LOVED Perea who was shit and HATE Godin who is a damn solid CB

  • Shay

    And still.. I would have like Godin to leave and not Alvaro D.

  • Andres

    I love Perea lol

    Is it just me or does Godin commit a lot of own goals. I am not saying that makes him a bad player, but where I do see him play whether it be on the Uruguay selection, Messi’s friends friendly game or on Atletico Madrid he makes own goals.

  • Arjit

    Lol “you all need a scapegoat to blame” don’t jump to conclusions. Perea is terrible defender, but didn’t play much last year and whenever he did, he gave his all. Godin just made some crucial mistakes, he’s not a BAD defender, but I always prefered Dominguez. Obviously cholo saw something I didn’t but it doesn’t mater anymore cuz Dominguez is gone. Anyways there seems to be way too much ego n hate on here. Every other post I see like 4 or 5 arguing over something stupid. Here you come in with your random godin post accusing most of us to just follow popular opinion, it’s offensive.

  • k14

    Debating is offensive, but you calling me (or someone else) full of ego and hate and our conversation being stupid is pure class, isn’t it ?

  • Shay

    Fuck it all, guys!! The season is on our doorstep and we all going to believe and hope against hope (as always) this will be our year!!!

    Love you all my red&white brothers. Even you, Javi Lozoya, you prick 🙂

  • Arjit

    You claimed “most” of us just repeat just what we hear about godin. My ego comment is directed at those who spazz out and start arguments. Yes, that includes you. Perhaps if re-read it a couple of times you’ll actually see the difference. I actually have a supporting reason for my ego claim, such as; the way you assume you have more knowledge than “most” people on this website. also, seriously? i didn’t say debating is offensive, what’s offensive is the end of your post where you degrade the value of others’ opinions because you jumped to the conclusion that you’re more knowledgeable than everyone else. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and free debate whatever they want, but you sir, are not debating.

  • Javi Lozoya

    OT: Atleti should totally sign Konaté. He is one the forwards of the future. If he keeps progressing he could turn into a great striker like Eto’o or Drogba. His buyout clause for Maccabi Tel Aviv is only 400.000 Euros… I say give Maccabi 3M and keep him there to continue his progression. Konaté relegated Ibra Balde to the bench. I’m telling you guys, Konaté seems like the real deal. He delivers in big matches. He is only 19.

    Also, there won’t be any European teams in the semifinals of football at the Olympics. Team GB lost to South Korea on PK’s. Brazil, México, Japan, and South Korea are left in the tournament. Brazil got a little help from the ref.

  • k14

    First of all, you’re putting words in my mouth.

    “And don’t tell me you are entitled to your opinion, because most are just repeating what they heard about Godín”
    is a counter argument to the response that you used about everyone being entitled to their opinion, as I foresaw this response in advance on the subject that people are calling Godin “terrible” and “useless” which contradicts his statistics.

    Btw, people attack the person and not the idea only when they can’t think of anything else to respond with.

    Look up “Moral Panic” to understand what it means for Godin to be a scapegoat.

  • Arjit

    If you don’t know how to argue I’m just not gonna waste my time anymore. The main point once again was that you need to ease up on your ego. That was my point from the first post and it’s also the point from my second post. Also, “debating is offensive” are the exact words you put into my mouth. Which is what I clearly defended in my second post. Before trying to educate others, you should learn how to read more than the last two sentences of every post. There is absolutely no point in arguing if you try to change the topic every time.

  • k14

    You accuse of having too much ego, and made a claim on my behalf that I believe I’m more knowledgeable than others.
    I saw unfair comments and also gave the reasoning behind it.
    While all you have been doing is trying to degrade my personalty and not my argument, get off your high horse and listen to what people are actually trying to say instead of just attaching accusations to someone you have never even encountered.

  • Yon


    Both idiots!

  • 20corona

    So… how about those Colchoneros?

  • @yon, i know, theyve turned this blog into a debate on how to argue properly, but i cant even remember what they started debating about in the first place! Neither argument is particularly constructive or related to atleti in anyway, it may have started off being linked but has completely lost its way and is about egos or something. Ssriously, both apologise for turning this into a flame war of the sorts and move on. Its getting very tiresome…

  • Arjit

    My intention was to stop these stupid arguments, not start one. I apologize if I said anything out of the line, but on a open website like this I don’t feel its right to degrade other people’s opinions before they’re even stated. Anyways, like I said, I’m done with the argument.