Confirmed: Salvio sold to Benfica

Atlético are set to receive €11 million from the sale of the Argentine youngster

atletico have reportedly sold salvio to benfica

Salvio is set for a Benfica return, this time for good

UPDATE: Benfica and Eduardo Salvio himself have confirmed that ‘Toto’ is officially a member of the Portuguese side.

In a letter to the “Atlético family” posted on his new website, Salvio wrote the following:

I would like to thank the fans of Atlético Madrid and also apologise for my silence on the social networks during these last days, but these things tend to be like this.

I welcome you all to my web page and I hope that we remain in contact. I leave Atlético Madrid, but they are a part of my life now. I have to confess something to you: at the last training session, I cried like a little kid.

I leave great friends and the best fans possible behind. I will not forget the matches that you made me enjoy at the Calderón. I am proud to be a part of the history of this GREAT club with two Europa League [titles].

I leave sad and happy at the same time. I know that my departure will be good financially for the club. I was very pleased with the team, with Simeone and the coaching staff, but these things tend to happen in football.

I don’t want to forget about all the employees of the club, the physiotherapists, members of the press, workers, those that work with the Fundación…

About everyone that makes up this Atlético family, thanks for making me feel as if I were at home.

I begin a new stage at Benfica, with supporters that I also love and that I know will bring me in again with the same warmth they did a year ago, but I will be attentive to what my Atleti does and I want to keep counting on all of you.

Aupa Atleti!

Spanish paper AS reports that the rumoured sale of Atlético winger and forward Eduardo Salvio to Benfica, where he spent the 2010/11 season on loan, has been finalised for the price of €11 million.

That amount is for 80 per cent of the player’s rights, as the Portuguese outfit had previously acquired a 20 per cent share for €2 million back in 2010.

Salvio will reportedly sign a five-year deal with the Lisboa-based club where he is set to earn €1.2 million per season, and the deal will purportedly be officially announced “within the coming hours”.

The 22-year-old is expected in the Portuguese capital for a medical on Tuesday.

While multiple sources had claimed a deal for ‘Toto’ was on the verge of being completed between Atleti and Benfica since late Sunday, the most telling sign of his imminent exit was the fact that he did not travel with the rest of his team-mates for their second trip to Colombia on Monday.

Los Rojiblancos purchased Salvio from Argentine top flight side Lanús in January of 2010 for a fee between €8 to €10 million. Billed as the “jewel of Argentina” at the time, Toto struggled to earn a starting job under three coaches until countryman Diego Simeone handed him more opportunities in March of this year–his most impressive month as a Colchonero.

In a span of nine appearances from March through April, Salvio tallied six goals, including crucial strikes in the knockout phase of our title-winning Europa League run.

Do you think this was good business by the club, or do you think we should’ve held on to Toto?

  • Derek Maaijen

    We are left incredibly thin on the wings. It’s doubtful that this money will be reinvested, but at this point the only first team members that are accustomed to playing on the wings are Rodríguez, Arda and Juanfran. We can’t go into a season with 60 games with so few options.

    Let’s see what Jorge Mendes pulls out of his hat for us.

  • Dircil

    We sold most of our finest players and now look at what we got in return ? C.Rodriguez, Emre, Cata Diaz. This upcoming season is gonna tough as the quality of the team has been going down recently. I hope that we can buy Diego before the next season really gets started.

  • Shay

    Bad business. I think Salvio is a great player and wish him all the best. Atleast let’s hope this is a breakthrough in the “Diego Saga”

  • Shay

    BTW Derek, Can’t Adrian play as a winger as well? (Still short, though)

  • Scott

    This is bad business. We lack wingers!! Cristian and Arda are wingers, but most of you will agree that Arda’s pretty slow for the wing.

    If anything, we need to sign another winger! Not sell one.

  • JohnGreece

    Yet another wrong move…buy mediocre players at high prices,sell our good players and lack of a transfer plan.We are turning into a small team.I feel sorry and angry for a team that has so much support,so many fans,so much potential that is ruined instead of becoming a high class team.The most annoying thing?We are losing (hope not lost already) our passion and our winning spirit…

  • Urban

    Guys so many wrong things have been said above…

    1) we are not thin of the wings. It is true that our only true winger is now the Onion, but Juanfran, Arda, Adrian and DC is more than enough for cover.

    2) “we sold our most of our best players” lol what you mean subs Dominguez and Salvio? FYI Diego was not sold he returned from loan.

    3) “bad business” great business considering how the crisis got to this years transfer window europewide. Even the big spenders are very passive (except Chelsea, PSG, Juve and Bayern). 13 mln in total for a substitute player like salvio is hell of a bussiness.

    4) “buy players for big prices” – emre and cebolla came for nothing, and cata for 1 mln. Althought it is a fact that except for the onion they are medicore.

    5) “we sell our good players” – vide 3)

    6) “we are losing our passion and our winning spirit” – speak for yourself

  • Shay

    Hahaha.. Agree with #6!!

  • Daneatl

    We might be playing CL this season after all… The deadline set by the Uefa, for malaga to pay their debts is today… im crossing my fingers

  • Scott

    I think he showed his potential at times in Europa League and it’ll be at shame to let him go!

    On another note: does anyone know what the situation is with Malaga and ChL?

  • Shay

    Well today is the deadline for Malaga to settle their debts..

    On one hand, Villareal and Osasuna are really pushin UEFA to ban Malaga from CL (like Mallorca last season).
    Our problem is that UEFA can decide to extend their deadline to next year (or something like that. not completly sure).

  • Lubo

    1) Maybe Cholo doesn’t want to play with wingers, then we have enough of them. But we have enough CM’s to play 4 – 5 – 1 with 5 CM’s or AM’s.
    Adrian and Diego Costa as wingers? Really? Arda is slow, he could be more useful as an AM. Juanfran is our new right back, let him do his job on that position.
    2) The fact is, they were our best backup players for their positions, young and with the potential to be starting one day. It’s not a small amount we received from them, but in the long term, I think it was a mistake to sell them.
    3) If this is not a bad business, then what it is, considering the interest of Chelsea and Liverpool about Godin (16 mil for Godin > 11 mil for Toto) or Miranda, who were constantly making clowny mistakes in the defence and should be sold from one day to another.
    4) All of them are (below) average, just to fill in the squad. In addition, Cebolla is injury prone. Maybe Emre could do more (also injury prone), but generally, they aren’t a good piece of business (although they’re almost for free).
    5) –
    6) Passion and spirit is a question for Cholo.

    Making bad business moves is a characteristic of Atletico. We sold one of TWO real wingers we had. This again has nothing to do with Cholo, because he asked the board not to sell him.
    Oh and the top of the stupidity would be signing of Diego. Loads of money for transfer and tons for his wage. If we’re selling players, because we have no money, then we aslo shouldn’t buy Diego and let Koke, Raul Garcia or Oliver play.

  • leika

    What position is Kader playing? I have a feeling that because of the financial status of our club we might see Cholo using our cantera players like Torres, Saul, Borja, Pedro, Kader and Manquillo. It’s a step that needs to be taken in the near future. We have to start using our own youth players and maybe stop buying mediocore players that arent better than our own youths. I can totally see Oliver, Koke and Saul getting a lot of playtime if we dont buy anymore players this season. It seems Cholo has faith in them.

  • Shlomgar

    We started training early this season, so Cholo had enough time to test Salvio’s progress and other’s as well. Decisions were not made lightheadedly. We have a real promising team for next season, am I think the economy crisis has little to do with this club.
    1. There is a desire of a short squad, only essential and well connected players on board. Cholo is a passionate person and like to surround himself with passionate players, that’s Cebolla, Emre and Cata territory.
    2. We have two excellent attacking FullBacks and a defensive minded midfield with Gabi, Mario and Tiago. We have little to no place for wingers in our strongest formation.
    This is a well built squad and we should be expecting a good season with a lot of room for those young players we all seem to wish would break through.

  • This is bad business. If we were selling Salvio, we should’ve sold him for at least 15 Million. Somewhere in between 15-25 million would’ve been good and like javi said Porto did their business differently bought players for cheap and since they turned out good they sold them 10 times the amount of their worth when the came(well about 10 times).
    I will miss Salvio because ONLY UNDER CHOLO he would impress and i thought ths coming season he would’ve done that. 🙁 So a big loss in my opinion.
    My formation would be

    GK- Courtois
    LB- Felipe
    CB’s- Miranda, Godin 🙁
    RB- Juanfran
    CDM-CM’s- Emre, gabi ad Tiago(Interchangable in the CDM and Cm position
    AM- Arda
    strikers- Adrian and Falcao

  • starvs

    Please, 15-25 million euros for Salvio? City is going to have a hard time getting 25 for RVP, there is no money to go around; people are expecting some unrealistic stuff.

    Not a huge fan of this sale, but its not the big deal people are making of it.

  • Los Colchonero

    He was always a sub for Turan. Turan is a genius. It hurts his confidence when being subbed, or starting on the bench, when everyone knows that Salvio is considered his shadow. Thus, it was noted playing this difficult games of confidence between two great players, involves making a bet on who is better, thus destroying the other’s hopes and expectations. Now, this move is more of a credit to Arda who’s spot is cemented. Arda is also our new no. 10. I also believe he is our most technically gifted player; I recall him going through stacks of three or four defenders at his slow pace a-la-Riquelme. Hopefully, we will see Arda unleash his true genius this season. Best of luck to Salvio, I also hopes he emerges at Benfica with one of my idols Pablo Aimar.

  • Los Colchonero

    It is also true Simeone gave Salvio confidence, and we did see a new Salvio. Then again I was often frustrated by his decision making, he would opt for one-on-ones too much – and wasn’t much of a team player. But as a forward, I guess you need to do that. It just has to work, though.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Sporting Lisbon included a 30M release clause on Capel, Benfica did the same with Nico Gaitan… are they better than Salvio?, I don’t think so. Atleti should have been pressuring Benfice for more cash. Play their game of stupid buyout clauses.
    It’s a bad business in my opinion. But what can you do?. Hopefully the board makes a good investment with the money. But who knows.

  • Javi Lozoya

    It’s surprising that Salvio left the club considering he was one of Cholo’s protegees. Toto did improve under Simeone’s wing. And Salvio was an important player to win the Europa League. I remember his 2 goals against Besiktas. That chip was just amazing. That says how good can Salvio can be if he keeps progressing. Good luck to him at Benfica.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Kader is a forward who was converted into a RB. He can play as RM, and RW. He is pretty good. He is one of favorite players from the B team and was one of the few who performed in the Copa Libertadores. I like him better as RM or RW. There’s not too many wingers on the B team, but in the Juvenil there are some. There’s a promising kid, Ivan Alejo who’s a winger. He is 17 and seems like an interesting prospect. Unfortunately he wasn’t called up for the preaseason. Hopefully he does in the future. Here’s a video of him,

  • Willy Cole

    Get familiar with this two names. Kader and Jose Sosa. Simeone is really happy with Kader. He started as a striker when he was younger, and now he can play right wing at a very high level. Fast, good pass, smart moves and nice dribbling. Jose “El Principito” Sosa is probably the next and last signing of Atletico de Madrid. He currently plays in Metallist. INCREDIBLE PLAYER. Spectacular if it end up happening. He can play in the wings, as a 10 and even as a striker. Fast, awesome dribbling, and great understanding of the game. Him and Falcao together could achieve unthinkable goals.

  • Shay

    Whats your source, Willy? about Sosa?

    And, does anybody knows anything about malaga and the CL??
    The deadline is today!!

  • Yon

    We won’t be using wingers all that often! Will be same formation as last year!

    Hopefully this means we can sign Diego now!!!!!

  • Andres

    Buy James Rodriguez from FC Porto 😀 jk it would never happen 🙁 He is 20 years old… and Colombian (Maybe to keep falcao a few more years) but he is way too expensive…

  • Javi Lozoya

    Well, Atleti signed Cebolla who’s a pure winger. He is a great crosser and he’s suppose to assist Falcao just like he did at Porto. So we are definitely using wingers this season. At least Rodriguez.
    The team is pretty much all set up. The back line is good, the midfield too, upfront Adri and Falcao guarantee the goals if they get them crosses and passes. The only ones left to sign are Diego, or not if Simeone decides to keep Raul Garcia on the squad, and the third striker could be Diego Costa, Borja or somebody else. We’ll see.

  • Arjit

    I don’t see why you guys think it’s the end of the world with salvio gone. We have enough wingers, and some solid youth products coming through. Arda isn’t slow, he’s just not your typical speedy winger. Also juanfran can be pushed up so silvio can return at right back. Does anybody not remember how great silvio was at RB before his injury problems? Personally i thought he was even better than juanfran. Juanfran was an amazing deputy at right back, but we conceded quite a few goals from his side of the field in the second half of the season. He was great going forward but lacked a bit coming back. However i think if silvio gets back to his best, the two can overlap and combine really well on the right wing. also, adrian played an “advanced” winger postion during the second half of the season, so that works for us too, as well as onion and kader as natural wingers.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Enough wingers you say?, Cebolla is the only one…

  • Javi Lozoya

    Porto bought James for 5M from Banfield, they are selling him for 30M and higher…, that’s how you make business. You sign a great promising player for a low price, and you earn enough profit to sustain the club.
    Another examples would be Borja Valero, Villarreal signed him for £4.7million, and Isco, Malaga signed him for 6M. Also, Isco played alongside Koke in the U 20 World Cup in Colombia. Valencia just didn’t appreciated Isco enough.
    Imagine Atleti would’ve signed Isco. That would have been awesome. But meh. Unfortunately with this board we won’t see exciting young signings. And the canteranos are going to be sold as soon as they excel. It’s always the same story. Gil and Cerezo, not good for Atleti.

  • Javi Lozoya

    9M million from Alvaro’s sell plus the 11M from Salvio’s sell are more than enough to buy Diego and another winger maybe.
    I don’t know about you guys but with that money I would buy Barrada for around 5M, and another winger, maybe Weiss, they don’t want him at City, Gio perhaps, Sulejmani, I don’t know. There’s lots of young players Atleti could sign.
    How about you guys?, which player would you sign hypothetically with those 20M?. I’d like to hear your opinions. Keep it interesting. The season starts in about 3 weeks, we might as well discuss possible transfers. Although it seems the board won’t sign anyone!.

  • Will

    Javi said something Atletico board really doesn’t know to do: business. The James Rodriguez example is perfect. I wouldnt say Salvio is worse than him but he’s priced 3 times Salvio’s price and was first bought later, am I wrong?

    We had a small profit on this sell and we will see a huge club signing him for ~30 millions in 2 or 3 years I’m sure.

  • Alex

    In my opinion, i don’t believe we really have 20 million to spend. There was so much dispute over our lack of funds to Porto for Falcao, and i have to assume that money from Dominguez was used to ease such arguments. I may not know what all is going on with that negotiation, but there was a reason Falcao want sold other than the fact that he is a key player for our team and in Simeone’s squad. If someone has more info on this, please let me know. I would love having full ownership over Diego no doubt.

  • yon

    If you all love Porto so much go and support them!

    I dare say it’s a good bit easier to sign players and play them in a league like that, bit harder for younger players to waltz into an Atleti squad and live up to all your high expectations straight away!

    I’d take 11 million these days for any sub!

  • Shay

    You’re right Yon, but it’s not like the board will use this money to bring in a new, better player (hope I’m wrong)..

    Who do you support? Atletico- The clubplayers or Atletico- Gil’s and Cerezo’s bank acounts?

    And I think that with 20mil, Atleti can lure in Jesus Navas or something.. we need to bring big names in order to keep big names..

  • Gert Jacobs

    Guys, imagine us making lots of money out of Salvio, would it be ok to let him go then?
    I wouldn’t like us to buy players, and sell them again after 2 years for big money.
    I want us to build a consistent team, with a FEW changes each season. I wouldn’t want to be a selling club like Porto. Although I am aware that we are a selling club with these two clowns on top.
    Nevertheless : Aupa Atléti!

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    @javi Lozoya

    I have said it before and i’m going to say it again Alejandro “el popu” Gomez. He is a winger at Catania he has nice dribling skills good pace and then he score goals something our other winger doesn’t do that much in. I Think that just the signing this club needs a winger with the pace and the technical ability to go around their defence. He is an very interesting player in perspectiv.

  • k14

    If it was up to me, I would sell falcao as Chelsea and Man C might start a bid war on him, and I don’t believe we will ever get another chance to make $60~ Mil on him again.

    With that money we can get a discount Edin Dzeko for around 20-25m, world class DM which usually cost less than $20m, discount diego for around $6m and a decent LB sub to ease off Filipes burden on playing every damn match.

    And before you attack me for wanting to offload Falcao, I would recommend you to look at the bigger picture and see if he really is worth league winning squad.

  • Andres

    No matter how much I like Falcao, I think 60m won’t happen considering Chelsea is spending a lot but is pretty much done with Oscar, Hazard, Marin… and a few others.

  • Shlomgar

    Dzeko is a nice player, a big addition to any team. Falcao on the other hand is a jewel. The current prince of the world of football. Give him a year on CL and he’ll become the greatest target of European clubs.

  • leika

    So there is no news about the Malaga situation?

  • shay

    Not yet Leika.. I’m losing my mind over the past few days..

    But I do belive that Malaga have sold Cazorla to Arsenal.. Which means no major debt.. 🙁

    Well, let’s go for 34 in EL !!

  • Urban

    @K14 – dont forget 50% of transfer incomes goes to hacienda.

    But anyways reducing debt by 30 mln would also be cool. From what I know the debts are reduced by around 15 mln/year so it is not bad at all.

  • Alex

    Do you guys really believe we have 20 million??? I find it hard to believe. Like i said above before yon went on about everyone loving Porto, we sold Dominguez AND Salvio for a reason. Simeone a couple of weeks ago said that he had high hopes for him this season. Why would he say that and then let him go? It doesn’t add up to me. i think we still have debts to pay and the selling of Salvio was used for that. In return we would NOT have 20 million. I mean e brought in 3 players for

  • Alex

    1 million if that tells you anything.

  • starvs

    None of the money from these sales is going to be used for transfers this year. We in debt like a mother fucker, a ton of it. Staying financially afloat is #atletis priorty at this point. Happy times.

  • Alex

    Thank you Starvs. That’s exactly what i was saying.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Why some of you hating on me about Porto?. More specifically you yon. I’m just stating a valid point… not saying they’re better than Atleti or anything, just stating the obvious, they know how to sign young players and make good business. And it’s not only Porto, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon. And in Italy there’s Udinese. Most of their squad is made of young players, yet, they have achieve great results and they play on a very tough league as Serie A.
    I dissing anybody, I ain’t criticizing anybody, just giving an opinion, who are you yon to tell me who to support?, nobody.
    Damn, I’m telling you. ali_ is right, you give a reasonable opinion without messing with anyone, next thing you know someone criticizes you.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Papu Gomez is indeed an interesting player. I’ve talked about him before in the blog. He delivers on big matches, I’ve seen him score against, Inter, Juve, Roma. Simeone coached him at Catania, Gomez has an EU passport. He could be a good signing.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Staying afloat is always the priority for Atleti… or so Gil says… we do have lots of debts like most Spanish clubs, that is no secret. it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no money for signings. That’s just what Gil says. As you all know Atleti is the third Spanish club with the highest budget, so how come if Atleti has the third biggest budget there’s no money for signings?. Of course there is, it’s just that Gil doesn’t want to spend of signings and spend as little as he can.
    There are debts of course, but I believe there’s addition money for signings.

  • leika

    If the finances don’t add up, I am ready for generation change in near future. Just like Borussia Dortmund, Juventus or Germany NT did few years ago and look where they are now. We should start using our youngsters more. I believe that mixture of youth and experience is a key to success. Why not do it right now, when we have a good generation of our own youth players coming up. Otherwise it’s a waste of talent. No more spending on useless transfers and bringing in some mediocore oldies in when we have almost as good youngsters in our youth teams. I know it would be a huge risk but I guess it’s worth a try and sooner or later it needs to be taken. Share your opinions…

  • Shay

    You are right, Leika.. but the problem is that we are a selling club.. And I’m sure we WILL sell Oliver, Saul and everyone that will fill up Gil’s pockets!!

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree with you Leika but we all know that’s gonna happen as long as Gil and Cerezo keep running the club. Unfortunately, there’s no hope with them.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Offtopic, Borja Valero to Fiorentina for 7M. It’s not official just yet but ESPN claims it’s almost done. I guess Atleti and Malaga aren’t gonna sign him. So much for the speculation.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    I have Allways been a fan of using your own Youth players, so i would be happy with generation shift soon. But on the other hand we do have a lot of players that still have some years left at the first team: Asenjo, Joel, Filipe Luis, Raul Garcia, Arda, Koke, Miranda and Godin.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    Dó you guys know how I Can watch the friendly today??

  • @Polan Just Shut up Polan. Stop telling Javi things. He’s actually sharing information about the club and you come with your shit about him attacking people. Well, You are attacking him. So STFU and GTFO!!!!!!!!(Polan)

    @Javi I respect your point on Porto because they are a club with SMART business.

    And i totally agree with @Leika. If there is a mix we could have a power squad that could actually beat Barca and Real in this generation. Experience and youth could learn each other styles and hurt oppostions when on the field so Leika has an excellent idea but This is Atleti sadly. 🙁 Most likely we will sell our youth players because thats what we are a selling club

  • I say when Oliver has grown a bit we should keep him for 2-4 years and when he plays really good sell hima nd insert a 50-100 million euro buyout clause on him and that would be good business.

  • Scott Sinclairs a good winger. Im not sure about his price but if we really need a winger hes an option. Swansea could be convinced to sell.

  • yon

    @javi you gave your opinion I gave mine, your the one who starts personal assualts and telling everyone to fuck themselves, all I done was give my opinion on the topic and posts so far, as you do oh so often yourself! No need to get all internet gangster keyboard warrior if one of us doesn’t see eye to eye with you!

  • polan

    javi is a small-time bully. nothing more. just ignore him yon.

  • Ringo Schut

    Sad, but to be expected, I guess.
    Perhaps no significancy on the winger-positions this year, with bigger roles for Juanfran/Silvio and Filipe.

    If it is confirmed: good luck, Salvio!

  • Los Colchonero

    Guys I’m drafting a mini-report to clear up the finance issues that I feel many are over assuming. It’s not a trading house. Let me just get out of the tub.

  • yon

    What a nice message! Good luck Toto!

  • Damn well i agree with K14 strangely. If we sell falcao because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get 60 Million for him then we could buy not dzeko but Huntelaar for 20-25m (same price as dzeko but better striker record) then Diego for 5-10m, Botia for about 8m, Ansaldi(a LB) for about 6-8m and perhaps another winger Gio Dos Santos to ease the pressure and w would have 4 wingers and we could play Silvio at right back and Junafran at the wing. Then again we do have enough Centre Mids to play the 4-1-2-1-2 Formation and we would still have money to pay the falcao debt with the 20m and and the remainder of the imaginary falcao transfer. So K14’s idea is a Good and Funny at the same time. And huntelaar’s record as a striker is better than Falcao’s . :O o_O

  • Lubo

    @Randy German: Juanfran on the wing was a complete disaster. You’d really take the risk of placing him on the wing again? 😀 I’d rather not.. Ansaldi is not necessary imho. We have Filipe, Juanfran, Silvio who is a backup for both wingbacks, Manquillo in the reserves and even Kader, who also played as a right back by Pantić last season. Although he’s more a winger..