Atlético make good impression against Allianza

Atleti beat Peruvian opponents in first home game of the season

Atletico Madrid midfielder Arda Turan against Allianza Lima

Arda on the scoresheet for Atlético (AS)

On Saturday Atlético presented the 2012/2013 team to their home crowd at the Vicente Calderón.

In the first friendly at home the Colchoneros beat Peruvian side Allianza de Lima 3-0 through goals by Arda, Borja and Pedro.

While some players are still unavailable to Diego Simeone, this was the first chance for the Atleti faithful to see new signings Emre, Cebolla Rodríguez and Cata Díaz in action for the first time.

Raúl García, the most discussed Rojiblanco of the campaign so far, was used as a striker by Simeone, and was very involved early on.

After a quick combination of passes between Rodríguez, Emre and Arda, it was the latter who put Raúl García through on goal but the former Osasuna man saw his shot stopped by goalkeeper Libman.

A few minutes later García did fantastically beat the ‘keeper with a bicycle kick, but he was correctly ruled offside.

In the 18th minute Arda Turan opened the score. Filipe received the ball back from Raúl García and crossed for the Turk, who slid the ball in from close range.

Arda had a good opportunity to double his tally after another excellent assist from Filipe, but was denied by Libman who saved spectacularly.

The shotstopper again did well to save Mario Suárez’ attempt from the edge of the box.

In the second half Atlético showed some of their passing skill in midfield as youngsters Saúl Ñíguez and Oliver Torres came on and took over the reigns. They, along with the Turkish tandem of Arda and Emre, were able to keep possession and combine easily on Allianza’s half.

Sílvio was in a great position to set up a second goal, but the right back couldn’t connect with his teammates in front of goal and unsuccesfully went for his own chances.

When Simeone finally brought on a genuine striker, Atleti immediately scored. Just a few moments after coming on, Borja tapped in a low cross from Arda. Again it was Filipe who set up the goal, this time with a clever backheel after Allianza had failed to clear the ball.

Shortly before the final whistle another young cantera striker struck to make it 3-0. Pedro received the ball on a platter after great work by Oliver and Kader, and put the ball into the back of the empty net.

Line-up: Asenjo; Sílvio, Miranda (“46 Cata Díaz), Godín (“75 Pulido), Filipe; Mario (“46 Oliver), Gabi (“70 Borja); Arda, Emre (“65 Kader), Rodríguez (“46 Saúl); and Raúl García (“81 Pedro).

Goals: 1-0 Arda (“18); 2-0 Borja (“73); 3-0 Pedro (“88)

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    I must say that I am quite happy After watching that match. Not just that we won but the Way we won, giving nothing away in the back (except a freekick 25m + away from goal) passing the Ball around quite nicely. And i’m starting to fancy Raul Garcia a hold lot. And it isn’t bad at All to have two canteras scoring a goal each.

    To the bad news: Chelsea, has made a Big offer for Atleti’s wonderkid Torres, and They look to be preety keen on getting him;(

  • ursalan

    after watching the match i must say atleti looks impressive. combination b/w arda n felipe was breath taking at times. also the trio of emre, saul and oliver was gud.
    i think based on this game our starting 11 should feature oliver and saul deserves atleast the bench.

    my starting line up for 12/13,

    courtois – felipe – godin – miranda – juanfran – gabi – oliver – emre – arda – adrian – falcau

  • Shlomgar

    Thing I’ll take from this game is the contribution of Filipe to our attacking game. Last year I do remember that though he was always in front, he never gave good assist or threaten the goal. I guess this year is gonna be the Full Backs year for Atleti with Juanfran and Filipe setting the tone…

  • Will

    Nice pass by Oliver on the last goal. We can’t sell him. He is our future. Selling him now is losing big money like it would have been if we had sold Fernando Torres in this age.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Great result indeed. Oliver is the creative spark Atleti needs. He is an intelligent player, with superb passing skills and that splitting passes we need. Let’s see if Cholo gives him his confidence.
    Raúl García is having good performances too. It would be nice to have him back. I’m sure that with Cholo’s backing and thrust, Raúl García will do fine for Atleti. Raúl always gave everything playing for Atleti and never played in his preferred position behind the striker. Almost same thing with Juanfran although Juanfran is excelling at RB obviously.
    Has for the third striker, I hope Borja earns that spot. I’m glad he scored. It’s very unfortunate how he always excelled with Atleti’s youth teams, scoring lots of goals and in his debut at the Calderon he got injured gravely. Now in his second match at the Calderon he scores. I wish he convinces Simeone and earns a place in the squad. Borja is only 20. He can still have a future with Atleti.

  • Shay

    I’m tellin you.. Raul Garcia = Key player this season.

    And if we are selling Oliver to chelsea, I hope we get paid fairly.. or even add some money and get Courtois.. who knows?

  • Selling Oliver now will be totally stupid. He is our next golden boy and our future, give him chance he will surely grab it. He is already a fan favourite within us.
    Raul Garcia will be like that of Osasuna hopefully he end up at our starting eleven

  • ali_

    we wont sell oliver, jesus. chelsea put a lot of money on the table but we didnt accept it. oliver just signed with us until 2017. his release clause is around 24 million euros.
    on the the other hand i read today, that salvio is very close to join benfica…

  • shay

    Sorry to say this Ali_, but we are a selling club. I know it’s not what the board says, but that’s the truth.

    If Chelsea will want Oliver, they will buy him.
    Not every Torres is Torres…

  • Lubo

    @shay: you’re right, we are a selling club. But Oliver signed a new contract (level terms with Chelsea’s offer). He is not for sell and he will be in our first team this year. But the most important is that he doesn’t want to leave and is determined to leave a mark at Calderon. Seems that he also is Torres.
    Our board sold one canterano this summer and because they’re on warpath with most of the fans, you can expect them not to sell another one. Seems that Salvio and Diego Costa are there to balance the accounts.

  • shay

    I guess that’s true, Lubo.. Though I would hate watching Salvio leave..

  • ali_

    well, lubo explained it well.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Off topic, The Spanish football team just got eliminated from the Olympics. Disappointing performance from Spain. Almost everyone thought they would’ve win the gold medal. I guess all matches need to be played first.
    Too bad for Koke and Adri but I guess that’s better to have them as soon as possible with Atleti’s first team.

  • @javi loyoza
    increases team gb’s chances of gold though 🙂

  • Javi Lozoya

    Indeed ratchet but next they face Uruguay. Tough match for team GB, but if they defeat them, then GB are serious candidates to win the gold medal.

  • Andres

    Uruguay lost against Senegal 2-0. I didn’t watch the game but either Uruguay isn’t doing good, or Senegal is pretty good.

  • @Andres
    I think its a bit of both

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree with Ratchet. Uruguay played awful but also Senegal is quite good. Senegal had to play with 10 man, yet they defeated Uruguay. Senegal has some interesting players.
    They have a promising forward named Moussa Konaté who’s only 19 and relegated former Atleti player Ibra Balde to the bench.
    The Olympics are always good to watch because there’s always young talented players around. I hope Atleti’s scouts take notes, although I highly doubt they’ll even be watching it.

  • ursalan

    Lol i think its kind of harsh to say about our scouting team remember they were the one’s who scouted “El Kun” at just 17.

    as for the olympics i think brazil will surely win gold this time around with senegal, japan and mexico as underdogs with players like nagai, sakai, konate, fabian and giovani. i honestly dont see gb winning it….

  • Shay

    I hope GB will win, only cuz of Giggs.. Never been a Man-U fan, but you just have to adore this guy..

  • Javi Lozoya

    ursalan, yeah I know but in the last 10 years seems Kun is the only good young foreign player they’ve discovered. And lots of clubs were after him. He was already excelling at Argentina.
    I wish they scout young talents more often. I mean, right now at the Olympics there’s lots of players to sign. And they might come in cheap. There’s Barrada, who might replace Diego just fine, Renan Bressan, Labyad,. Aubamayeng, Konaté as third strikers.
    But yeah, I’m not scout and I might be harsh with the scouting team.

  • Shlomgar

    I don’t know what everybody’s having against our policy. So we scout for young players but never give them a chance, we spend money on the youth department and then get rid of it’s product young, some of them to get back later. We buy players that have proven themselves and their price is higher than ever, and then get rid of those when their career is nearly over for close to nothing. And for some bizarre reason we’re broke…

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    Well they (the scouts) did found GVD kind of. And apparrently we are still interestet in him or hé his just interestet in us? Anyway he says that it would be an great honor for him to play at either Atletico De Madrid or Sevilla. That must mean that Málaga is out of the race to get his signing (so far…). Perhaps he is an raplacement for our in my case beloved Salvio? who has been highly linked with a move back to Portugal.

  • Andres

    Konate is a spurs target I think.

    Here is a good article on about how EPL transfer targets are living up or not living up to their expectations in the olympics. I know its about EPL but Konate is in there and some others.

  • Andres
  • Javi Lozoya

    Compare Porto’s “youth policy signing” with Atleti’s. They signed Falcao, James, Hulk for under 10M. They are selling them for almost 10 times the original fee they paid initially. Tell me is not good business. of course it is. See what I mean?. Atleti payed like 20M or more for Kun which turned out a great player and great investment for the club. But Porto who I dislike a lot, would’ve not payed such fee for a player.
    That’s how you tell Porto has better scouts than Atleti. They sign good players for cheap and make even greater profit from they’re future sells to keep the club’s economy strong.

  • Shlomgar

    On the Salvio matter, he stayes in Madrid instead of going to S.America with the rest of our squad. If there were ant doubts about his departure now it is gone.

  • Shay

    Guys.. I think we should pray together or something:

    Google Translate should work just fine

  • Blaugrana7

    Off topic, but what happened to Sergio Marcos? Seemed a bright prospect some years back

  • Javi Lozoya

    Sergio Marcos signed with Villarreal B. It’s a shame Atleti didn’t renew his contract. Hopefully he does good for Villarreal and gets promoted to the first team. Villarreal is a club that knows how to work with youngsters and they like to give their youth a chance.

  • well i guess this is good news Chelsea and liverpool are interested in Godin. I hope he goes that clumsy piece of crap >,< Smh.

  • @Shay i hope that link is a reliable source but do we have DEBTS to pay as well?
    I hope not because this would be 3 seasons since we have a played a champions league match but i am guaranteed that we will get it under cholo and not by winning the CL if we get in 😛

  • Andres

    Looks like Salvio is really close on leaving. Good player 🙂 Good luck

    Looks like it was for 10m euros as well.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Now that seems that Salvio is on his way back to Benfica, does that mean the board is gonna sign Diego?, or that Tello is coming or that Tello and Gio are gonna replace him?. Also, if Salvio leaves, the club now as a non-EU spot which I assume is for Diego Costa.
    If it was up to me I would sign Barrada, he is such a promising player. Maybe another winger too. Weiss, Jaime Gavilán or Perotti. I’m thinking about Cani from Villarreal too. He has experience and is versatile.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    My dream replacment for him would be Catania’s Alejandro Gomez.

  • Shay

    @Randy: My source is who are not always reliable, but it was one of the spanish reporters who published it so I hope he knows what he’s doing..