Uninspiring Atlético lose friendly to Celta

Late goal by Mario Bermejo decides Trofeo Ciudad de Vigo

Atletico Madrid striker Borja against Celta de Vigo

Atlético go down in Vigo (Marca)

On Wednesday night Celta beat Atlético 1-0 to keep the Trofeo Ciudad de Vigo at Balaídos.

The newly promoted Galicians were a good match for the Rojiblancos and decided the match in the 76th minute when Mario Bermejo headed in from close range to beat Sergio Asenjo.

Atlético, who were without Falcao, Emre, Juanfran and Arda for fitness reasons, struggled going forward and only created a few opportunities.

In charge of providing a creative spark was 17-year old Oliver Torres, who – fresh off his Euro U17 win – started as our playmaker. The youngster, by all accounts, had a good game, but Atlético as a whole showed that there’s still work to be done this pre-season.

In the second friendly of our pre-season campaign the only genuine threat was provided by Borja González shortly before the break. The youth striker magically controlled a cross and spun away from his opponent, but he shot straight at goalkeeper Javi Varas.

Aside from two crosses that nearly surprised Celta’s ‘keeper, Atleti never seemed like scoring. That changed when substitute Raúl García nearly scored with a powerful header in the second half, but he was denied and had to witness Bermejo’s goal at the other end just a few minutes later.

Line-up: Courtois (“46 Asenjo); Sílvio (“79 Pedro), Miranda, Godín (“64 Cata Díaz), Filipe; Mario, Tiago; Salvio, Oliver (“79 Kader), Rodríguez (“64 Saúl); and Borja (“46 Raúl García).

Goals: “76 Mario Bermejo

  • Shay

    I have a really good feeling about Raul Garcia this year..

    Anyway, odds are still against us:


  • Shlomgar

    “It could be that Atletico ask me to stay another year. I am very happy here and if I stay for one, two or ten more years I will be very happy. I don’t know what will happen.”

    That’s one cool Belgian keeper…

  • Lubo

    He’s a Belgian prick and not a cool keeper. Everything he can do is talk bullshit. Mentally, he’s on a level of a nine-year-old. I know we didn’t play well in every match last season, but his poor goalkeeping cost us points especially in the end campaign. He talked a lot ahead of every bigger opponent and then he wasn’t helpful at all. De Gea on the other hand never had a big mouth and he was able to save us also against Barca or Real. Courtois will never be a top keeper (IMHO), cause it seems he has some trouble with pressure handling.
    I hope this is his last season with us. Asenjo or Joel should be our no.1. But this is Atleti…

  • Gert

    Wow Lubo. Your post surprised me. I think Courtois is just really down to earth. He keeps both feet on the ground and praises this club all the time. I never caught him talking bullshit. During the Euros he was a guest in the show on Belgian TV. They were discussing Arbeloa’s “talent” and the host of the show was telling there was not really another option for RB in the Spanish National team. And Courtois took it up for Juanfran!
    I think on the pitch he’s pretty mature and saved us more from a defeat than he caused trouble for us. Look at the amount of clean sheets he had last year. He’s 19, obviously he makes mistakes, but don’t tell me De Gea didn’t have those mistakes. They’re both enormous talents and we can be glad to have him on our side. If he had the chance I think he’d sign immediately, but that’s more up to Chelsea
    (And Asenjo wasn’t completely innocent for yesterday’s goal either…)

  • Shay

    Agree with Gert..

    Not only Courtois is really solid and loyal, Asenjo never turned up to be what was expected of him. Even before the injury..

  • Lubo

    Well, you’re right about Asenjo before his injuries. But nobody can say he’s disappointing after those knee problems, because we don’t know. He is showing enormous signs of determination to prove himself. When you’re over that kind of possible-carreer-ending injury and able to play again, you might become mentally stronger than before and do your best. And being a keeper is a lot about your head and attitude. Gert, I haven’t seen the goal by Celta, don’t know about Asenjo’s mistake. But that guy was standing in the net maybe 6 or 7 times in the past year. Hard training is different to match practice.
    But on the other hand, look what Courtois has done against Segoviana. He’s a cocky douche and I wouldn’t drink a beer with him, even if he’s paying.

  • Veiko

    Lubo, you are talking crap. i havent heard this kind of shit for a long time.

  • Agreed with Veiko, Shay and Gert.
    Get this. Last season he kept 20+ clean sheets for Atletico in the league in his debut season. The second highest in la liga last season. And he has proven his worth and I think he’s better than Asenjo and even better than when De Gea
    was here. And this is a league in the top two in the world and he proved his self in one of the better leagues. So before judging the man look at what he has done for us last season ;).

  • yon

    TC is a good goalkeeper, no doubt about that, still young so a few mistakes are expected, but any good players learn from these and when your young if your not given the chance then how can you learn?

    He is not better than De Gea though!!! The defence were better last season than they ever were for De Gea though so that’s why he got more clean sheets!

  • Shay

    Speaking of De Gea..
    Good luck to him, Koke, Alvaro and Adrian.. Kick some ass!!

  • Lubo

    So what? Clean sheets are the true mark of the keeper’s quality? Not sure bout that… I think Courtois sucks in big matches and he’s nothing compared to De Gea’s performances for us. If De Gea had a chance to be here now, he’d have the highest number of clean sheets in the league, because of our improved defense. I’m not saying Courtois is worthless, he’s good. But HE FUCKIN BELONGS TO CHELSEA! Whatever happens, he will return to that Russian’s pull along toy.
    @Veiko: I don’t give a single fuck whether you share my opinion on Courtois or not. I don’t like him starting with his hair ending with his sloppy walk. That’s it.

  • Shlomgar

    WTF? Spain is looking worse than ever. Our guys are looking OK but the manager is making some dumb decisions…
    Like, where is Azpiliqueta? Why Mata is playing AM? What about a Muniain substituted? Why is Adrian out and no FC instead????

  • starvs

    Courtois was rock fucking solid for the first 3/4 of last year, every bit as good as De Gea; he did had some stumbles down the stretch, but he is def the real deal.

    It def doesn’t please me tha the belongs to Chelsea, but he’s certainly the best option we have currently so what we gonna do, not exactly like Atleti is riding the free money express over here…

  • Jorge

    Lubo, you really need to bring it down a notch. You’re attacking people on a personal level. Now I will submit this–you don’t win 12 straight Europa League matches with a shitty goalkeeper.

  • Shay

    In the end, Lubo, imagine last season with Asenjo at goal.

    If you’re tellin me we are EL champions, you are liar or blind.

  • Andres

    exactly Shay… anyways Courtois like this team a lot. He enjoys when he plays.

    He is only 20 years old! He will be the one to replace Cech. He will be one of the best in a couple of years.

  • Lubo

    @Jorge: Not sure how exactly I am attacking you, people on this webpage. The only one who I’m attacking is Courtois. I don’t want cause a riot, in the end it’s just my personal opinion on Courtois.
    @Shay: Sorry man, but are you the oracle? I guess not. And how do you know how would our season end with Asenjo at goal?
    Once again, I’m not saying TC is crappy. He is a good keeper, but I don’t see him as Cech’s replacement, because, once again, I DON’T THINK he can handle the pressure. Time will tell.
    If I upset you with my opinions, then I’m sorry, but get over it.

  • starvs

    I love when shit gets aggressive

  • daneatl

    What do you guys think about Joan Verdú? seems like we are trying to get him from Espanyol, acording to AS.com. But correct me if im wrong, im using google translater.

  • Urban

    I dont think its real.

    Anyways Micael goes to Braga on loan. We get rid of him but I hoped we will cash in on him, so im kind of disappointed.

    Anyways I still hope that they payed at least 1 mln for the loan.

  • Andres


    I think you’re completely wrong, but its my opinion 🙂

    I think he will definitely be Cech’s replacement

  • yon

    This is boring now with not much speculation about Diego or Botia

  • don

    Didac signs for Valencia.

    they have a good side this year, they will definitely finish third.

    We have spent so much money on Falcao that we can not sign anyone decent. Lets pray he does not get injured.

    Valencia are definitely one to watch.

  • shlomgar

    Wha?! Valencia is sh!t and looked really bad at the end of last season… this year they’ll fight for 4th…

  • starvs

    No reason to look at Valencia’s roster and think they should have any better shot at 3rd than us.

    I think this team with Diego is the undisputed 3rd best team in Spain, so the question is how well can he be replaced.

    Raul Garcia….Raul….Garcia…..

  • He’s a good player(Verdu) but please he’s not coming to Atletico and we dont have money and we have Raul Garcia so why do we need him? Though he does add Experience to a squad

  • marcelo

    btw Diego played vs Bayern.He came on with 10 mins left and did more than what the entire Wolfsburg team did previously.Created their goal with a lovely pass. Ended 2-1 to Bayern

  • Arjit

    We have so many central players! somebody needs to go before another comes in.

  • Shlomgar

    Easy: Tiago-Diego

  • don

    Valencia will be a major threat, and those who don’t think so are being naive. They beat all the smaller teams that we struggle against

  • shay

    I don’t understand the big idea..

    Valncia are a big force to be reckon with. Always have, Always will..

  • yon

    What shay said!

  • palc

    Valencia > Atletico

  • Andres

    Atletico ≈ Valencia

    If Atletico didn’t beat them at home and away in EL then I would say Valencia is better.