Atlético Madrid win first pre-season friendly

Raúl García and Godín score in 2-1 win

Atletico Madrid defender Diego Godin scores against Gimnastica Segoviana

Diego Godín scores 2-0

After a week of intense pre-season training, Diego Simeone and his men played the very first match of the new campaign.

On Saturday night Atlético, with an elite starting line-up, beat Gimnástica Segoviana 2-1 with goals by Raúl García and Diego Godín.

Normally teams will use the first few friendly matches of the pre-season to test some different formations and give new players a feel, but EL Cholo started with arguably his strongest eleven players available and only introduced some new faces, reserves and younger players in the second half.

It was Raúl García, who has impressed in pre-season so far, who opened the scoring. The midfielder who returned after a loan spell with Osasuna, scored a rebound after Eduardo Salvio hit the post.

In the 12th minute Diego Godín headed in a corner kick by Gabi to double our lead.

Atlético continued to dominate and created plenty of opportunities, but Falcao & Co got stuck at two at the Estadio Municipal de La Albuera.

One more goal was scored at the other end, when Brañas profited from a mix up in the Rojiblanco defence shortly before the break.

In the second half a complete new set of players got a run out, but the score remained at 2-1.

Starting line-up: Courtois; Sílvio, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Gabi, Mario; Salvio, Raúl García, Arda; and Falcao.

Second half: Asenjo, Kader, Cata Díaz, Pulido, Cabrera, Tiago, Saúl (“75 Iván), Oliver, Emre, Cristian Rodríguez and Borja

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    Does anyone have a video of the match/highlights/goals?

  • shlomgar

    I haven’t found, I don’t think it was telivised anyway…
    I guess a 4-1 result would be better but a R.Garcia goal on the first minute is excellent. I have to say I missed the guy.

  • Sweden

    How could you miss some one who played shit when he was here last time? sure he is a good player, but last time around he couldnt pass or anything… he was crap.

  • Andres

    He missed him when he played good

  • Willen

    Hehehehe.. Andres explained it nicely. 😀

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes
  • Andres

    Yeah, it was on as well. On they also talk about how Diego complained to the LFP (I think??) about the wages he hasn’t received

  • Urban

    There was a whole news on this site about that.

    I guess this game was more of a picnic than anything else, we have great relations with Segovia and Segoviana and I guess neither team wanted to do too much damage to the opposition.

    And we are right after very hard physical preseason.

    Now the trainings will prolly focus more on gameplay and tactics and with each upcoming sparing we should look more fresh.

  • shlomgar

    One of the news websites have claimed that an offer from Atletico to raise Adrian’s paycheck been rejected by him. Hope it’s nothing or that it is only because of him being away from the club…

  • ali_

    yeah the club offered him 3.5 mil wage instead of his current 1.2. and he rejected. im not sure what adrian wanna do.

  • Hi Guys!

    Check out the highlights from the match here!

  • Aagi

    Thank you Alexander.

    Looks like the rumor about Arda Turan changing his number is real. He’s playing with the number 10 jersey. And Raul Garcia playing with number 16 on his back. Hope that means that Salvio is staying(!), a very underrated player in my opinion.

  • shay

    Thanks Alexander!!
    I also think Toto has a lot to offer. Even as backup

  • Mahmoud


    For what it’s worth. Adrian has apparently denied any rumours of an exit so who knows what’s up? Maybe he does just want to wait until after the Olympics to discuss any contract renewal (hopefully).

  • @Mahamoud He’s not leaving according to your source and thats the most reliable source in football news there is.

  • I think we should sign the keeper who was keeping for Gimnastic. He was spot on with his save and our goals were some lucky goals where Gimnastic messed up. And I think we should get that keeper. Look at the video Alexander posted again and look at the class saves he made

  • Andres

    Good keeper, but we have Courtois and Asenjo. Courtois is on loan. Maybe next year we can get him.

  • ali_

    yeah we should totally sign him cos we have tons of € in VC, and we dont enough keepers sadly, and that guy is a pure class talent just because he played 1 good match on a friendly game. epicness…

  • ursalan

    guys look at this…|en&

    if true seems like a gud addition… 🙂

  • Urban

    You know what would be good? UEFA kicking Malaga out of the CL for not paying Osa for Monreal…

  • palc

    Raddyman looking out for his turkish bud. 🙂

    Nuestro querido Arda NO tiene cuenta en Twitter! Fue un error, pido disculpas por el malentendido!

    …he writes on Twitter.

  • shay

    There is a chance that Santi Cazorla will join Arsenal for 20million. Looks like Malaga will pay their debts and play in CL.. 🙁

  • Mahmoud

    Yeah but he’s very important to them so if he does to go to Arsenal, it should make it a lot easier for us to finish ahead of Malaga this season (which obviously increases the likelihood of us finishing in the top four and qualifying for next year’s CL) so it’s not all bad news [:

  • Urban

    True, its kinda win-win, but the truth is I would rather already play in the CL 😉

    Today is the deadline for filling complains against the clubs. What is important, if Malaga gets banned from the CL we will fill in and Osa will play in our spot in EL – so thay have their own agenda in pushing Monreal’s case forward.

    AND what is important apart from the fact that the club still owes Villarreal and Osasuna for transfers, and players 70% of their wages (altought for CL sake they obviously agreed to postponed their demands), the sheikh still has to pay this week 18 mln euros to previous owners of Malaga…

    Ita all here

    Another curious thing is that we are supposedly cleared for Europe since we managed to pay all current obligations.

  • shlomgar

    Thing is they could also be relegated…

    Their Sheikh is playing weird silence game and if I was a MalFan I would be nervous.

  • ali_

    yeah the sheikh is pretty quiet now, but i dont really think that they will be relegated neither from CL and the leauge.

  • here what diego just tweeted:

    La afición del Atlético no deja de sorprenderme! Acabo de leer los tweets! Muchísimas gracias por tanto cariño!

    this translates as:

    The Atletico fans never ceases to amaze! I just read the tweets! Thank you for caring so much!

    he clearly cares about the club. I think we could be close to reaching a deal

  • Urban

    Or he is just causing unrest among Atleti fans to put some extra pressure on the board.

    Shame that we dont have the honey to get him.

    The good news is that if we really had to give 50% of all transfer income last season to Hacienda that means our debt decreased for about 35-40 MLN euro, not bad at all!

    Or other possibility is that Gil stole it 😀

  • DJ_ZA

    Extract from interview with EL NIÑO re Super Cup : Atletico vs Chelsea

    “A special match, maybe the most special that I have ever played. It is going to be full of emotions, and so I am very excited for it. I guess if you believe in destiny, that explains why I missed the games against Atletico through injury during my time at Liverpool. To play against the team that is in my heart had to be different: a European final with a title at stake. Not bad, huh?”

    Full interview on his website:

  • palc
  • Shlomgar

    So I’m watching an old River/Boca match, the one that built Higuain’s career and singled Falcao’s return, and noticed one special AM I haven’t heard of. One Fernando Belucshi. Apparently he’s a Porto player who played with Falcao on his wonderseason, and he is now on their transfer list.
    Thing is I don’t really know the guy, is there a catch? Is he injury prone? Bad attitude? Cause he has tallest but he’s not getting any attention. I’m only writing this because his playing style is very like Diego and his price can be lower than 5M.

  • Timo


    Yacob for free?? How can we missed that??

    We signed fucking Emre, Yacob is such better option

  • starvs

    Especially as our coach is a fellow Argentinian…Emre better work out…

  • Willen

    At the end, Yacob didn’t want to go to West Brom.

    They offered a contract without warning him about the huge English taxes and then he will only receive a few portion from what he was expecting. He tried cancel the contract with West Brom and sign for Botafogo – my team in Brazil – but it wasn’t possible. It would be a really good sign for Atlético or an excellent sign for my humble Botafogo.

    We have to keep eyes (more) open for free players like him, Adrián, Emre, Cebolla.

  • Andres

    Fernando Belluschi is a good player