The end of the Diego dream?

Brazilian playmaker Diego filed a claim against Atlético last week for lack of payment


Oh Diego, say it ain't so! (

While the Rojiblanco faithful, believers and non-believers alike, go to sleep every night praying to their respective gods that Diego will come back to command our midfield this upcoming season, news of his filing a claim against Atlético for not paying him €59,000 after having paid him the entirety of his €5 million in wages for 2011/12 has brought the dream to a screeching halt.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Brazilian reported Atleti last week for a bonus that club officials had apparently agreed to pay the players at the end of the summer.

It seems as if Diego, who likely knows his days at the Vicente Calderón are now history, could not wait for the money.

Obviously, club directors are said to be very disappointed with the 27-year-old, as he was the only member of the team to have filed a complaint with the AFE (Spanish Players Association).

  • Alex


  • Urban

    Good. Im glad. Now I wont miss him at all. Quite the opposite, I wish he goes fuck himself. He is an unprofessional dick and I hope he end in Brazil or Turkey, or rot in Vfl (with all due respect to all mentioned).

  • well he can piss off now cant he? its all about the money. Hope Magath gives him hell.

  • Willen

    Yeah… weird… but we don’t know how Atleti board was handling this if ever existed a negotiation to keep him.

  • Metro

    Guys, before cursing him lets wait a little bit.

    Things aren’t always what they seem to be. And after all he is fighting with our board and not us, the fans, or the club. The more fishy things get revealed, the better.

    Vamos Atleti, vamos Diego!

  • Willen

    @ribasdiego10: “Hola amigos. Cuando sea el momento os contaré lo que está ocurriendo en realidad. Un fuerte abrazo a los aficionados del Atlético de Madrid.”

    “Hello friends, when it’s the right time I’ll tell you all what is really happening now. Big hug to all fans of Atletico de Madrid”.

  • Shay

    Great willen.. pls keep the update and translate. Thanks!

  • i just saw that and was about to post it. I believe that he will come for a second loan spell with an option to buy at the end of the season. It suits everyone. We get another season with diego, and if we get CL then we can use the money to buy him. If not, then we dont get him permanently. In business terms, it makes sense, but we will have to wait and see

  • Alex

    Right on brother. I’m with Shay, keep the updates coming.

  • Well we gave him hell and he has a point. I’m with Metro on this one. Because he wanted to come here earlier but the board rejected him so the board has their penalty to pay for not signing him. Good player and i am sure if any of us played football (professionally) we would only care about the money. I don’t blame Diego for that.

  • k14

    Even if this was true, whats the problem in him trying to get what he was promised and earned ?

    Urban and ratchet, you 2 are being very judgmental and childish.

  • Andres

    Exactly k14, I agree with you 100%

  • Yon

    Exactly, if they have agreed this with him then they owe him it! Our board have a history of not paying……Forlan, Aguero, 70% of the Falcao transfer!

    I think we should start up a fund, every Atleti fan donate 2 euros in order to help sign Diego!

  • @k14, its not the fact he wants what hes owed, its thats hes the first one to complain and has filed a complaint. No one else has done that.

  • Metro

    And how does that exactly matter? Being first one to speak out doesn’t make him a scumbag.

    Our club should have some dignity and cases like that shouldn’t even happen in the first place. I don’t mind if things like that come to daylight, because we need to deal with them and pretending as if everything is OK is not a solution.

  • Blaugrana7

    Diego earns 5m a year? Fabregas, a much better player earns 3m

  • leika

    I think both Cholo and Caminero want Diego but we can only get him if we sell Salvio (Benfica wants him badly). Caminero is fine with that and is willing to let go but Cholo had Salvio in his plans and his hoping a lot from him. Simple financial problems. But I hope both will be with us next season.

  • Edletico

    I still believe that we are trying to get him on the cheap. We would not be negotiating with other clubs for various players otherwise. This could all be part of the masterplan

  • Andres

    Diegos career is spiraling down really fast…

    This is after Magath told reporters that he didn’t think Diego was working hard in practice

  • shlomgar

    That’s just crazy! Magath and Diego has lowered their relationship to kindergarten rivals… Too bad for Wolfsburg that they have such a mess of a manager.

    OK we know every bad thing over at the Wolfsvagons is good for us right? So let’s just get comfortable and watch the fireworks.

  • shlomgar

    On another subject, goodbye Assuncao. He wasn’t the best but he did gave us the prime of his career. Farewell yougreat Brazilian fighter.

  • Edletico

    IF that goal article is true, then surely we could get him on loan meaning wolfsburg dont pay his wages. Then his contect will end at the end of the season so we can get him for free???

  • shay

    @Edletico: I dont think it’s that simple.. Wish it was.

    @Shlomgar: I’m with you!! Fare well, Assuncao.. Great player.. A real pro and hard-worker!!

  • Edletico

    I understand that Shay but surely they are not rich enough to waste 5M by putting him in the reserves and he has rejected loads of club s so far holding out for Atleti

  • Urban

    1st of all – I have the right to my own opinion and if a player collects 5 mln for one year, best salary in the club, being fan favorite, with everyone in the club having nothing but prais and gratefulness for him and then he files complain to federation for 59.000 just for the sake of money he is a mercenary and a fool, and he does not deserve respect.

    However, if this is some kind of a twisted game and there is more into it, I should prolly wait with my judgment, and youre right about that.

    Another idea: maybe clubs going after our players wanted to use the pressure on us caused by Diego case and our club and Diego decided to stage this complain to make an impression he is out of the picture so it is easier for us to negotiate better prices for Diego Costa, Salvio, or Raul Garcia.

  • shay

    I guess we wont know anything for sure until the transfer window closes..

    One thing I know is that the “Mageth – Diego” conflict is rough.. and personal..
    Guess Mageth would prefer him to suffer at Reserves just to make a point.. Jerk

  • Andres

    Well if he is owed 59k then he has the right to collect it. While I agree that its way too little to complain about, it’s his right to complain for what he hasn’t received.

    Off topic question- How much does Falcao earn?

  • Le sigh

    Lol at Atleti fans AGAIN blaming the player for broken promises instead of the board. They have to be the only people dumber than the board

  • Le sigh

    The fact that many can’t see that it was clearly the board’s plan to withhold this money, thereby causing a complaint from Diego, thus distracting Atleti’s stupid fans into being angry at Diego instead of the board for not buying him is simply incredible

  • bit of a conspiracy isnst then, Le sigh

  • Le sigh

    Nope. Just clearly, clearly what happened

  • so, the board is making us hate diego. You give them too much credit, theyre not that intelligent

  • Derek Maaijen

    MARCA report that Atlético had an agreemen with Diego and all other players of the squad (including those that have now left) to pay this extra fee at the end of the summer. So the club is surprised Diego sued them.

    Diego himself says the truth will be revealed later, and apparently meanwhile he has dropped the claim.

  • yon

    This is all getting too much for me :S

  • Jorge

    That’s football, people. Players say they’ll never leave, until they do. It’s never about money, until someone takes it off the table. Whatever.

    I like Diego, but the season starts in 3 weeks–let that mess sort itself out, already.