Atlético start season against Levante

The RFEF announces new, more spread out La Liga 2012/13 schedule

estadi ciutat de valencia

Levante's Ciudat de València Stadium

Have you found yourself staring at the wall, wandering through the park at night or drawing up countless formations with and without Falcao still at Atlético, just waiting for the new season to begin?

So have we.

Have you started following baseball or, God forbid, the Tour de France?

Don’t despair, you can now start counting the days as a new season of thrilling and nerve-wrecking Spanish football is upon us. On Thursday the RFEF announced the 2012/13 schedule for the Liga BBVA!

Atlético Madrid will get their new La Liga season underway in Valencia against Levante.

Diego Simeone’s men will surely want to improve on their last two visits to Levante’s Estadi Ciutat de València, where we have lost by a score of 2-0 on both occasions, last season’s trip – when we gave up a goal within the first minute – looking a little something like this.

Week 2 sees a repeat of the Europa League final, as Atlético host Athletic at the Vicente Calderón.

Although the schedule has been announced, the exact dates and times are yet to be set.

Atlético is likely to play the third match of the campaign on a Monday, as we play the UEFA Super Cup game against Chelsea the Friday prior.

This year La Liga kicks off early. Often the league commenced during the European Super Cup weekend, but this year the RFEF has scheduled the first round of games on the 18th and 19th of August.

There’s good news for all Spanish clubs that participate in European competition, as no midweek matches have been scheduled. That should give Atleti players some more rest in between games as we avoid a congested schedule.

The big games for Los Rojiblancos have been scheduled in December, when we play away games against Real Madrid (2nd) and FC Barcelona (16th).

The return round of La Liga is an exact mirror copy of the first, meaning we host Real on the 28th of April and Barcelona on 12 May. The final game of the season is away at Real Zaragoza.

You can find the full Atlético Madrid fixtures list for the 2012-2013 season here.

  • yon

    I was planning a game next April or May so hopefully I can get tickets to one of these 🙂

  • Willen

    [Off topic, sorry]

    Someone said on the other post that we should send of messages on twitter to Diego asking him to stay with us and a lot of people is already this. I have no idea if it will work or not, but he’s aware we want him.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Why do we need Diego when we have Óliver?. The more I see the kid the more I fell in love with his game. He is arguably the most talented player of the U 19 Spanish team. I’m serious. He shines with his own light. He is an elegant player, has awesome technique, flawless vision, he is pure magic. I know it might be too much pressure for Óliver but he has the talent. Talented players like Óliver can never be too young or too old to show his talents.

  • shlomgar

    Javi [email protected] I guess the short answe is “Timing”. We are looking towards a possibly last year with Falcao. We have one season left on Cholo’s contract. In order to jumpstart, this club needs a proven formula. One’s who won a title last year with an 11 winning streak to rap it.

  • yon

    I agree about Oliver, such a controlled calm player with bags of talent! I seriously hope the board are working on inserting a HUGE buyout clause in his contract!

  • Edletico

    Some reports are saying that Diego has been released!

  • Urban

    Lol love those rumours. Source Ed?

  • ali_

    where did u read that? honestly i doubt that.

  • leika

    Released by Wolfsburg??? I hope he punched Magath and then the club released him because of violent behaviour and later on Caminero will shake hands with Diego and say: ”good job” 😀

  • Edletico

    No the best source as it is an Atleti forum but you never know

    Kjear available as well. Think it has derived from Magath saying Diego can negotiate an exit?

  • starvs

    Oliver looks really amazing and I do not doubt he will be a solid, if not true star, player for atleti in the future, but he is 17 and atleti needs to compete this very year, can’t waste Falcao’s window. We have the best striker in the world currently for at least one more year, let’s make the fucking champions league please.

  • Willen

    I’ve read more than once on Brazilian sites that Magath said “Diego is free to go, once he finds a new club”. He also said that “it doesn’t make any sense holding a player that doesn’t want to stay with us.”

    The bad news is that Flamengo is dangerously close to sign him. There are huge plans of partnership between Flamengo and Wolfsburg including the sponsorship of Wolkswagen, exchange of coaches and friendlies – they don’t have the money but are not dumb.


  • starvs

    If we let Diego go back to some shitty second rate bush league league in his prime, I am going to livid.


  • Urban

    Chillax guys, its all rumours, lets wait and see what happens. If our board wants to play the waiting game I guess they know what they are doing, and what is more they are doing it in agreement with Diego.

  • starvs

    “know what they are doing” and “board” in the same sentence when talking about atleti?

  • Willen

    Hey starvs, I’m Brazilian! Take it easy! 🙂

    But I do agree that Flamengo is a “a fucking Brazilian team”.

    This “rumour” is evolving. They are saying Brazilian Wolkswagen – shareholder of Wolfsburg – will pay 200.000 euros/month as his salary on exchange to became the master sponsor of the club.

    Today his salary is around 375 000 euros/month.

    They are also reporting that it is, in fact, a “loan” that would add another year to his contract of Wolksburg.

    The thing is that it’s not in the field of rumours anymore and is a real interest that is unfortunately evolving on a daily basis.

  • Atletico linked with a switch for nani plus cash for falcao

  • Dircil

    @randy german: infeasible man!!!! Never is that exchange gonna happen 🙂

  • Its all speculation Dircil. 🙂

  • starvs

    Willen, you know what I mean. Thank you very much for the updated info, very appreciated and interesting. Respect Flamengo for willing to do something innovative to get their man though.

  • Sam

    for the record, I love the tour de France.

  • Sam

    Also, looking at the first few weeks of the schedule, it looks like atleti should be able to rack up a lot of points early in the season. Get some confidence going.