Atlético return to training for pre-season

Simeone's men reported back to the Cerro del Espino practice facilities on Wednesday

atletico madrid pre-season starts for the 2012-13 season

The players debut their new training gear

The boys are back in town.

Atlético players returned to Majadahonda on Wednesday morning as preparations for the 2012-13 campaign are officially underway.

Diego Simeone’s men reported to the club’s training facilities at 8:00 AM to undergo medicals before hitting the practice field for two hours.

24 players were under ‘El Cholo’s’ scrutiny as they vie for a place within the final squad, which the Rojiblanco boss plans to trim down to 20.

Atleti’s official website reports that the following footballers were present for the first day of the pre-season: Joel, Thibaut Courtois, Sergio Asenjo, Mario Suárez, Tiago, Filipe Luis, Adrián, Paulo Assunçao, Gabi, Fran Mérida, Silvio, Koke, Miranda, Cristian Rodríguez, Cata Díaz, Emre, Pulido, Raúl García, Borja and Pedro Martín, along with youth system players: David Gil, Iván, Dani Márquez and Thomas.

Diego Costa, who gained a bit of notoriety last season after being officially designated as “missing” for the first couple of days of practice due to what – in the end – was deemed a miscommunication, did not show up in time for the second year running–arriving at 1:00 PM.

This time however, the Brazilian striker had permission from the club to show up a little later.

Diego Godín, Falcao, Arda Turan and Eduardo Salvio will join the squad in a few days at the Los Ángeles de San Rafael site, while Juanfran and Rubén Micael – having taken part in the Euro Cup – have been given an extended vacation.

Leandro Cabrera and Kader are with their respective Olympic national teams but will participate with the first team upon the conclusion of the tournament.

Spanish Olympians Adrián, Joel and Koke will join Luis Milla’s selection on Friday.

  • Urban

    We all know who is the one player truly missing…

  • Javi Lozoya

    Finally it seems Atleti is gonna have a proper, decent, and competitive preseason unlike other past season. The club is playing in three different countries, Venezuela, Colombia and Costa Rica, before coming back to Spain to play Depor in the Teresa Herrera trophy and wrap up things for the start of the new season. Hopefully these friendly matches are not too heavy and exhausting for the team. These friendly matches in South America tend to be very long trips and very exhausted. Either way it should be a great experience for the team and the club to gather more recognition in the Americas.

  • leika

    20 player squad is not enough for a long season!

  • Dircil

    @Urban: I’m thinking of “2 the ones” are missing: Diego and Domi. Miss’ em

  • palc

    So are we going to buy Botia or what. Because Pulido wont cut it. We need 4 CDs.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Atleti sold Dominguez who’s obviously a CB but can also play left back… you still think we’re going to sign Botia for around 5M to be in the bench?. Probably not.
    The money acquired from Alvaro’s sale is supposedly to sign Diego permanently and for the club debts the board says.
    I indeed think Pulido is very inexperienced and won’t cut it but who knows. This might be his chance to shine and improve under Simeone’s wing and with the help of Miranda, Cata and Godin. I’m hopeful Pulido has a good preseason and convinces Simeone. Pulido played as a left back in the friendly matches in Colombia and could be Filipe’s sub too.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I feel sad for Forlan and that he couldn’t excel at Inter. But perhaps this is the time and chance to join his beloved Peñarol. You know, he always dreamed of playing for them. Unfortunately Uruguayan teams don’t have a great economy as Brazil or other South American countries.

  • Dircil

    @Javi: hey Javi, how can u arrive at selling Domi to cover both Diego’s transfer fee and the club’s debt ? I thought that Diego’s price tag varies around 10-15 mil €, yet the money we get from selling Domi is 8 mil €. I believe that we should sign Botia who is competent and reliable and have Pulido loaned for 1 more season to accumulate more exp. We can sell Godin 1 year later after Botia proving his ability to the boss. How does the scheme sound to u Javi ?

  • Javi Lozoya

    The money from Dominguez sell is going to be gathered in order to pay the club debts I suppose. That’s what the board says. Of course there’s a lot of money to be paid from the debts.
    Botia would indeed be a good signing but the rumors are fading off.
    The scheme sounds good to me. We still need a DM, a LB to back up Filipe, and another back up for Falcao. Borja is doing the preseason and I think he should be Falcao’s backup.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    Why arrent either Oliver Torres or Manqillo in the squad? I saw Them play for the spanish u/19 side and they both looked very cinvincing to me.

  • lets hope we get CL this season eh?

  • yon

    Oliver Torres should be in the starting 11! Well impressed with him!!!!!

  • Derek Maaijen

    You answered your own question, Jimbo 😉 They are at the Euro U19 Championship

  • leika

    Oliver Torres against Greece at U-19 tournament.!

  • leika

    And rumours about Tello joining us are back.

  • palc

    I don’t know but I kind of like Tello. I think he can offer us more than Mr. no-end product Salvio. Not saying he’s a more talented player, but I think he might be more effective for the team than Salvio.

  • Urban

    Leave Salvio alone, he is a good boy. Scored some nice and important goal, and he always adds a bit.

    However, I dont see him in the first 11..

  • starvs

    Think Salvio is an ideal 6th man kind of guy. First dude off the bench. Can play many positions, and did offer some end product at important times last year.

  • shlomgar

    Filipe signing a new contract. Excellent.

  • Ringo Koke’s got more guts and aggressiveness, though

  • Ringo

    I could live with

    – – – – – Gabi – – – – –
    – – Koke – – Arda – –

    Salvio – Falcao – Adrian

  • Ringo

    With Emre as back up and Saul and Oliver coming up as canteranos, maybe Marcos, as well, but I don’t hear that much about him, lately… Sell the rest. Except for one of Mario/Tiago/Micael, whoever is best in preseason, especially defensivewise. Preferably one of Micael and Mario, since they are younger.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Sergio Marcos is leaving Atleti B… He is set to join Villarreal B…

  • Dircil

    @Ringo: 3 midfielders, r u kidding, we r not Barcelona. 3 of em can not handle the midfield workload

  • DeGea

    I want

    ———–O Torres——Koke———-

  • Dircil

    @DeGea: ur line-up is lack of defensiveness, I suggest replacing Oliver by Gabi and Koke by Emre. Before thinking of scoring any goal, we should pay more attention to preventing being net by the other team.

  • shlomgar

    I’m with Dicril. And I guess Cata has come to be a factor and should be given a chance.

  • Ringo

    Dircil, it’s the same as the formation now, but with more central role for Arda… Salvio and Adrian will defend along, too.

    But I think this is what they should grow to.
    Actually the midfield should be stronger like this, since it’s with 3 instead of 2, Diego wasn’t that defensive…

  • Los Colchonero

    I read somewhere above that proceeds from Dominguez’s sale would go to either purchase Diego’s rights and/or lower the club’s debt load. Club Atletico de Madrid is an football association – a very unique type of organizational structure where they are enabled to make year end losses and not taken into administration. In fact, most football clubs consistently make losses and require debt to service themselves. The debt level is sustainable so long as the creditors are confident the club can pay (at sometime in the future) and if they (the creditors) themselves are not undergoing some sort of credit squeeze. Atletico Madrid, though not profit making, is in reality a brand. Along with the prospect of CL football (a 40m euro inflow minimum) and as long as there serious assets that can potentially pay off if debts were called in (and not re-financed) such as Falcao; there should be no real debt squeeze on the club. Of course, one other way to keep the creditors happy is to inject more equity (owner’s put in more of their money). I think the Diego issue is about wages.

  • Dircil

    @Los Colchonero: great post so far, though I dont fully understand as my my majors are marketing and tourism. U should work for the club financial apartment 🙂

  • Willen

    Brazilian press is reporting that Diego said to Flamengo’s director he wants to play for Flamengo – didn’t say when though.

    Flamengo is excited but they know the price is a huge barrier.

    We can’t wait much longer… 🙁

  • Los Colchonero

    @Dircil: Thank you. I have a friend who does work for Inter’s finance department. If you are really interested in some serious football finance reporting I suggest you look no further than . Very good blogger, but tends to focus mostly on English teams. He did do a skit for Valencia, and I have already requested him to do Atletico but to no avail… Maybe if more of us would tweet that to him?

  • Los Colchonero

    Thank you. I have a friend who does work for Inter’s finance department. If you are really interested in some serious football finance reporting I suggest you look no further than . Very good blogger, but tends to focus mostly on English teams. He did do a skit for Valencia, and I have already requested him to do Atletico but to no avail… Maybe if more of us would tweet that to him?

  • Javi Lozoya

    Javi Manquillo got injured yesterday in the match against Portugal and he is going to miss the preseason. That sucks. Poor kid. Hope he recovers soon.