Atlético unveil 2012-2013 kits

New Atlético Madrid kits presented at the Vicente Calderón

Atletico Madrid 2012 2013 kit

Atlético Madrid 2012-2013 kits

On Tuesday. Atlético Madrid presented their new kits for the 2012-2013 campaign.

It turns out our report from three weeks ago regarding the leaked designs was spot on.

A blue band around the sleeves has been added to the home shirt, while the away kit has horizontal dark grey and black stripes. The home shirt will feature a V-neck collar this year.

The away kit has Atleti-red printing and an extra band on the bottom of the shirt, as can be seen here.

If you’d like to parade in a brand new Falcao or Adrián shirt, then you better skip your summer holiday. Prices at the official Atlético store are €81 for the jersey plus another €17 to have the name and number of your favourite superstar printed on your back.

Perhaps prices are that high because of the lack of a sponsor. While the design certainly looks more beautiful and authentic without an extra logo up front, it does seem we will again go into the season without a shirt sponsorship deal.

Pictures are courtesy of Ricardo Menéndez, who covered the presentation fully on the ThisisAtleti Twitter account.

UPDATE: You can now find High Definition pictures of the 2012-2013 Atlético Madrid kits on our Facebook page.

So what do you guys think of the new kits? Which jersey will you buy this year and will you get a player on the back?

  • palc

    I like the away shirt. The home shirt ,not so much. That blue stripe is too dominating.

  • Urban

    What, why no sponsor!? Cute kits is one thing but we need moneyz to buy Diego!

    Damn you Huawei!

  • Dircil

    anythin nu bout Diego ? That’s all my concern now

  • ali_

    according to he doesnt want to stay in germany, and doesnt want to go to russia or brasil. so i guess the ball is on our side.

  • leika

    The thing is that he wants to stay with us, but Wolfsburg won’t let him and since he has a contract with them we would have to pay a big amount of money (the one we don’t seem to have)

  • Urban

    I guess he would come if we sold some players, namely RG, DC and Micael…

  • k14

    Hey guys, I’m thinking of getting the away shirt since I have last season home shirt (100 year rojoblanco).
    What do you guys think ?
    Which one do you like better ?

    Would love the feedback 🙂

  • yon

    Defo getting both!

    No idea who on the backs though! Will wait until the transfer season is over before I decide lol!

    Think I will also get a monchengladbach top! Alvaro!

  • k14

    I think its better to buy one without a name if you are using it for daily wear instead of sports.