Did Diego say “goodbye” for good?

The Brazilian apparently bid Atlético and Rojiblanco fans farewell on Twitter


Diego announced his tie to Atlético is now over

Amid conflicting reports across the globe regarding Diego Ribas‘ future, the Brazilian playmaker took to Twitter on Saturday to announce that his “professional relationship” with Atlético had ended, before thanking his club of the past season and its fans.

“Today, my professional relationship with Atlético has ended, but my relationship of love and affection with this club and its marvelous supporters will never end,” wrote Diego.

“Thank you very much everyone.”

Hours earlier, reports had surfaced in the Wolfsburg press claiming the 27-year-old had agreed personal terms with Atleti that would keep the midfielder at the Vicente Calderón for three more years in which he would earn €4 million per season.

However, the article made it clear that Atlético and Wolfsburg officials have not met to hammer out a deal for the former Juventus man, who Die Wölfe want €10 million for.

Meanwhile, German paper Bild claimed Diego’s father was in Moscow negotiating with local outfit Lokomotiv.

In the Americas, Brazilian paper Lance reported that Brasileirão side Flamengo was negotiating directly with Wolfsburg as they look to snatch up “a No. 10”.

Though Diego’s statement sounded very much like a farewell, it must be pointed out that indeed his contractual link to us came to a close on June 30th as per the terms of his one-year loan agreement.

How do you interpret his words? Are you afraid he’s gone for good, or do you think he could be putting pressure on our directors to sign him up soon?

  • i hope he’s coming

  • Pepe

    Me too.

  • Willen

    Well, business is a game. If you show interest the price gets high. If you don’t, it might drop.

    If Diego and Atletico’s board play in the same team in this business they are probably showing no interest to try a price drop. Interst on Jurado is part of this game for me. And all this is my bet.

    But, our directors are not that smart – I believe – and maybe it’s all true and we’re far from him.

  • Numa

    I desagree with you willen, I’m certain Diego will be in Atlético de Madrid next season and 10 millions will be the price, a real bargain for such a player who we need so much. He’ll low his salary to earn four million, the business can be a matter of days

  • DJ_ZA

    I read his tweet at 2 in the morning and was hoping that my lousy Spanish was even lousier at that time of the day …. seems i hadn’t misinterpreted ….. I’m not gonna hold my breath that we’ll have Diego back next season 🙁

  • starvs

    getting Diego for 10 mil on wages of 4 million would be truly exceptional business. He is simply a world class 10.

  • kabir

    por eso se oye este refran: que viva espan’a!

  • Evan C

    Does anyone know when the new fixtures are released for the upcoming season? And congratulations to all the Spanish Atleti fans on here 😀

  • leika

    Yeah, happy for Juanfran for holding the Atleti flag high, although he couldn’t play. I wish Fernando Torres would be in our team.

    could be pretty lethal ay?? :d
    Btw how far is the building of our new stadium?

  • shlomgar

    2015 should be over.
    I’m guessing Torres would be back in no less than 3 years… By than either Adrian or Falco would probably be off. But yeah. That’s the dream…

  • shlomgar

    Yo guys.. Today is the first leg of SpainU19 in the European Championship, with Manquilo, Niguez and Oliver Torres on squad. Let’s wish them a good tournament full of starting lineups.

  • leika

    YES, they are in my country and I’m maybe going to see them in a match against Estonia. Of course I want Estonia to win but I also hope that our boys from Atleti will do a great tournament and I could see them in final.

  • leika

    And I think that you can watch the tournament from Eurosport.

  • leika

    Spain U-19 won their first game against Greece 2:1. Oliver Torres was a starter and was taken out in the second half. I don’t know about the other dudes though.

  • Edletico

    Saul and Manquillo played all 90. Was impressed by both Manquillo and Torres. Saul was OK nothing more.