CONFIRMED: Domínguez sold to Mönchengladbach

Centre-back will be in Germany on Wednesday to seal the deal

Dominguez enters press conference

Domínguez on his way out from boyhood club

Reports have emerged in the Spanish press this evening  that defender Álvaro Domínguez will join Borussia Mönchengladbach on a five-year contract by the end of the week.

UPDATE: Both Atlético and Borussia Mönchengladbach have confirmed that an agreement has been reached for Domínguez as originally reported. The Atleti youth product arrived in Germany this morning to put pen to paper, and sent a picture of his new colours from his Twitter account, along with the following message to the Rojiblanco faithful:

“I want to thank you all for the affection you have always had for me! It has been very nice to play for you and for this club! Thank you. Forza Atleti.”

AS and Marca both state that the two clubs have agreed an €8 million deal for the 23-year-old, which could potentially rise to €10 million if incentives are met.

It’s no secret that Atlético have been looking to sell one of our centre-backs to help balance the books and keep our stars, and with Simeone keen on keeping the team that started the Europa League final in Bucharest together, it now looks as if Domínguez will be the one following Antonio López and Luis Perea out the door.

Earlier this week we heard that our vice-captain was open to a transfer in order to play regular football ahead of the 2014 World Cup, and he should be given that at the Bundesliga side.

Gladbach have themselves recently sold Brazilian centre-back Dante to Bayern Munich, using the money from the transfers of he and Dortmund-bound Marco Reus to sign Domínguez as a replacement.

Lucien Favre’s side will also be in the qualifying round for next season’s Champions League in August, and are scheduled to start pre-season training next Monday with their new face on board.

For Atlético, it’s unclear whether we will settle with Godín, Miranda, Pulido and new signing Cata Díaz, or bring in a new face to add depth to what had been an improving backline.

Sporting Gijón’s Alberto Botía was seen at our training complex a month ago, but there have been no public developments since then.

Along with Domínguez, Argentine winger Eduardo Salvio could also be sold in order to fund an unlikely permanent move for Diego, with more players certain to depart before the end of the transfer window.

Do you think the club has made the right decision in selling Domínguez? Is there any way we can move forward with this strategy?

  • starvs

    I really wanted him to succeed and become Atleti’s next great homegrown player to stay at home, but he hasn’t seemed to make the next step. As many have said, multiple coaches have not put their full faith in him, maybe for a reason.

    I wish him luck though.

    Bringing in Botia would be nice, but the funds may not be there, if you can believe that…

  • Urban

    I guess we needed the money asap, and Godins transfer was never concrete.

    And Starvs pretty much summed it all up.

    Gracias Domi!

  • Yon

    Wish Alvaro the best of luck! Sad to see him ago, but he wasn’t improving here so probably the right choice for all involved, 8million is never a bad amount to get for someone who rarely starts! So all in all, a wise move for everyone involved I hope!

    Just please hurry up and buy Diego now!

  • Dircil

    too bad!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Dominguez’s career will really take off I’m sure. It’s moves like this that make me swear I’ll take a season off. But I know that’s impossible. Another reason to tune into German football at least.

  • Gert

    I’ll take my Atleti jersey to Borussia Park next season!
    Good luck there Dominator!

    Win-Win situation. Athough Botia needs to be signed now!

  • AtletiFaninPhilly

    The Dominguez situation has been strange the last few years: Quique, Manzano, and Simeone all have had their doubts about him, as evidenced by his playing time. Dominguez is clearly talented, as evidenced by his inclusion in Del Bosque’s list for the Europe Cup.

    It is sad to see him go, but his departure was probably an easy decision for him and Atleti:

    1. Dominguez, sensing he wouldn’t start with Cholo, sought more regular playing time

    2. Atleti, needing the money, found someone willing to pay 8 million euros for a non-starter

    I’m with Gert: it is a win-win . . . but still wish he didn’t go.

  • Javi

    I think it’s another big mistake by letting a promising star go
    Yes we need money but Dominguez with playing time will turn into one of thf best Spanish defenders. Instead we are left with Godin who is at the tail end of his career, he is the one we should have sold. A short sighted move from our directors that see money before future

  • Ian

    WHAT!!!! I was surprised this actually went through..
    I wanted and believed he could be the next great Canterano to step up..
    Best of luck for him!!

    I really hope salvio won’t be sold now..

  • polan

    no more than an OK player.. you guys need to lay off the “manager” and start to get real.

    for 8mil, that’s a bargain.

    “promising star” my ass

  • 7th

    hahaha, what is it with captions? they always get sold.

    kun, lopez, now domin, perea.

  • starvs

    Godin is 26, that should be the prime of his career, not the tail end.

    He’s been good under Cholo, despite a (huge, possibly CL costing…) error or two here, hopefully he can step it up even more this year and form a very solid duo with Miranda.

  • javi

    Starvs, godins performance for Atleti is much inferior to what he did at Villareal, and yes maybe I exagerated with the tail end of his career as far as age goes, but, in my opinion his playing doesnt seem to get better each year, to the contrary, I see him getting worse, and I thought Dominguez could with regular playing time, become the next sergio Ramos. But we wont see that now, in exchange for 8m.

  • Mahmoud


    Godin is still only 26, he’s hardly at the tail-end of his career (though I don’t blame you for thinking that, I used to think he was in his early-thirties myself).

  • Mahmoud

    Sorry, I didn’t see starvs’ earlier post before commenting.

  • DJ

    I am not an Athletico fan but this really pisses me off that a mid table German term to purchase of of the best young defenders in Spain.

    Madrid and Barcelona are killing this league, that is why I hate those cunts. Other teams can not hold on to their best and brightest players, while those two teams and their fan are enjoying the bulk of the league TV money.

    viva Valencia !!!

  • leika

    According to some sources we have offered Adrian to Arsenal for a price of 12 mil euros. If thats true then f*** you!

  • DJ_ZA

    @ DJ … yes we can tell you’re not an ‘Athletico’ or even an Atletico fan …. and i’d hardly call 4th place in Bundesliga (and a CL spot) mid-table.
    Anyway, buena suerte Alvaro Dominguez

  • Ringo

    If I were Arsenal and that were true, I’d take it right away! 12 million is less than half his worth (looking at the prices these days).

  • Davide

    Arsenal is probably going to turn that down faster than Walcott can run (unless Wenger sells like 10 players or something). Even if Bendtner, Park, Vela, Arshavin and Chamakh gets sold, they already have problems with too many offensive players stepping into the squad this year. Van Persie, Podolski, Giroud, Chamberlain, Gervinho and Walcott are all going for 3 offensive spots. Not to mention attacking young talents like Miyaichi and Campbell who are coming back from loan spells. So i doubt Adrian will end up in Arsenal.

  • this board is rel crap and his price is a bargain.

  • Yon

    I hope the Adrian story is not true and I really hope he does not go if so!

    But as for Arsenal, I think RVP may be on his way out, same with several other players, Bendtner, Park, Vela, Arshavin, Chamakh, Gervinho. I personally would love to see Giroud, Podolski and Adrian as a front 3(for FIFA reasons lol)

    Also 12 million seems very cheap? Maybe Vela will be involved in the deal? He done ok for Sociedad at times!

  • kabir

    i know it is sad news, but we can’t really complain with what simeone has done just yet. yes he could have become a symbol of the club but its done. i guess its just koke and mario suarez now.
    the club has been going in a good direction lately. the board is try hard to keep our stars.

    it’s weird, but i have always wanted a reason to start supporting a bundesliga team, and now i have one. who will be watching monchengladbach? theyre in the champions league 😀