Atleti B continue to revamp with 2 new signings

Ángel Díez and Cenk Güvenc the latest on board for our second string


Cenk Güvenç and Ángel Díez give the thumbs up

Atlético B’s planning for next season is already well underway, with the Rojiblanco reserve side completing two signings Monday to take their total for the summer to four.

Montañeros youngster Ángel Díez became the second goalkeeper to put pen to paper in the last week, and Gaziantepspor defender Cenk Güvenç, another Turk, has also been acquired.

In addition to those two, Moroccan Olympic stopper Yassine Bonou has also joined from WAC Casablanca, and Cadiz defender Tiri, recently named the club’s young player of the year, was brought in a few weeks ago.

The filial, who are likely to be managed by Alfredo Santaelena next season, will see a huge turnover of staff over the summer, with over ten players coming to the end of their contracts as well as current boss Milinko Pantic.

However, sporting director and former first team hero Carlos Aguilera is working hard to build the team for next season, with plenty more new faces expected from both in and outside the club.

Ángel Díez was a team-mate of Jorge Pulido for Spain’s Under-17 side back in 2008, and kept goal for Montañeros at the Cerro del Espino last April in a 2-1 defeat.

With three goalkeepers, Iago, Andrés and Celso, all among those departing, either he or Bonou is expected to take over the number one spot come August.

The other new face, Cenk Güvenç, is also a youth international having played with Turkey’s Under-21 side as well as in the Süper Lig for Gaziantepspor. The centre-back cites Arda Turan as his idol.

Along with the four confirmed signings, a further four have flown out to Peru for the Under-20 Copa Libertadores where they will be trialled with the view to a full time transfer. They have been named by the club as Jesús, Gregorio, Ivo and Lucas, of whom the latter three all started in Sunday’s 2-1 defeat to River Plate.

The rest of the team will be made up from the players still contracted, as well as those promoted from the lower categories. Oliver Torres, Thomas (both Juvenil DH) and Kity (Atleti C) are said to be most likely to step up, amongst others.

Atleti B finished just inches outside of the play-off places last season in 5th, and with a major reshuffle evidently taking place, it seems the club is taking promotion to the second tier even more seriously this year.

What do you make of the apparent reformation of our reserve side? Are so many changes necessary given the impressive year under Pantic?

  • Yon

    Emre and Diaz would fit in………

  • Javi Lozoya

    Who cares…

  • idder

    some rumor said that atletico signed Diego ribas for 4 season and the barzilian will reduce his salary so we re waiting officiel annonced

  • ali_

    too good to be true…

  • Dircil

    @idder: show me your source bro. That would be the biggest news

  • Urban

    Yeah, that would be too perfect, give us your source bro because it simply seems too unlikely.

  • Ringo

    idder reminds me of dolan

    idred pls gif mi yor sorz

    but yea, interesting rumor… especially after the Emre signing and Jurado rumors.

  • ali_

    well, we talks with jurado are stopped, cos atleti and the player have different wishes for the wages.

  • Ringo

    well, physically, Jurado ain’t even too great. He doesn’t move around a lot. His ball control and shooting technique are close to amazing, but that does not always quite cut it. Diego is a better option, but to be honest, I prefer letting Salvio grow in the role. I like his newfound growth in skill.

  • palc

    I have a theory. The Jurado- rumour is just to play hard to get towards Wolfsburg and Diego. To show that we won’t be willing to break the bank to buy Diego.. Just cant see Diego back with Magath and Wolfsbrug..

  • Ringo

    That’s an interesting theory. But I can’t imagine Atleti is the only interested party in Diego, which counters his interest. Plus, if he doesn’t lower his wages, they should not get him. It’s time to be a healthy club for once. Now just wait and see how much he has come to love this club…

  • Shlomgar

    There’s one thing ur forgetting. It’s Atletico’s board, they aren’t capable of plotring and smart actions.

  • Ringo

    yeah that’s probably the case.

  • idder


    follow the twit of that person “journalist”

  • Martin Rosenow

    If you go through some of that guy’s older tweets, you will see that he also assured that we had signed Iriney, Botía and Burak Yilmaz.

    He claims his source is a friend who works for the club.

    Seems bogus to me.

  • leika

    Reportedly we have made a 6 mil pound offer for Benat (Betis) who has also drawn interest towards Real and Barca. We are also considering the option to get Giovani Dos Santos.

  • palc

    €6mill + Raul Garcia to be precisely.

    I would love Gio to Atleti. Bring him in and sell Salvio por favor. Don’t need no Benat nor Jurado. Gio is money.

  • Dircil

    if we can keep Diego at the club, I believe that Falcao will stay for more than 1 more season. Hope that Diego’s service will be fully acquired by the club

  • Willen


    you have the same feeling I have about Diego. Hope we’re right. It doesn’t make any sense letting him go easily like that after the season he had with us.

    They did something similar with Juventus and Tiago a year ago and it worked. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  • Yon

    I can’t believe some of you actually rate Gio :|! He is never in a million years worth 6mil+raul garcia after the season big nose raul had!!!!

  • ali_

    yon, we offered r.garcia and 6mil for benat, not for gio…

  • shlomgar

    Benat is good. Proper good signing. But so does R.Garcia. For Betis it is an excellent offer for us, another MF, and we do have planty of those…
    If Benat is sold elsewhere, Betis would come for Garcia. This action I belive is to promote Garcia’s status, making sure he would be sold this summer

  • Yon

    Ah that is ok then, I like Benat!

    Just please don’t sign GDS!!!!!!

  • Ringo

    Palc, you prefer Gio, who played one good game for Barcelona and can’t put his feet on the ground anywhere to Salvio who does fit nowadays? Maybe Gio played a few nice games for Mexico, but there it’s all built around him and he doesn’t exactly bring them glory days so far… He shows no growth while Salvio does, especially the mental aspect. Salvio is better now and he shows he is able to grow. Moneywise it could be sort of handy, if Salvio is not used at all, since Salvio will bring up more than Gio will cost. I have the feeling that Giovani will ask for quite some salary, though. He will probably end up at a club like Anzhi or Galatasaray because they want to pay his salary. Not that they’re bad clubs, but if he’s got too high demands, which he does not earn, he cannot expect to play in one of the three or four “big leagues”. Unless Malaga somehow thinks he could be a good buy…

  • palc

    Its obvious that Im not Salvios biggest fan. Thats why my heart won’t break if we sell him. I think we can do the same with Gio as we did with Diego. The talent is there, and I do not consider Salvio as a very talented player.

  • shay

    Salvio is wayyy more talented than Gio.. And better form at the moment

  • Ringo Schut

    The biggest difference between Diego and Gio was that Diego had already shown multiple times that he had skill. Gio does have some skill, but not the skill that would get Atletico to a higher level.

    Salvio is faster, stronger, shoots better, works harder and after fitting in, he’s showing he’s got better vision, too. Gio is perhaps a better dribbler, but it’s also the case that he chooses flair over effect, which make things look better than they are.

    I see you dislike Salvio and somehow like Gio, but to me it is very clear Eduardo is the better player.

  • Yon

    Sell Salvio, sell everyone we need to, to get Diego back 🙂

  • Dircil

    @Yon: if that work, yep is ok

  • Ringo

    I think we need Diego less than you guys think… I have faith in Koke, Adrian, Arda and Salvio to take over his role of creativity! Be it together or individually, I don’t mind.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Great signings. Güvenç has played some first division matches I believe and with the U21 Turkish team and seems promising. And Ángel Díez seems very promising as well.

    P.S. Some idiot is using my name. I assume is that troll Polan.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Anybody watching the U 20 Copa Libertadores?. Kader scored an awesome free kick!. It was a bad ass goal. That kid is very promising and he is not even a “real” right back!, he started as a striker and he was converted eventually into a RB.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Atletico 2-1 Junior at half time in the Copa Libertadores U 20. It is Atletico’s last match.

  • Javi Lozoya

    If anybody wants to watch the game you can watch it at this webpage

  • shlomgar

    I never wished for a player injury in my life, though I find myself watching the game and looking for Arbeloa falls…

  • Yon

    @shlomgar they probably still wouldn’t put Juanfran on, Ramos to RB then one of the other awful CBs to come on!

  • Ringo

    Van Marwijk and Del Bosque are the greatest experts at not letting teams be as entertaining as they could and should be. They are really great at taking away any action.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Miki Roqué, may he rest in peace.

  • Javi Lozoya

    You sure about him Randy?. I don’t think he is that good. He plays in Turkey which isn’t one of Europe top leagues, plus, he is not even link to us…, he is linked to Sevilla…
    I prefer Niki Zimling from Denmark. Zimling is a DM, and plays for Club Bruggle. Zimling is quite good. He is an important player for both club and country.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Here are the highlights from Atleti’s last game in the U 20 Copa Libertadores, There’s Kader awesome free kick. Unfortunately we lost 4-2…, anyways. It still was a great experience for the kids. Unfortunately Atleti could not play with some of their best players (Pedro Martin, Saul, Manquillo, Oliver) due to international duties and Pedro doing the preseason with the first team. But still it was nice seeing these players from the B team.

  • Javi Lozoya Gonzalo Bueno, an Uruguayan promising young player supposedly linked to us. He is just 19, and like I said he is very promising. He is a striker and plays pretty much all striker positions. He is gonna be part of the Uruguay team that’s gonna play at the Olympics. Bueno has a Portuguese passport I believe. Right now he plays for Nacional Football Club which is the eternal rival of Peñarol, the beloved club of Forlan. I miss the Uruguayo a lot. Hope they do sign Bueno but I highly doubt it. Bueno is a rumored signing I’m very exciting about.
    Here’s a video of him,

  • Dircil

    @Javi: bring more news to us

  • Daneatl

    I would love to see Niki Zimling i atletico. Id would be wonderful to have a danish player in the team. Maybe more atleti games would be shown on tv in denmark 🙂

  • Scott

    Niki Zimling is a good player. He has become a fan favorite in no time here in Denmark, because of his importance on the national team.