Atlético sign ‘Cata’ Díaz

The former Getafe defender to sign a two-year contract with Atleti

atletico sign former getafe defender cata diaz

Notorious ladies' man 'Cata' Díaz joins Atleti

Just hours after Atlético president Enrique Cerezo had told reporters that “transfers are on hold”, Getafe announced on their official website that they have sold defender Daniel Alberto ‘Cata’ Díaz to Atleti.

Multiple sources in the Spanish press report that the 32-year-old central defender, who has spent the last five seasons with the Azulones, will cost Atlético €1 million and will pen a two-year deal with los Colchoneros.

The Argentine-born footballer holds an Italian passport, so he will not be taking up one of our non-EU spots.

Prior to joining Getafe, the centre-back had played for Rosario Central (Argentina), Cruz Azul (Mexico), Colón (Argentina) and Boca Juniors.

The veteran defender has a reputation of being one mean, tough, badass dude.

Incidentally, have we told you about our new anthem?

  • Javi Lozoya

    “Notorious ladies’ man”, Ha,ha!, lmfao. Good signing. Don’t want to hype him but I think he is one of the top 10 defenders in La Liga. Like I said for 1M is a bargain.
    Should the arrival of el Cata mean either Godin or Alvaro are leaving?. Who knows. Maybe. As long as Miranda doesn’t leave everything is fine. Signing Diaz might mean that Pulido will leave on loan, he needs to play but Atleti won’t grant him minutes, also, we might loan players to Geta. It is rumored they’re interested in Joel if they don’t sign Moya. That would be good for Joel since he came through the youth system of Getafe. Either way, Joel needs playing time as well. We’ll see eventually where is he gonna play.

  • Nexus

    @javi u really seem to know a lot more about Atleti, u r an inspiration n an example of a great fan.Thumbs up!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Well thanks man. I appreciate it. I like Atleti and love football in general. “The beautiful game”.

  • ali_

    i think its a fuckin big joke, especially if we sell dominguez.

  • Shlomgar

    Dominguez can’t leave, everyone knows he is the future of our defence. It does leave an opening for Godin to hit the road. I’ve said it before, he holds the experience of our backline, and can’t leave without proper replacement.
    For some reason he is the most highly priced of our defence and he will grant the club some financial breathing space. I wish we’ll make the right decision and sell him.
    Javi [email protected] great to see somone else thinking Miranda has made a huge progress this season. I wish he would become our new Perea. In the sense of staying 8 years not in never scoring and making defence blunders that is…

  • polan

    @Javi: I think you are indeed a great fan but you have to relaize this is not your personal blog.

  • Scott

    I hope this means farewell to Diego Godín!! I really don’t like that guy one tiny bit!!

  • he is a terrible sigining. Let me see if i can find anything good to say……….hmm. Yeah so he’s experienced and…………… thats basically it. I saw him play this season he played like crap. he’s very slow can’t catch a winger and allows them to cut inside of him and he’s to slow to react with strikers from the cross and poor in the air. So awfulsigning in my opinion

  • shay

    I agree Randy. Mediocre club, Mediocre signings.. Frustrating…

  • 7th

    oh, man, he looks scary.

  • Chalet

    I know that Perea had his moments with Atléti and I can also understand that he wants to get more playing time – but personally I would have rather kept him instead of signing this dude.

    @Martin Rosenow:
    Congratulations, mate, for acquiring the German citizenship!
    I always had a feeling that your name does sound more European than US-American or Colombian… 😉

    Los Cafeteros haven´t been that lucky during last year´s Copa América (*OrgulloCeleste*) – but I think that there is a great chance for you now to watch your new countrymen lift the EURO2012-trophy in a couple of days… 😉

  • starvs

    Don’t mind Godin going at all, def want to keep Dominguez though.

  • Dircil

    1 mil for 3 players, what a MAGNIFICENT investment :))

  • Martin Rosenow

    @Chalet: Thanks for your kind words my friend. Yes, I’m optimistic my new countrymen can pull it off!

  • Yon

    @Dircil: That 1 million and all 3 players wages for the year could have gone towards keeping Diego!

  • palc

    Dominguez might be on his way to Borussia Monchengladbach. They have made an €8 million offer. I think the board would rather keep Godin for some reason. Which is horrible. Or that we have to sell both Godin and Dominguez. That would leave us with the defence trio consisting of Diaz, Miranda and Pulido. Three is not enough so in that case I think we will sign Botia. All in all I think this would strenghten our defence. But Domi is a canterano and therefore I want to keep him. Although Diaz is a better defender.

    I read somewhere that we are obliged to pay off the Falcao debt of €30 million. So we would get €15 for Domi and Godin. €10-15 million for Costa and Raul G. €10 million for Salvio. And then there’s Ruben Micael and Fran Merida.

  • Heißenberg

    for the first time as I remember following this club we have a decent defence and in three months our board will sell them all and replace them with the likes of Cata Diaz. Bravo!

    As for Cata Diaz, he’s 33 year old guy from Getafe and that’s it for me. We can’t be satisfied with such signings especially if that means that we will lose Dominguez or Godin. And we can forget about Botia now. Terrible.

  • Yon

    I also read Miranda has been linked with Napoli?

  • Shlomgar

    Hey guys, common, do we really need a strong steady backline? Stop being so negative…

  • Dircil

    I swear to god that If the club sell out Dominguez, I wont watch any match of them next season. Godin or Miranda is ok but Dominguez is the brightest star of the defense line. Selling Godin and Miranda and gets Botia we still have some money to pay for part of Falcao unpaid transfer fee might be a good solution to balance the transfer account

  • Arjit

    Sell godin, keep dominguez, anything else would be stupid.

  • Shlomgar

    Guys, what about a report on our Copa Libertadores U20 adventure? I know we lost but nothing more…

  • Jorge

    I’m not a Godín fan, but I really don’t remember who this “Cata” is from our matches against Getafe. At least he’s a bargain.

  • 7th

    man, godin and miranda is for a short term project. unlike dominguez is a future and has a bright carrier. if we sell him, i can see we will want him back after two years cuz i am sure godin , miranda and cata will leave the club. forcing the club to search for a new defense.

    i dont know what, but this club seems have a snack for selling their own cantero player.

  • atletico9

    oh my god! he sucks more than anything! it reminds me of when we bought Juanito from Betis. TERRIBLE SIGNINGS!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Show the guy some some respect and support guys. He is not Thiago Silva but he is quite good. He outta give us more depth in defense. Some of us said the same about Miranda and Juanfran and they became very important players over time. It is what it is.