Pulido expected to remain at Atlético

Quique has no intention of letting go of the coveted canterano

Jorge Pulido and Keko

AS is reporting that both Quique Sánchez Flores and the club directors feel that despite offers from several teams, it would be best to hold on to Jorge Pulido, the promising young defender.

Pulido’s recent performances in the UEFA European Under-19 Championship were widely praised. The 19 year old centre back is a fan favourite at the Calderón, and many are concerned that the signing of Diego Godín will impede his development.

Initially ahead of him in the pecking order are the Uruguayan, Domínguez, Perea and Juanito, though Jorge has a very realistic shot at quickly moving up the ranks. The coaching staff plans on granting him playing time in cup matches and perhaps in some Europa League games.

While it is almost a certainty that the young defender will not threaten Godín’s place in the starting eleven this forthcoming season, he will very likely play a key role in keeping the back line fresh, hopefully rotating with the World Cup semi-finalist and Pulido’s own cantera teammate, Álvaro Domínguez.

  • Derek Maaijen

    With Godín’s signing we could have the same “problem” as last season, when Asenjo was signed while De Gea was ready for the first team. I’m not entirely convinced Pulido is ready to step up though.
    With the contracts of (Ujfalusi), Perea and Juanito ending next summer, Pulido could become very important for us in the future. I wouldn’t mind seeing Juanito leave sooner though, if that would help Pulido’s chances.

  • NiñoTorres

    I like what I see of Pulido, but I can’t see him doing what De Gea did just yet. Asenjo was (and still is) a very promising keeper but Godín is established in La Liga and at International level. Hopefully any two out of Pulido, Domínguez and Godín will be our centre-backs for the forseeable future 🙂

  • We should hold on to him, I have never seen him in action but from what I hear he is a rising star. He must stay with us, so when next season Juanito and one of Ufo and Perea leave (most likely) he should fill in their shoes being a sub.

  • Enrique

    I hope he stays with us. A loan to a team who plays liga bbva or premiership would also be Ok. I think he should go a year to england, and improve his strength as Pique did.
    I also agree with derek that juanito should leave.
    And I still think we should sign Fanni and kick Valera, worst player EVER.