Atleti trio make Spain bow

Juanfran, Domínguez and goalscorer Adrián help Spain to win over Serbia

Adrian opens the scoring for Spain

Adrián celebrates his debut goal (AS)

Adrián was on target and Juanfran and Álvaro Domínguez also represented the Spanish national team for the first time on Saturday evening, as La Roja ran out 2-0 winners against Serbia in St. Gallen.

The Rojiblanco trio all made a good impression ahead of manager Vicente Del Bosque’s announcement of the definitive list of 23 players who will go to the European Championships tomorrow, which will include the addition of players from Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

Juanfran was the only debutant to play from the start, and the former Osasuna man put in another solid display in his new right-back position, linking well with the lively Jesús Navas throughout the game.

With the scores level at half-time, Adrián and Domínguez were both introduced alongside David Silva and Beñat, and soon had the desired effect, as Spain looked far more convincing than in the first half when Roberto Soldado and Álvaro Negredo had led the line.

Our man Adrián opened the scoring and his international account on 64 minutes following a Navas cross, and was in the action again later on, winning a penalty that Santi Cazorla duly converted.

Replays showed that the Asturian forward had in fact clipped his own leg under pressure from Ivanović, although it did nothing to take the shine off a highly impressive first appearance for the World and European champions.

At the back, Domínguez had little to do but completed the half without making any mistakes, picking up the only yellow card of the game near the end for a mistimed challenge.

After the game, Adrián underlined his desire to make the cut for Poland and Ukraine, and reflected on what was a dream debut in international colours.

“I am very happy to have debuted with a goal,” he said, “It would be nice to be chosen for the European Championships, and I have a lot of enthusiasm.”

“Competition is at a top level, there is quality in defence, midfield and attack and it’s good that the manager has so many options to choose from.”

Elsewhere this week, Thibaut Courtois, Arda Turan and Diego Godín all took part in friendlies for their respective nations, suffering mixed fortunes.

Despite not making the Euro’s, Turkey have five matches scheduled before the tournament, and have so far beaten Georgia but lost at home to Finland earlier this evening.

Arda played the last half hour in Tbilisi and the whole match tonight, setting up two goals for Rojiblanco target Burak Yılmaz in a 3-2 loss, and Courtois kept goal for 50 minutes in Belgium’s 2-2 draw with Montenegro on Thursday.

The following day, Godín lasted the entirety of Uruguay’s draw in Russia.

During the summer there will also be South American World Cup qualifiers involving Godín, Falcao, Perea and Salvio starting on June 2nd, with the European Champions kicking off six days later in Warsaw.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Way to go for our Atleticos!. Adrian is the man, like a boss. Juanfran too as well as Domi. I really wish they go to the Euro. They deserve it. They’re not only great players, but they’re very hardworking and humble. They deserve to be there instead of other players. Hope Del Bosque chooses wisely and actually calls those who have actually done merits to be at the Euro. Our players certainly have done enough merits to be there. They won the Europa League, while Barca and Madrid players flopped at the Champions League.

  • Javi Lozoya
  • DJ_ZA

    Well done Atleticos! You make us proud!
    Juanfran was superb …. he probably has the best chance of the 3 to make final selection…. although it would be great if they could all make it into the Euro squad.

  • Timo

    What happend to the website, there are all strange names at the selection??????????????

  • really

    Adrian out.. i cant believe it.. He took albiol and negredo instead of adrian and domingues.. What an idiot..

  • Olympic

    really/Don’t worry, Adrian and Dominguez are dropped because they will go Olympic.

  • Heißenberg

    It’s really not fair. Both Adrian and Dominguez deserved to go to Euro more than players that are selected instead of them. Negredo didn’t have much of a season, playing in average La liga team, and Albiol… what to say about that? It’s obvious that his main quality is being a Madrid player.

    Anyway, I’m at least glad for Juanfran.. but if Iraola didn’t got injured he would probably be left out to. And I expect that Arbeloa will have a place in starting eleven instead of him.

  • palc

    Let’s not exaggerate. Dominguez does not yet deserve to play in a European Championship. But Adrían does. Its a big mistake by VdB to select Torres, Negredo and Llorente. These three are similar players. Adrian brings another dimension to the game, and he could’ve filled in David Villas place. Negredo should have never been called up. Shocking that even Navas was preferred instead of Adrian.

    Extremely glad for Juanfran after all he has gone through on the field and personally. Bet his father must be looking down and proud to see his son play in a major tournament.

  • shlomgar

    [email protected] It would be more than OK by Adrian to be on both teams. He is young and still has strength for a busy summer.
    And about his quality, though Torres or Llorente would be playing as startes, Perfect7 is a better fit to a team built on a pressuring and fast midfield. It is a dream of any Spaniard, playing without forwards, having 100% possession on the middle and scoring by escorting the ball inside. Or at least any Catalan.

    Speaking on rubbish Barca, I’ve heard a nice one: Why does Barca fans never sleep without hugging a ball?

    Because they don’t want ball possession to drop. HA!

  • Lubo

    @shlomgar: If Adrián would be included in both selections and play two cups during the summer, he would end up like Forlán after 2010 World Cup. Tired and not fully fit. As you said, he’s young and we shouldn’t overwhelm him with duties and expectations. I’m actually glad that he wasn’t chosen for EURO. He will be a star striker of the Olympic Tournament.

  • shay

    After Diego Lopez’s move to Sevilla,here’s another miss:

    Keep on the good work, Atletico board..

  • Javi Lozoya

    And Guardado joins Valencia for free… what a bummer.

  • Metro

    We made our first signing. Congrats.

    Cristian Rodriquez from Porto.

  • palc

    Welcome Rodriguez. Could he be our next Maxi Rodriguez? I hope so. Good signing!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Not sure if he is what we need… Sure he will add more depth in the attacking third but I think Atleti has other priorities like a decent DM, Diego, another back up striker for Falcao.
    But I guess Cebolla Rodriguez is a good signing considering he arrives for free. Plus, he has been crowned champion at every club he has been. Just hope his arrival doesn’t mean Salvio is leaving.

  • shay

    Totally agree Javi. I think Salvio will be a key player..

  • palc

    I hope Salvio will leave for €10-12 mill. Please Benfica buy him. He’s a loose canon. With the money we can buy Diego.

  • pattinho

    @palc, i hope you didn’t forget what salvio did when atleti face besiktas in 1st leg. Personally i don’t want anybody in atleti leave

  • shlomgar

    What?!? There are a lot for us to get rid of. Merida has to go, so does Assuncao if we get a decent DM in replacement. And yes, Salvio as well can go, although young he won’t get a lot better I think, and he is now a champion so he would sell well. There are a lot Better players than him at his spot.

    I knoweach player is special and unique but any club needs shaking up on summer.