Atlético make it three for three in Colombia

Salvio shines with a brace in 3-1 victory over Huila to close out Atleti's Colombia tour

Goalscorers Salvio and Sílvio celebrate in Neiva (EFE)

Goalscorers Salvio and Sílvio celebrate in Neiva (EFE)

In Luis Amaranto Perea’s last night in red and white, los Rojiblancos defeated Atlético Huila 3-1 at the Guillermo Plazas Alcid Stadium in Neiva.

Eduardo Salvio’s star shined bright as the Argentine striker bagged a brace in Tuesday evening’s affair.

First half goals by “Toto” and Sílvio, both assisted by Diego, had our Europa League champions cruising to their third straight victory in their final friendly in Colombia.

The game went into the half 2-0 in favour of Diego Simeone’s men.

‘El Cholo’ replaced the departing Perea – who served as captain from the start of proceedings – with Atleti youth product Kader during the break, thus ending the Colombian defender’s illustrious eight-year spell at the club.

Shortly after the second half kicked off though, Miranda committed a foul in our own penalty box.

Atlético’s lead was reduced to 2-1 when yet another penalty call went against us (there has been one called against us in all three of our encounters on Colombian soil), as Huila’s Digno Javier González converted the spot kick in the 48th minute.

The Neiva-based outfit began picking up steam after the hour mark, but a couple of great saves by Sergio Asenjo kept our slim lead intact.

Huila came close to netting the equaliser around the 73rd minute, but the home team’s shot careened off the post.

On the ensuing Colchonero counter-attack, Atleti put the matter to rest with a sensational header by Salvio.

The 21-year-old brilliantly finished a cross by Kader to restore our two-goal margin.

With the triumph, los Rojiblancos end their three-game Colombia tour undefeated with three straight wins.

Unfortunately, Antonio López was unable to don the red and white stripes one last time, while playmaker Diego’s stint with us likely came to a close as well on Tuesday.

Native idol Radamel Falcao did not play a single minute, to the deep disappointment of the home fans who after having chanted ‘El Tigre’s’ name early on, ended up booing the forward and chanting “We’ve been robbed, we’ve been robbed!”–many having attended the event only to catch a glimpse of the lethal attacker on the pitch.

Line-up: Asenjo; Sílvio (“66 Pizzi), Miranda, Perea (“46 Kader), Pulido; Koke (“77 Fran Mérida), Assunçao (“46 Pedro); Thomas (“55 Gabi), Diego (“79 Tiago), Filipe; Salvio

Goals: 0-1 Salvio (“34); 0-2 Sílvio (“44); 1-2 González (P)(“48); 1-3 Salvio (“74)

  • Javi Lozoya

    Off topic. Diego Lopez to Sevilla for 3M… Can you guys believe it?, that’s a bargain!. I wish we would’ve sign him.
    That way our Courtois leaving worries would’ve ended.
    We all love Thibaut but in the end he is gonna have to return to Chelsea. Why not sign Diego Lopez who is very experienced instead?. Beats me. Our board sucks ass. Ye I know nothing new. Mediocre Gil Marin and Cerezo.

  • Scott Lind

    I really Think Asenjo is a great talent and it shouldn’t go to waste.. We need to keep him and give him a chance. I would love to see him as our number 1!

  • @Javi Lozoya

    Yeah our board suck and speaking of villarreal I think Rossi will be a cheap striker to buy now his buyout clause might be 10 million euros or less. And Nilmar is a good player from Villarreal as well so we have options in the Vilarreal Side. Good Win for Atleti Today.

  • Hey you know how people say we need a true Defensive Midfielder? Well we do have one. Ruben Micael He is a pretty good player. I saw him play for Zaragoza this season and he played well.

  • shay

    Yeah Randy, but we need more than that. We need a world-class DM..

  • Please, CUELLAR has been released (Aston Villa player). It would be a great fella for atletico…

  • leika

    who is Thomas?

  • johann

    Anybody have any information on Thomas?

  • Javi Lozoya

    Rossi would be a great signing indeed. The problem is he is gonna be out for 6 months.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Nilmar would be a good addition as well but he wants to return to Brazil.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Thomas is a kid from the Juvenil A. I think he is a defensive midfielder.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Ruben Michael is a box-to-box central midfielder rather than a defensive midfielder. And for that I think Gabi did a great job this season, but we’re still gonna need a decent DM, not exactly a world class because is gonna be expensive and supposedly we don’t have money or so the board says, but someone good who actually can get the job done.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Borja Valero is close to sign for Malaga City for 10M.

  • Yon

    All i want is to keep Diego and Falcao, sadly it seems there is no way to keep both :'(

    We could easily qualify for CL with this current squad and some loanee returners!

  • shay

    A year ago, all i wanted is not to be ashamed at the end of the season.. Miracles happen Yon.. :))

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree guys. It obviously would be awesome to keep Falcao and Diego, but even if they do stay at the club, I think we still need to reinforce the squad.
    Falcao played 50 matches, Diego 42 and Adrian 55. Next season we’re gonna be playing the Spanish league obviously, the Europa League and the Copa del Rey.
    We have a short squad and if we are to qualify for CL and defend our Europa League title successfully we need to sign some decent players.

  • shay

    And can someone please tell me how did we missed out on Diego Lopez??? BTW, I hate Sevilla.. Really..

  • Javi Lozoya

    Ye. That’s what I said before. And Borja Valero is going to Malaga City and we’ll miss on Bruno Soriano who is supposedly going to Valencia. But don’t worry, we’ll sign Emre who is the Maradona from Bosphorus. How fantastic is that?!.

  • Javi Lozoya

    The ‘The Maradona of the Bosphorus’ actually.

  • Jorge

    Why is everyone forgetting Asenjo? Goalkeeping is not our weakness for the foreseeable future.

  • Jorge

    Also, as much as I despise that most disloyal Rossi (stupid New Jerseyen), he did have that one good year–but let’s not forget, it was only ONE good season on an overachieving Villareal team. And now he needs to come back from a major injury (especially for a forward).

  • shay

    Emre will be great indeed..
    Asenjo, im sorry to say, is a flop. Rossi has great abilities.

  • Dircil

    is that emre from Fenerbahce. If yes, he’s 32 now

  • Javi Lozoya

    Beppe Rossi is actually a great player, and he has been very consistent with Villarreal, last season wasn’t the only “good one he had”. It doesn’t matter ‘cuz like I said he is gonna be out for 6 months until next year, and even when he recovers it’ll take him time to get in shape.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I was actually being sarcastic with Emre. I haven’t honestly seen him play, but regardless of his age, he plays for a not so competitive league like the Turkish.
    It was a competitive league a couple of years before but now it isn’t. And I believe Atleti can do a better job signing younger or players from stronger leagues. I mean c’mon, Atleti has won the Europa League twice in a span of 3 years, therefore I believe there are great players out there who want to play for us. It’s just we have a very mediocre board.

  • shlomgar

    Never mind the board for a second, I like Rossi a lot, and as I stated before, even with Falcao and Adrian, our club deserves a versatile Third option ready to turn a match on it’s hed. Rossi is that option!
    He’ll never be any good as a no.1 option, so if Falcao goes we need to search for an alternative, and a decent one. I’ll be excepting a deal that will land Torres back + 20M, using those to get hold on Rossi and probably selling Toto. I guess a Torres-Adrian-Rossi attack is pretty good. A little srruggle about keeping Diego and it is a dream team.

  • ali_

    i hope and i think we wont buy rossi. it would be a very big risk to spend 10 million euros or so to him. what if we buy him, and he gets injured for 6 month again? financially its very risky.

  • Hey you know KALOU AND BOSINGWA (of Chelsea) are free
    agents. Chelsea Released them yesterday.

  • ratchet

    Drogba is gonna be a free agent next month too, we could buy him very cheap now. I think he would be an excellant choice.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Drogba is going to China after winning everything with Chelsea.