Atleti trio called up by Del Bosque

Adrían, Domínguez and Juanfran in Spain squad for upcoming friendlies

Atletico Madrid trio Juanfran, Alvaro Dominguez and Adrian called up by Spain

Juanfran, Domínguez and Adrián (AS)

Just hours after landing in Colombia Álvaro Domínguez, Juanfran and Adrián López woke up to some wonderful news.

They got to travel all the way back over the Atlantic for another 14 hour flight.

The trio were called up by Spain coach Vicente del Bosque for friendlies against Serbia and South Korea on 26 and 30 May.

Domínguez was called up back in August but is yet to make his debut for La Roja, while his two teammates debut on the list. It’s a reward for the excellent season they have had, finishing the season on a 9-game unbeaten run and with the Europa League title added to their list of honours.

Surprisingly Del Bosque named Domínguez as the Rojiblanco most likely to make it in the Marquis’ final selection for Euro 2012, even if the centre back wasn’t a regular for Diego Simeone.

When asked about the three Atlético players, Del Bosque said:

“The most likely to go [to Euro 2012] is Domínguez. They have had a good season and because of the needs we have for this team we’re going to look if they will make it to the European Championship.”

On the 27th of May the final list for the tournament will be announced. You can find the preliminary list, which excludes players from Barcelona, Athletic and Chelsea, on the RFEF website.

Would you take Adrián, Álvaro and Juanfran to the tournament?

  • ratchet

    I want adrian at the olympics, and dominguez, but i am happy for the 3 of them for the call-up. Hope they get to play.

  • Yon

    Juanfran at RB for the national team could be immense!

  • Sam

    Congrats to all three! That’s some good news to break all the CL gloom!

  • Ringo

    Dominguez could be a good back up for them, but Adrian and Juanfran really deserve to go along.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Told you guys they deserve a call up. They’ve earn it. Now it’s up to Del Bosque to see who makes it to the Euro.
    There goes for the ones who said Juanfran wasn’t good enough.
    Juanfran deserves to be in the Euro since Ramos has been playing as a CB and Arbeloa is just awful in my opinion.
    Adrian too, Dominguez not so much, but I presume they both will go to the Olympics since they’re both important players for the U23 Spanish team.
    Also, depending if Villa is fit for the Euro, Adrian might not go. But even if Adrian doesn’t go to the Euro he still has time and skills to play in the senior Spanish team.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I’m so proud of these guys, specially Juanfran. He wasn’t even a starter player for Atleti in the season but with hard work and determination he managed to be converted into a RB and he is been great in that position. I’m so proud and happy for him.
    Grande Juan Francisco Torres Belen, Juanfran!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Papu Gómez the player I mentioned during the winter transfer window linked to Atleti.
    He is quite good and Simeone coached while at San Lorenzo at Catania. Gómez could be a good signing. He is young, he is 24, versatile and talented. The problem is he doesn’t have EU passport I believe. But other than that he could be a very good signing.

  • rijikun

    As a one of Atleti fan in South Korea, there`s nothing better news!

  • Javi Lozoya

    It’s great to see there are Atleti fans in South Korea!. Welcome to AtleticoFans rijikin!.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I mean rijikun!

  • Dircil

    hey bro, I’m from Vietnam :)), but now i’m studying in New Zealand. Hope that one day I can work for Atletico Madrid :))

  • rijikun

    I appreciate warm welcoming!

    We, fans in Korea have our own website,

  • shlomgar

    Wow, kind of make you rethink about last summer’s rumors about Iron Lungs
    Anyway, news are exciting, even though Alvaro and Juanfran won’t play together unless S.Ramos is Injured. Nevertheless, good luck, Gabi should have been called as well.

    Was de Gea invited as well?

  • AtletiFanInPhilly

    Yes, De Gea was also invited.

    AS had a good feature about players who might be called up after the Champions League final and the Copa del Rey final.

    It will be hard for any Atletico player to make the final Euro list team once you consider Del Bosque might add:

    – Torres
    – Mata
    – Valdes
    – Pique
    – Busquets
    – Xavi
    – Iniesta
    – Cesc
    – Pedro
    – Thiago
    – Iraola
    – Javi Martinez
    – Muniain
    – Llorente
    – De Marcos
    – Ander Herrera

    I would say Juanfran has the best shot.

  • starvs

    Juan Fran will probably make it because of need and because Del Bosque will love him because he is a great glue guy and always gives his all.