Falcao: “I owe it to the team, they helped me a lot”

The Colombian acknowledges his fellow Colchoneros following Europa League victory


Falcao celebrates second Europa League title

Atlético’s two-goal hero of the Europa League has paid homage to the support he received from the other 10 men on the pitch during the 3-0 win over Athletic Bilbao.

Radamel Falcao’s incredible strike on just six minutes set the tone of the match for Atlético who hardly looked challenged from there on.

Speaking to UEFA.com, the Colombian said, “I can’t do justice to just how happy I am. I owe it to the team, they helped me a lot.

“I think the pressure we managed to put on them when they were on the ball was key, in every area of the pitch. It’s a dream come true.

“When I came to Atletico I said I’d come to win titles. I dedicate it to God and my family.”

Falcao’s double capped off a remarkable two seasons in the Europa League, having won the same trophy last year with Portuguese club FC Porto. The striker reflected upon the previous 24 months.

“I’m just speechless, unable to describe all this: to have won the Europa League with two different clubs, and above all to be the top scorer two years running.”

Victorious manager, Diego Simeone, couldn’t hide his delight at the performance Falcao and his team-mates put in.

“Tonight we showed what Atlético are about – a fast team, strong defensively and I’m very proud of this,” he said.

“Big players run a risk because they have experience but if they can’t put their past wins to one side and get excited, their experience counts for nothing.

“Falcao is the best example – he forgot what he did last year and because of that he could live the moment he did today.”

Simeone has turned his attention towards this weekend’s crucial match against Villarreal which may determine whether or not Atlético features in next season’s Champions League. ‘El Cholo’ sees it as a chance to persuade the other goalscorer from the final, the on-loan Diego, to stay.

“Diego is a player who makes the difference – if he’s playing well, you have a chance of winning. We have to try to get into the Champions League to see if he’ll stay with us.”

  • 20corona

    Pls Diego, staaaayy!! 🙂

  • Urban

    And Gil gave an interview today that if we dont make it to CL it will be hard to hold on to Falcao.

    Does that mean that this team, which has only just started to provide, will be history in two months, without both of its two key players: Falcao and Diego?

    I saw this final as a chance to stop that, but now with CL qualification extremely unlikely it seems inevitable.

  • kabir

    I’m so nervous. I hope Malaga slips up. 🙁

  • kabir

    if we didn’t have so much debt accumulated, the board could probably bite the bullet for a season to keep our players and ensure CL qualification the following year, but instead we’re always starting from scratch.

  • shlomgar

    I’ve noticed something strange about Diego in my internet stroll to find awesome photos of our awesome Atleti. In every pre-game picture, while everyone else is looking straight at the cameraman, it seems the Brazilian Beast has some other matters to worry about in the other corner of the stadium, mostly the right one.

    He is probably aware of this action and prefer that his “better” side will be taken but still, pretty weird. Like sci-fi weird.

    Nonetheless, Diego, if you see this, please stay. We know we likely won’t be in CL next year but in two years we’ll probably win the EL again!

  • Dircil

    I’m pretty sure that Falcao will stay for 1 more season cuz the board will not sell him at this time for nominal money. Similarly, Diego will stay with us if we pay for his full service from Wolfsburg. Returning to WB means he will not have a chance to play neither in CL or EL.

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  • Epoy


    with regards to Diego, I think Wolfsburg will not be the
    problem. It will be the other teams who qualified for CL
    who will be sniffing around for Diego…

  • Urban

    I guess Falcao silenced all the doubters. In one season he became one of Atletico’s legends.

    It is crucial that both Diego and Falcao stay.

  • shay

    I’m getting a bit freaked out.. I keep hearing about players leaving.. Falcao, Diego, Arda, Adrian..

    Atletico never looked better and Cholo’s just started his magic!! I hope no one leaves.. really

  • Edletico

    I agree Shay, I really hope the rumours are false- especially for the players you mentioned. Wi th a couple of quality signings and a bit of depth we could easily achieve Cl with Simeone

  • rojiblanco93

    Guys we know that as soon as the season ends the rumors about our players start to cook over !! Even through the season is not over :

  • Urban

    Yeah, but never they were incited by our board. Quite the opposite, our board always said we are buying club, not selling one… now its different and that is what worries me

  • JohnGreece

    It’s obvious…Having one of the worst president and general manager,owing so much money due to their policy,we can’t do much.Unless they go,i don’t expect much.Atletico IS a top club and some people must understand that.Every single year we should challenge for the title,not wait for malaga and levante and teams like these to lose points.FREE OUR ATLETICO!

  • Lubo

    You are right about our board. But I just want to say, that if we didn’t lose some points really stupidly like at home against San Sebastian, we would be right there. And those matches have nothing in common with our fuckin’ board…

  • Javi Lozoya

    Grande el Tigre Falcao!. The world’s best ‘9’!.

  • Javi Lozoya
  • Javi Lozoya

    Radamel Falcao two Europa League finals, 3 goals. What more can you possibly ask?.

  • Javi

    Lubo is right the players put us in this predicament
    With a little more effort on just three games: racing, bêtis, and real sociedad we might even be third and these issues would not be taking place.

  • AIIM

    Falcao: Platini told me ‘you again?’ when he gave me my medal


  • shay

    If Falcao leaves that’ll suck!! I think he owe the team and fans at least one more season..

  • ali_

    he owes us? lol. he owes us nothing. he helped us win EL, he scored a lot of goals in liga. btw i dont think its really up to him. if gil marin wants to sell him, i dont think he will chain himself to the calderon, cos he could go to a bigger club for more money. its business, nobody care about owing, unless if its money.

  • leika

    Anyone knows about this Luis Garcia on loan at Mallorca? First time I hear.

  • shay

    Ali @

    I sort of agree with you but there is a level of commitment in football and I’m not talking about the 5-year contract..

    What stopped Del Piero, Buffon, Nedved from leaving Juve back at the day? Pure loyalty..

    I know Falcao isn’t an Atleti player for long but we are a major boost to his career at least!! One more season, I think thats fair

  • Evan C

    I love Falcao and would love him to stay at Atleti, BUT he will never be worth as much as he is right now. So if we are only going to keep him for just one season i would rather cash in on him now and build for the future, but thats just my opinion. CL is everything Vamos Gijon!

  • Javi Lozoya
  • ali_

    shay: ok, but juve is a more successful club than us. and back then the whole situation was quite different. today is all about money.

    javi: yeah, congrats to him. i still miss him.

  • shlomgar

    Congratulations Ujfa. I to miss the guy. It has made me think about his awesome season as RB.
    Funny how most club have LB issues and we are the only club having mirrored problems on the right.