Gabi: “We know what’s at stake”

The midfielder says the squad is acutely aware of how big Wednesday's clash is


Gabi at Monday's press conference

Atlético Madrid midfielder Gabi has spoken about the squad’s feelings ahead of Wednesday’s Europa League final against Athletic Bilbao.

“We know that on Wednesday we have a very important game for the team, club and fans,” Gabi said at a press conference on Monday.

“The team is really psyched for it and has a good chance to win a title. We are playing a final and it is there to win. You always make history by being the champion.”

He continued: “Athletic are in good form and have found a philosophy that everyone likes. Everyone wants to play against a team like Athletic which is playing so well.

“We’re playing for the pride of our league. We know what is at stake. ”

The 28-year-old talked about Atlético’s strategy while also identifying Bilbao’s Fernando Llorente as the biggest threat to los Rojiblancos’ title chances.

“We have to cover their key men, such as Llorente and the second line. We will try not to play an open game, because it suits them best for their counter attacks.”

A Cantera product, Gabi could wear the armband for the final and the thought of doing so makes him very excited.

“I’ll possibly be the captain and for me that is a dream. Being in this club is a dream.”

  • shlomgar

    Great to see how calm the butcher is prior to the Clash of Athletics. This final really looks like an historic one, being broadcast through two channels here in Israel is a proof to that. I’m overwhelmed by another euphoria sensation like the one from two years ago. Both clubs had to shake off some serious competition on their ways to the final, both proved they have the resilience and style to win it.
    Good luck el Cholo. Good luck Gabi. Aupa Atleti!

  • Epoy

    is there someone kind enough to tell us what are they talking?

  • shay

    Shlomgar, I thought I was the only Colchonero in Israel!! Hayde!!