Perea: “I’m leaving Atlético”

The eight-year Rojiblanco veteran announced this will be his last season with the club

atletico vice captain luis amaranto perea

Luis Amaranto Perea (

Atlético defender and vice-captain Luis Amaranto Perea broke the news that he will likely be departing his club of eight seasons at the end of the current campaign.

The Colombian, who breaks the record for the foreigner with the most caps at Atlético with each appearance, having surpassed Argentine Jorge Bernardo Griffa’s record of 291 matches in red and white last November, announced his impending exit at the Vicente Calderón on Thursday during the Europa League’s Media Open Day event.

“I’m leaving the club,” the centre-back told reporters in attendance at the Calderón’s press area.

“I can’t say anything more about it, but it would be nice to say goodbye winning the Europa League. When I arrived, I never thought that I would become the foreigner with the most matches, but the time passed by and the games added up.

“I’m very happy for everything I’ve experienced here.”

Perea, who currently stands at 314 caps with Atleti, went on to speak about our upcoming Europa League final opponents.

“To beat Athletic will have added value,” he said.

“They are a great team, with a deep squad, that play a very vertical style of football and that have Llorente, a striker very difficult to defend.

“There is no favourite. With the passing of the minutes, we’ll see who dominates the match.”

How do you feel about Perea’s announcement?

  • Derek Maaijen

    Incredibly sad. While Perea has had some forgettable moments, he has been a good player and most of all a fantastic person. I think Luis is greatly respected amongst players and fans, and his work ethic was great inspiration for teammates and young players. I think we’ll also really miss his versatility and pace in defence

  • shay

    we should have sold him four years ago…

  • javi

    Sometimes you played like a clown, othertimes you played better than Beckenbauer. In the end I am glad you were with us because I think you gave your heart to Atleti and it is appreciated. You are an example of profesionalism, never complained while you sat the bench and allways ready to give your best when the call came in. Good luck with your career.

  • ratchet

    Hopefully when he retires he will have a coaching role at atletico.

  • dave_atleti

    I’ll miss el Turbo. I echo what Javi said. Sometimes terrible, sometimes excellent.

    The fastest defender I’ve ever seen. I hope he gets a move to his dream club. Great servant.

  • 20corona

    Grande Perea represents everything i love with Atleti, humor,anxiety,heart and rollercoaster emotions!
    You Will be missed!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Well, this sucks. I would have like to seen him renew for another year. He is now a legendary player for the club, and I will always remember him as a player that always gave everything for Atleti.
    Grande Perea!!!!!

  • Sebyk

    I was looking for this day for so long, but now I feel kinda sad. I will always respect him as a true professional, a faithful and a devoted servant to the club who would leave his heart on the pitch for Atléti. On the other hand, except for Eller, I don’t remember many worse defenders that wore the Atlético jersey over the past 7 years. He had his moments, he was a key player in our 2010 Europa League campaign, but honestly, way too often we saw him play in his “clown” mode. I remember too well the times when I was about to have a heart-attack every time he was on the ball, the moments when his stupid mistakes cost Atlético so much or the times when all other fans laughed at us for employing this clown. Every summer there were speculations that Perea would leave the club – yet somehow he managed to stay. He became “a legend” by accident – if legend at all. However, what other player would represent Atlético and its swings in form, tragicomic moments and unfulfilled expectations better than Perea? Thank you for everything, Perea, but I will not miss you.

  • Javi Lozoya

    He is a legend for the club like it or not.

  • Sebyk

    No – everybody has his own criteria and saying otherwise is demagogic. Anyway, discussing anything with a demagogue is a waste of time…

  • Ringo

    He wasn’t the most consistent defender out there, but he also lacked a midfield in front of him all those years.
    One of my favourite players, I will miss him for sure.
    Hopefully Pulido is good enough next season to be a strong replacement, I don’t want the club to buy players.

    Go Turbo, go!

  • shay

    sebyk, thank you!!! i agree with every word.

  • shay

    I love everybody here because in my country there arent much atleti fans, but PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This guy was and still a disaster!!

    I’m sad abou the last results but knowing he is leaving really makes me happy.

    Very agile man. Nothing more.

  • Heißenberg

    I’m glad to see how Turbo is respected among Atleti fans. He maybe was not a star like Forlan, he maybe didn’t score as many goals as Aguero but he weared Atleticos shirt with great pride, never complained about sitting on the bench and took with real dignity all the crap that was served to him. Great guy and a true professional.
    I’ll always remember him with a smile and i wish him all the best in future.

    True legend, grande Luis Amaranto!

  • Yon

    Almost shed a tear! Will be sad to see him ago, such an innocent looking man!

    As much of a donkey as he normally is, he always gave his all, which as a fan is all you can ask of from your players, so in that way I respect him! The year he joined was also the year I started to support atleti so it will be strange to not see his name on the squad list! Think I will buy a kit with his name to remember him 🙂

    Good luck Perea!

  • Lubo

    @Heißenberg: he officially didn’t score.
    But anyhow, he became a LEGEND. He will always be remembered.
    Not shedding a tear, but waving a huge good bye to a player, who became one of immortal Colchoneros.

  • leika

    He is a legend and a true professional and btw it seems we are waiting for Barcelonas decision about selling Tello to bring him to our club.

  • Kaminero

    Turbo, I salute you!

  • Croatia Atletista

    Turbo, you made me laugh you made me cry.
    I will miss you and you will always be remembered as one of Atleti’s most loved players if you ask me.
    Good luck with your career and I hope your record won’t stay long and that Falcao,Arda and Diego are gonna brake it 🙂

  • Scott

    A true pro! Always loyal to Atléti! He should be given a proper goodbye!

  • Jorge

    Sebyk, I read your post looking for a gap to fill. However, you somehow managed to express my exact feelings. To sum up: Perea ran hard and worked hard, but I always dreaded seeing him on the pitch for he was always a whisker away from gifting a goal. A legend, perhaps–but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Heard about the Tello rumor but seems Barca want Adrian (no wonder why, he is Spain’s most promising forward) and they want to swap us Tello for Adrian along with some money. I like Tello, he is a promising player but not at the expense of Adrian. If that’s the case I prefer that Adrian stays at Atleti. It is also rumored Barca want Jordi Alba back and want to swap Tello as well.

  • Sergio Lopez

    Gracias por todo, Luis Amaranto Perea! Mucha suerte!

  • palc

    Pereas only comes once in a lifetime. I will miss him at Atleti, but will still continue to follow him and his career. His # 21 jersey should be retired.

  • AaX

    Those who think that he is not one of the best defender’s and players that has since donned the Rojiblanco’s shirt, might as well leave for Real. You belong with them!

  • Ash

    Perea came to Atletico with Pablo and the duo formed one of the most solid defense for the club in the past 10 years. However, that was only about 1 season when Fernando was the coach. When he got sacked, the duo lost their focuses as well. Pablo eventually got sold while Perea managed to stay with due to his overally fantastic speed. Now he will leave as well, that, I guess, is the end of another generation of our defense line.

  • Ringo

    I still miss him