Atlético reportedly looking at Michu for next season

Caminero said to have been in contact with agents of Rayo midfielder

Rayo Vallecano midfielder Michu attracking interest from Atletico Madrid

Michu attracting interest from Atletico (AS)

We have at least seven more games to play this campaign, but Atlético have already started planning for next season.

If our finances allow it, then we’ll surely look at the transfer market for reinforcements this summer. According to AS one of the targets we have identified is Miguel Pérez Cuesta, better known as Michu.

The attacking midfielder joined Rayo Vallecano as a free agent last summer and signed a two year deal. Along with Atleti’s Adrián, he has to be considered one of the best signings in La Liga.

Michu has already scored 15 goals in Rayo’s succesful campaign and is the main reason for our neighbour’s comfortable 14th position in the league.

Allegedly, José Luis Caminero has already spoken with the player’s agents to discuss the possibilities of a transfer. Michu, who has one year remaining on his contract, has a €4 million buy-out clause.

Apparently we face competition from Valencia for the 26-year-old’s signature.

Atlético might make a move after we’ve decided on the fate of loanee Diego, and Raúl García, currently on loan with Osasuna.

Also to be considered are Joel, Jorge Pulido and Diego Costa, who have proven to be incredibly valuable to Rayo since joining them on a temporary move from Atlético in January.

Do you like the prospect of signing Michu?

  • Martin Rosenow

    Yes, though it worries me that this might mean we are resigned to letting go of Diego. Unless it’s just insurance. It would be phenomenal but perhaps wishful thinking if we could have them both next year.

  • starvs

    I do want Michu, I do not want him as a replacement for Diego.

  • ali_

    here we come mediocrity…

  • Yes would be a great signing. I hope both he and diego can be permanent signings for Atleti. Also if we are pursuing Michu then what will we do about Yilmaz then. Both are good players

  • Javi Lozoya

    Told you all. Diego leaves Michu is his replacement. And I like Michu, but not sure if he’ll excel at Atleti because of the different environment and pressure of one club or the other. This is first season in the first division I believe. He has been doing great but he is more of a finisher rather than a creative player. If Diego goes I guess obviously Michu is gonna be his replacement. And if that’s so I guess Raul Garcia should return too. Not that one of the other is better than Diego but that’s what we have. I would go for Isco of Malaga, great player but that’s more like a wet dream.
    Europa League or 8th place, here we come for the next season!, bravo Mr. Gil Marin!!, the best owner/manager of 2010!!, ha, ha!, what a joke. This keeps getting and better.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Diego Reyes young Mexican player linked to Atleti. Me likey very much!!!.

    Reyes is only 19 years. He is quite a good player with a large room of improvement. He was a regular starter in the 2011 U20 World Cup in Colombia, where the Mexican team (my beloved Tri!!!) finished 3rd in the tournament.

    Now, Atleti don’t really need another defender which is Reyes position, but he can also plays as a DM, and sometimes even as right back. He is versatile and that is very important nowadays in football.

    Interestedly enough, Reyes plays for América in México, which is my favorite Mexican team, yay!!!, and which Atleti formed a partnership last season.

    Wouldn’t be surprising to see Reyes sign for Atleti because of the partnership, but I don’t really think is gonna happen. I wish but I doubt it.

  • Sebyk

    Yeah, let’s bring some more Raúl García kinds of players in, great job! I’m afraid this is the kind of players who shine and perform in smaller clubs, but fail at larger stages. I’m sorry, but I don’t see Michu having the quality to move Atlético anywhere further – a completely unnecessary and average player. Especially since we already have Raúl García who’s a completely identical type of player – hard-working and physical attacking midfielder with a good goal-scring ability, but no creativity whatsoever. This is pointless and not gonna move us anywhere. Thank you Caminero!

    @Javi Lozoya: Probably a good and talented player, but no EU passport means no room in the squad for him. Anyway I don’t trust signing South-American centre-backs much – look at how Cabrera finished or at Coates in Liverpool recently…

  • ali_ reports that we may sign chori castro from mallorca in the summer. he gonna be a free agent, so from that point of view its okay. otherwise i think he would be good for the bench but nothing more.

  • JM

    In my opinion he would be a good signing. None of our midfielder scores much goals and he is cheap too so if he fails it wouldn’t be the whole world.

  • palc

    I think Chory Castro is better than Salvio. So yes please.

  • Sebyk

    Well, Chori has no EU passport which makes it impossible to fit him into the squad. Wouldn’t be a bad rotation player at all, but one of the trio Falcao, Salvio, Miranda would have to leave, which seems most improbable…

  • Sebyk

    As we’re transfer rumouring, I’ll bring something in as well 🙂
    According to French journalists, we are closely following the situation around Étienne Capoué, with potentially signing him this summer. This would be a reinforcement of my dreams – one of the best defensive midfielders in France and the French U21 captain with the prospect of becoming French national team key player in future. Really great player for our weakest position.
    The problem is the price obviously – probably slightly less than 10 millions. Toulouse is fighting for Europa League and if they succeed, they have no need to sell their key player. Hence I’d say fu*k off to all the potential signings like Michu, Burak Yilmaz, Lass or Emre, save money on these and spend it on Capoué and Diego. These are the two most important reinforcements to the key positions where real quality is needed. Rotation players can be provided from Cantera and as some of our Canteranos have shown, they have the potential to move to the first team on a permanent basis…

  • ali_

    Sebyk: chori doesnt have an eu passport yet, but its expected that he gets it until summer.

  • Dircil

    @Sebyk: yeh, that French DM is a very promising player, hope that we can buy him in this summer. This guy would be a good supplement for our team’s midfield solidity.

  • Sebyk

    @ali_: Thanks mate, didn’t know that! It’d be a good and cheap reinforcement then, why not. However, hopefiully the case with Godin who obtained the citizenship much later than expected wouldn’t repeat…

  • Javi Lozoya

    I’ve been posting the interest of Capoue for over too weeks now…. See what I mean?. I post something one week and then someone post it the week after with different words. Quite annoying.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Copycat, see?, nothing new really. At least I post a reliable source unlike others.

  • Javi Lozoya

    And here’s another one: Took me long enough but I’m glad I found it.

  • Javi Lozoya

    And actually I’ve been posting Atleti’s interest for Capoue not since 2 weeks but March 12 of 2012 at 5:22 am :).

  • leika

    According to English media we are also interested in Zoran Tosic. And it also seems that Barca is trying to sign Adrian and also Alvaro Vazquez who we are also interested in.

  • Zoran tosic and Diego has the same buyout clause. If I were Gilma i woul have chosen Diego.

  • Gert

    Seriously? There is no competition or whatsoever on who reports news first guys. This is not a gossip tabloid magazine that gives 1 million EUR for an exclusive picture or story.

    We’re one family. Behave as one family as well.

    Aupa Atleti !

  • ratchet

    ive had posts deleted for no reason as well recently…

  • imran

    why michu? there are better players then michu,tell Atletico madrid”s board to sign players like KRASIC[Juventus] KAGAWA[BVB],GRIEZMANN[R.Sociedad],RAKITIC[Sevilla].I hope next season ATLETI will sign some big names.