Falcao praised but is he leaving?

The Colombian receives some big endorsements but Atleti exit could be near


Could 'El Tigre' be on the way out this summer?

Radamel Falcao has been labeled Atlético’s ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ or ‘Lionel Messi’ by manager Diego Simeone, amidst rumours the striker is set to leave the club at the end of the season.

Simeone told the media, “Real Madrid have Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona have Messi, but we have Falcao. He scored yet another winner, and we’re delighted that he’s our striker.”

Falcao, who has scored 22 goals in La Liga and has 30 for the season, had been rumoured to be the target of some of Europe’s big clubs almost immediately since he replaced Kun Aguero last Summer.

Atlético director Clemente Villaverde dropped a hint after the match that Falcao could be destined to leave at the end of the season.

“Falcao’s the best player we have, so we should enjoy him until the end of the season,” Villaverde said.

The Colombian has been linked strongly with English clubs Chelsea and Manchester City, despite playing down the rumours.

  • starvs

    I would really love to see him stay for years and help be a cornerstone of a rebuilt atleti; but with this leadership I understand that such thoughts are likely little more than a pipe dream.

    At least someone will have to pay out the ass for him, but what is actually done with that money is a totally separate matter that will likely please no one not named Mendes.

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  • Yon

    I blooming hope not!!! 1 Season then selling on for a profit :|! Disgraceful! But i suppose when your not at Real or Barca chancing of winning things in Spain are not great, so when the competing teams in England are after you it’s understandable to want to leave to win!

    We need to build the team for Falcao, Adrian, Arda and Diego!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Falcao has been unstoppable this season. 30 goals in 42 matches. Very impressive considering Atleti is not exactly a team that creates too many crosses and passes for it’s strikers. And I’m afraid if he leaves we’re fucked. There’s no one else in the world as good as Falcao except Cavani but he is out of reach.
    With a possible sale of Falcao for 50-40M Atleti can build a very strong team. I would buy Lucas Barrios, he has no place in Dortmund’s starting XI, Luuk de Jong, or Olivier Giroud. Those are great forwards and would be under 20M. I would also buy Borja Valero and Capoue. With those signings Atleti would really be a contender to qualify for Champions League next season and win the Copa del Rey.
    But we already know what’s gonna happen next year. The board is gonna sign Michu, Lass, Casado, etc…,. and we’ll compete for a Europa League berth or finish 8th. Nothing new really.
    Gil doesn’t care about the club at all, just to earn money out of the club. It’s really sad for such an amazing club like Atleti, shouldn’t be that way but it is. And until Gil leaves Atleti, the club is not gonna compete and be the same glorious team it once was.

  • Javi

    I think you are reading too much into his comments, not that it could not very well happen, but from reading his interview I don’t read the same thing you do.

  • palc

    Torres + cash in exchange for Falcao. So we can buy a new DM and a winger and keep Diego. Boom! Champions League qualification.

  • Epoy

    ^ just what im also thinking…

    Torres + 30 million in exchange for Falcao

    it would great to see Torres back and in his peak. ALthough not in form currently, im sure he would be immense for us again.

  • Epoy

    and no Dzeko + cash for Falcao pls…

  • Lubo

    @palc: NO WAY! Torres is a Atleti legend, that’s what he is. But beside that, he is not able to score. Torres is not playing bad for Chelsea, but everybody has to admit that he isn’t that world class player as when he was leaving Atletico. The last thing this team needs is another busy transfer window with changes everywhere in the field, so the players can’t get used to each other. I was predicting, that we’ll end up this season somewhere around 8-9th place in La Liga, and I wasn’t far away from the truth. Next season could be MUCH better, if the team stays as it is, with Falcao as a cornerstone. But sadly, I don’t see him staying any longer..

  • JM

    If Falcao should leave I would like to see Huntelaar join. If i’m not wrong he has a buy out clause for around €20.

  • Sebyk

    Too much babble around one misformulation…
    Anyway, the interest of Chelsea’s gone since AVB was sacked, we’d have to wait who gets the manager chair in summer. And even ManC aren’t crazy enough to buy another striker for another 50 millions, especially since Tévez has calmed down. Hence I see no team where El Tigre could be transferred…

  • palc


    Thats true but I think Torres would revitalize himself again in Atletico. And besides, he is Torres. Mr. Atletico. I would be delighted to see him back with us before he hits 30. With that said a pure Falcao in exchange for Torres deal would weaken us, but Torres plus cash would strenghten us. Given that those money are spent well as we sorely need to strenghten the squad.

    Those money should be used for a proper DM, an explosive winger + buying Diego. That sounds expensive but we still have som excess cash from the Aguero, Forlan and De Gea sales.

    But of of course I doubt Falcao would leave us after one season if it were up to him. But then again Jorge Mendes is his agent..

    And I don’t think this team would be a lot better next season. We need to be strenghtening the squad in summer.

  • Sebyk

    Excess cash? You mean the money from De Gea used to pay back the money we owed on salaries to Kun, Forlán and co.? Or probably the 200 millions Atlético owes to the Spanish Ministry of Finance? Or maybe our other debts? Yeah, sounds like a lot of extra cash we have…

    Come on guys, the financial situation in Atlético is terrible and still worsening, especially since Champions League is out of question this year and Europa League not as close as we’d have hoped to. Atlético is pretty much running on borrowed time – let’s express our sincere thanks to the Gil family. I’d be very very surprised if we brought any big name in summer – time to focus on what we have, to give chance to our talents from Cantera and to slowly start paying back the debt. However, the sad reality is that Atlético is on the highway to hell and still speeding up…

  • ali_

    yeah sebyk, thats why i wouldnt be surprised if we will sell both adrian and falcao at the summer. we could get around 70 million euros. reports said that barca already asked about adrians price. we told them its around 18 million euros.

  • Lubo

    Sebyk got it right. In addition, one another thing why I don’t want Falcao to be sold, is that I’d rather have him on the team, than possible 60 million € in Gil’s pockets..
    But I don’t see a single reason why would Falcao want to stay in this pathetic and mediocre team (Let’s face it, although we love this club). Even Champions League is not necessarily the right temptation for him to stay (look at his departure from Porto).

  • palc

    @ Sebyk. We have a lot of debt, but somehow we always manage to find som cash. Don’t know how, but theres seems to be cash to spend always.

  • Sebyk

    @ali_: Yep, 18 millions is Adrián’s buyout clause anyway, so we’d have to sell if someone offered the money. However, Adrián’s level of performance has dropped quite a bit lately and I don’t believe that Barca would buy an 18million rotation player, especially if you look at how many forwards they have on their team…
    @palc: Yeah, by borrowing even more money or affairs with Jorge Mendes. This attitude leads to somewhere where Atlético has already been once and I don’t want to see it there ever again…

  • ali_

    Sebyk: i thought his buyout clause is over 20 million, so thnaks for the heads up. anyway, i think barca would buy him cos: he is young, he is spanish, he has great skills. i think he would perfectly fit to barca. and i think that there are no player in our squad who would say no to barca (sadly).

    lets hope for the best.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Atleti’s starting XI for next season: Asenjo, Juanfran, Godin, Miranda, Filipe, Xavi Torres, Mario, Gabi, Lass, Salvio, Diego Costa. Bench: Joel, Pulido, Dominguez, Casado, Silvio, Tiago, Ruben Micael, Michu, Nelson Oliveira.
    It would’t surprise me at all. With a little bit of luck we’ll qualify to Europa League or finish eight. Bravo Mr. Gil Marin!, you’ve turned Club Atletico de Madrid into sell player agency, so much for the business agent/owner of the year. That’s all bullshit. Don’t know how does this clown keeps being the absolute owner of Atleti. I mean, everything he does is probably illicit. He must bribe officials and all of that. He should be denounced for awful management of Atleti and for playing with people’s feelings. It’s not fair.

  • Ringo

    Where’s Koke in that squad?

  • Javi Lozoya

    Right. I forgot about him and Turan.

  • Besides IF falcao leaves there are so many good replacements out there. Example: Seydou Doumbia, Mario Gomez, Huntelaar, Leandro Damiao and perhaps Guiseppe Rossi. So Falcao is not the ONLY GOOD striker out there. There are others worth around his price.

  • Oh yeah there is also Fernando Torres and Edin Dzeko. Forgot about them. You know la liga has some good goalkeepers such as Claudio Bravo, Miguel Moya, Vicente Guaita and Javi Varas. But I also hope Manchester United loans De gea back to us. That will give him some confidence. and perhaps have courtois as well on loan next season two. Then loan out Asenjo and Joel to some other clubs. And that way there will be intense competition for the starting spot between Courtois and De Gea. ;). That is MY opinion.

  • Javi Lozoya

    There are good strikers out there indeed Randy, but don’t think with the same caliber and consistency as El Tigre and Cavani. Those two are probably the best center forwards in the world. Doumbia is good but I don’t think as good as Falcao, neither Mario Gomez and I think he is out of our reach. Damiao is quite good but he is expensive and overpriced. Internacional want like 40-50M for him. Huntelaar is quite good as well, but he still is not as good as Falcao and don’t think he’ll leave Schalke for us.
    And Giuseppe Rossi is a great player. He was linked with us alongside obviously Falcao and Pablo Osvaldo. We then signed Falcao of course. And I like Rossi very much but unfortunately he tore his ACL once again. Poor guy. He is gonna be out probably until next year. Hope he gets well soon.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Jackson Martinez would be another good option if Falcao goes. I suppose Martin might agree with me:).
    Here’s a video of him:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwRjW5t4RfQ
    He is Falcao’s sub with Colombia’s national team. He plays in México for Jaguares. He is probably the Mexican league best striker along Iván Alonso. Jackson is way too good for the Mexican league. He plays as a center forward, typical ‘9’. Great header, shoots with both legs but not only that. He is very good with the ball at his feet. He is very technical unlike other strikers. He can assist as well as score goals and when he doesn’t have the ball, he drops back to keep possession of the ball and helps his team create attacks. I’ve seen literally drop back all the way to Jaguares defense and help the team defending. He is a very good player. Might even be better than Falcao. And he is not even expensive. His transfer is valued for £6M. Liverpool and Porto want to sign him. Atleti should sign before they do. Jackson would be the ideal replacement for Falcao. And he is a great guy too. Very hardworking and humble just like Falcao. That’s the kinds of players Atleti need. Grande Falcao y grande Jackson EL Cha-cha-cha Martinez!!!.

  • Ahmad

    I hope he doesn’t leave – World class striker :/

  • @Javi L. remember he is very good in the MEXICAN LEAGUE. It’s so not as competitive as La liga. Also I think why i know his price is so cheap thats how much European clubs are gonna pay for him but other clubs they will charge more because of the type of league those “other clubs” play for. And Damiao has a buyout clause of 25 MIllion Euros. So he might be a good striker if he comes.

  • london

    falcao is the best nr 9 in the worls..and barcelona needs him …