Match preview: Atlético Madrid vs. Real Madrid

Atleti can spoil Merengue Liga title-hopes by finally ending drought against neighbours


Perea challenges Cristiano in the Bernabéu

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Atlético can redeem themselves with their fans for every slip-up of the season by defeating bitter rivals Real Madrid in Wednesday’s derby at the Vicente Calderón.

Close to 2,000 minutes of football between the two sides have elapsed since los Colchoneros last tasted victory against los Merengues, and the clock-of-no-wins will begin ticking again when the match kicks off at 22:00 CET.

Diego Simeone’s men will attempt to make amends with their supporters for blowing yet another opportunity to inch closer to the Champions League berth spots last weekend when they quickly collapsed against Levante in Valencia.

Popular television programmes such as Lost and The Wire, among countless others, have premiered and ended during the almost 13-year span since our last triumph over Real.

For the next hours leading up to and during this clash, little else will matter to the Rojiblanco faithful apart from their hopes of ending the ‘White Spell’.

Already a banner appears within the Calderón with a very direct message: “WIN…WIN…AND WIN.”

Simeone, who suited up for and lost all five derbies he participated in as a former Atlético player, is fully aware of the implications of the game.

“We want to play a concrete and very serious match,” he told reporters at the pre-game press conference.

“We appreciate the supporters for always being there for us. I ask of them to participate during the game tomorrow.”

‘El Cholo’ continued: “It will be a beautiful game, enviable for those that cannot play in it, with so many people watching around the world.

“We’re feeling good, we’re strong and we expect to play a great game.”

Colombian striker Radamel Falcao, who did not take part in this season’s first edition of the derbi madrileño and who was unable to start versus Levante because of a cold, is still fighting symptoms of the illness and he, along with attack partner Adrián, also suffering from a cold, did not train on Tuesday but both were included in the match selection and should be able to appear in the starting line-up.

Eduardo Salvio, Mario Suárez and Miranda are all banned through suspension, while Antonio López and Sílvio remain sidelined as they recover from their respective injuries.

El Cholo called-up Atlético B forward Pedro, and the canterano may see playing time in the unfortunate event that Falcao or Adrián are unable to suit up.

José Mourinho’s men have fumbled away what was once a 10-point lead for the Primera División title, and are now only clear of Barcelona by four points.

Should the Blaugrana defeat Getafe at the Camp Nou Tuesday evening as expected, Real will come into the derby just one point ahead of their direct rival for La Liga.

Will our hombres capitalise on all that pressure on our foes and spoil their bid for the league title?

Are you feeling optimistic ahead of the derby?

Atlético Madrid match selection:
Goalkeepers: Courtois, Asenjo
Defenders: Godín, Perea, Filipe, Domínguez, Juanfran
Midfielders: Arda, Assuncao, Gabi, Mérida, Koke, Tiago, Diego
Forwards: Pizzi, Adrián, Falcao, Pedro

Real Madrid match selection: TBA

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  • I am not feeling very optimistic but i hope atletico can win. But this is Simeone’s first Derby IN CHARGE so anything can happen.
    Come on atleti let kick their @$$e$!!!!!!
    Aupa Atleti!!!!

  • palc

    What a great show The Wire was. Omar= best TV character ever!

    Too bad Miranda is suspended. Our best defender this season. I gotta hunch that Godin will score an own goal or make a huge error.

  • ratchet

    I have got a good feeling about this. We can sink their hopes, dreams and ambitions, like they have to us. Lets crush them.

  • Armend Mendi

    Falcao and Adrian would play from first minut ?!

  • Arjaniti



    We hope , we can beat Real Madrid . AUPA ATLETIC

  • Epoy

    We are due a win against those [email protected]@rd$ and i have a good feeling on this. They are not in good form lately and might be starting to feel the pressure with Barca’s surge.
    Come on Cholo, fire up the boys so we colchoneros can have the bragging rights against their bandwagon fans.

    Aupa Atleti!!!

  • Faiaz

    Best of luck from a Barca fan, as long as Atletico doesn’t concede a goal early on… chances look good. Visca Barca!!!!! and for tomorrow’s match… AUPA ATLETIC!!!!!

  • starvs

    Man I hope I can get out of work a little early tomorrow so I can see this live. Let’s fucking go.

  • leika

    I saw a dream about this match tonight. They scored first in the 86th minute then we equalised and then we scored 2-1 in added time. Only problem is that I scored the equaliser 😛

  • ratchet

    who wants to bet that we are going to win 5-0, with Real getting 4 players sent off? That was my dream…

  • Urban

    I dont see any real chance of winning, but maybe its a good sign since atleti are master of surprises…

  • Lubo

    @palc: how can you say that Miranda is our best defender?!? He is sloppy since his very beginning. When he arrived, somebody mentioned that he can be our new Perea, and he really is. He’s a calamity-soon-to-happen type of player whenever the ball is around him. His inability to cover players caused our bad start against Levante on Sunday. I hate him almost as much as I hated Mariano Pernía and really can’t understand why Cholo is playing him regularly when Domi is outclassing him in everything except his speed. Our management made a mistake signing him, he’s just another (below)average player. Saddest thing is that we had a great player in Elias and let him go, because this moron is occupying a non-eu place in the squad.

  • Scott Lind

    Dominguez should start the match over Godin..

    Godin has made many mistakes lately and should Not be on the pitch tonight!!

  • Javi

    I believe we will put up a good fight and merit even a win, but then, as usual the ref will make his call and the game will be handed to RM, at that point they will score a couple more gols and the old story will continue unchanged: we go back several points below European spots and Madrid resumes four points above barca

  • palc

    @Lubo. I do agree. Our best defender is Alvaro but he never gets the nod from Cholo. Therefore I considered Miranda to be our best option as he’s better than both Perea and Godin. Miranda is not a moron, Godin is. If you look back at our last defeats in the league. You’ll see that Godin is heavily involved in all of those. That stupid own goal against Mallorca, The penalty conceded against Zaragoza, and allowing Valdo to head freely last game against Levante. He’s the moron. Dominguez and Miranda should be our pair.

  • shlomgar

    Cholo is giving most of our young players time to shine. I guess that Alvaro is just not what he had in mind for the club and actually I think that the four Central Defenders we have are quite in the same level. Cholo is counting on only two because he wants them to have blind understanding of one another, like Pique and Puyol for instance.

    I’m going to see the game today with my guys, none of them Atleticofans or football fans for that matter. All are coming to laugh at me when we lose. I really hope we’ll be laughing today guys. Our keys to victory is goals. I think if we score two we are up for a win or a draw at least! Diego, Falcao, Gabi. if those three show up we will win this, I’m certain.

    Aupa Atleti! Ganar, Ganar y Ganar!

  • Ringo

    I am always optimistic, so this time around, I am not.

  • brian

    Come on Atl Madrid !! You guys can do it . We Barca fans will be cheering for you guys 🙂

  • Metro

    @ palc.

    I think you’re being really harsh on Godin. The own goal against Mallorca – he didn’t have much to do in that particular situation and imo it was just pure unluck. The penalty against Zaragoza…yeah, I admit it was kind of stupid, but let’s be honest – we were going out for a late goal. It didn’t really matter for us if we got the draw or loss – either way it was disappointing.

    I remember that Godin was a rock in our first matches under Cholo’s guidance.

  • palc


    Look at the own goal again. Most own goals happen because of clumsiness. His own goal is not an exception. He tries to clear the ball, but somewhow he manages to hit the ball with his ankle and the ball goes in. He has no control of his legs. Pure cluminess/lack of concentration. Clumsy fellow. Always been.

  • george

    simeone will give players motivation and passion.we need to give everything from the first min.Firstly for the champions league positions and then for barca!vamos atleti…vamos simeone!

  • Listen all allyuh coward Barcelona Fans! We not do this shit for you. We doing this to improve Atletis position in the Table in the bid for a champions League spot. So if you think we doing this for you, think again. We doing This for Atleti.

    PS: And that thing we doing is WINNING REAL MADRID!!!!!!

    Aupa Atleti and SHIT BARCELONA!!!

  • ratchet

    Well if barca fans are on our side it may help. The refs help barca the most do they may not be so favourable to real madrid.

  • norman

    we gonna crush them out y beat the shit out of them.vamooooooooooooooooooos atletiiiiiiiiiiii.

  • starvs

    Man I’m so nervous today I can Yardley eat lunch. Def do not agree about Miranda, he has been very good as of late, although did have a slightly shaky start.

  • @Starvs

    Where do you live

  • Croatia Atletista

    I’m on the computer all day waiting for the game God if only I could be there…LETS EAT THOSE BASTARDS! AUPA ATLETI

  • dana

    anybody know where to watch it online?

  • ratchet

    1-0 real, great free-kick, but we can get back in this

  • AtletiFanInPhilly

    Great free kick? Was it a “knuckleball” in the sense that Courtois had no idea where it was going? Because, from that distance, I don’t think there is a reason why the goalie should NOT stop the kick.

  • ratchet

    This match is not over!

  • Ok it was a brilliant free kick but come on guys we can get back into this.

    Aupa Atleti!!

  • AtletiFanInPhilly
  • AtletiFanInPhilly
  • Dircil


  • Epoy


    GEt IN!!!! FAlcao!!!!

  • Epoy

    damn it!

  • Metro

    Okay, I agree with you now, palc.

  • Epoy

    this is BS!!! We just collapsed…

  • Mike


  • ratchet

    we are so fucking shit sometimes

  • That was shit. How could they have awarded a penalty kick to Real Madrid. Godin Barely even touched the man. In fact Hoguain Dived more than anything. It is just not FAIR. Ronaldo’s other two goals were superb, callejon’s goal was good and Falcao’s was the BEST!!!

    Dont get discouraged

    Aupa ATLETI!!!!

  • Croatia Atletista

    I broke the glass on my table…I lost my voice…I cryed and laughed…I feel destroyed now…like always from heroic to ridiculousness in just moments…but in the end I wouldn’t have it any other way…
    one sunny day you will reward us with something till then its old glory…but we don’t mind…
    Greetings from Split,Croatia

  • falcao

    Allways the same story……….and again GODIN…………….
    Guys this is now past what can we do we now need to win at Rayo to bring back self-confidence


  • kabir

    what position do we need to get into the europa league then? we got in with 7th last year but will it be the same?

  • ratchet

    no actually, in response to my earlier comment, we’re not, godin is. seriously he is worse than miranda. We should play perea and dominguez, why godin felt the need to do that is beyond me.

  • ratchet

    4-1 was not a deserved scoreline, it flatters real heavily, 2-1 would be fairer. The fact is we have dropped yet more points, will probz drop to 8th and may not get any european football whatsoever next season. These are desperate times, vallenco is a must win. We need at least 3 more wins for europe.

  • Epoy

    Where is f*cking Miranda and Dominguez…

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