Inside the ‘Cholo’ household in Argentina

Diego Simeone's eldest son Giovanni describes what it's like to watch his dad in action


Simeone with sons Giuliano, Giovanni & Gianluca

Diego Simeone’s trio of sons, Giuliano, Gianluca and Giovanni (ordered from youngest to eldest), celebrate Atleti’s triumphs and wallow in their defeats as if they were lifelong Colchoneros, AS reports.

Giovanni Simeone is currently shining in the Argentine Sixth Division, where he suits up for battle in red and white as a prolific striker within River Plate’s youth academy.

The promising 16-year-old was born in Madrid on the 9th of August of 1995, perhaps portentously, during the pre-season leading up to our legendary Doblete-winning campaign of 1995/96.

The forward, called-up earlier this week to train with the Argentine U-18 squad, assured months ago – before his father took charge of the club – that he would love to play for Atlético in the future.

“I don’t miss a single Atleti game,” ‘Cholito’ told AS on Tuesday before describing how he experienced his father’s presentation with los Rojiblancos back in December.

“The image of the Atleti supporters stayed with me, of how much they love him,” he said.

“I don’t remember his time as an Atlético player, but he tells me that when he started to play, people saw him differently, because he fought hard.”

Giovanni then gave us a glimpse into what the Cholo household in Argentina looks like during our games, when he watches on television along with his little brothers.

“I put on the shirt, the scarf and I’m fully devoted to the team,” he said.

“I really love to watch Falcao and I die of laughter when my dad goes crazy. We turn the volume all the way up and act like we’re right there. We feel like we’re by his side.”

The gifted goalscorer believes his father is pleased with his new job on the Atleti coaching bench.

“It’s what he’s always wanted,” Giovanni said.

“He’s happy and I see him with a lot of desire to continue working there.”

Despite the distance away from him, ‘Cholo Jr.’ is in constant contact with his dad.

“I always call him before or after matches,” he said.

The young Simeone had one final message for his father:

“I hope he has a good time at Atlético, he deserves it. From Argentina, we all send him a kiss. He always has us by his side, even though we are far away.

“The whole family pulls for Atleti.”

  • Gert

    Time for his whole family to join our family!!

    El cholito! Already thrilled to hear el Frente sing songs about him.

  • Urban

    We already had Kun’s son among our ranks…

  • starvs

    I think Cholo has showed a little more dedication to Atleti throughout the years than Kun…

  • Javi Lozoya

    Yep. That’s right. Probably Kun already forgot about his time at Atleti and all the good things that happened when he was here, therefore I doubt his kid is gonna actually play for Atleti. He is probably gonna play for Madrid. And even though it’s hard to admit it, Kun was never a colchonero, something Simeone is. Ever since Cholo left Atleti I’m sure he kept track of Atleti’s situation. He suffered the ups and downs of the team because he is a true colchonero, as simple as that. Kun never admit it or say it so, although no one can’t deny Kun always gave 100% percent effort and is was one the best players in the history of Atleti.

  • Hana

    Hey guys check out this great album that MARCA put together about our old president Vicente Calderón. It’s been 25 years since his death. (I know this is quite out of context – that’s why I wish there was some kind of forum on here :p

  • WOW. Thats some family he has there. They look like Atleti colchoneros alright i say bring them in and start training them from young in our youths systems.