La Liga: Real Mallorca 2 – 1 Atlético

Golazo from Falcao comes too late for Atleti to turn game around

Atletico Madrid defender Diego Godin against Real Mallorca


Atlético suffered a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Real Mallorca on Sunday afternoon.

After a dreadful first half and a disastrous start to the second, Atleti woke up too late to recover from the damage.

Simeone lined up with the formation we’ve seen in recent games. The only change to the 11 players that started against Besiktas was Salvio’s inclusion over Arda Turan, who started on the bench.

Left off the match selection were captain Antonio López and Pizzi.

The first opportunity of the match was for Mario Suárez, who saw his header saved spectacularly by Dudu Aouate.

Both teams struggled with a lack of creativity and weren’t able to string together a longer sequence of passes. Atlético’s midfield and forward players failed to combine, while Filipe and Juanfran were hesitant to go forward.

It might have been the heat or our intensive run of games, but Atleti again seemed to be running on tired legs. The first half was uneventful and dull, with both teams seemingly without ideas. Beforehand a physical battle between la Liga’s highest fouling teams was expected, but there was no battle at all.

One minute before half time Mallorca had an enormous opportunity to open the scoring. Out of nowhere Víctor Casadesús appeared all alone before Thibaut Courtois, but fortunately for Atleti the goalkeeper won the 1-on-1.

Atlético must have left the dressing room with the best of intentions, but our start to the second half was disastrous. A minute into the second half Chori Castro was clear to shoot and his shot was deflected by Diego Godín into his own goal.

Still within minutes after the break Mallorca broke forward again and Pereira scored with a powerful low shot, Mallorca’s second goal in as many minutes.

In the 52nd minute Atlético took a free kick cleverly and Adrián’s shot was cleared off the goal line by Ramis with his hands, who received a red card for the offence and conceded a penalty. But that it really wasn’t our day was illustrated by Radamel Falcao, whose poor attempt from the spot kick was easily saved by Aouate.

After an hour of play Falcao redeemed himself when he scored an astounding goal. He turned away from his defender and beat the Mallorca goalkeeper with a fantastic lob from outside the box.

Immediately after the goal, Fran Mérida was brought on for Juanfran and the 22-year-old almost scored on his very first touch. After Aouate was nearly surprised by a header from his own defender, the ball fell before Fran who hit the post from only a couple yards out.

It was Mérida’s first appearance for Atleti after returning from a loan spell with Braga.

Atlético continued to push forward, but shots by Fran Mérida, Gabi and Salvio were insufficient. The Rojiblanco fans were left wondering why their team couldn’t start like this after wasting the first 50 minutes of the match.

Mallorca held on to send Atleti homewards without a point, which leaves us 9th in the league table.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran (“66 Fran Mérida), Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Salvio, Gabi, Mario (“58 Arda), Koke; Adrián and Falcao.

Goals: 1-0 Godín o.g. (“47); 2-0 Pereira (“49); 2-1 Falcao (“66)

  • ratchet

    Fran merida’s shit, we are shit and CL is now probably too far away. We will probably get smashed by bilbao and then that would be that. Im sick of being optimistic then getting shit results like this. Its like when manzano was in charge. I dont think we will fet CL and now i doubt we will get past the semis of the EL. zero expectation from me for the rest of the season now. There are at least 6 other teams in spain that are better than us at the moment. Just really pissed off this shit always happens. Its f**king crap.

  • PabloC
  • AIIM

    changed coach , new players

    but we losed agian .

  • ratchet

    @PabloC, even he wont change the mess this club is in.

  • PabloC

    he’s definitely a player that can take a game by the scruff of the neck and is probably our most creative player.We’ve missed him terribly but we need to get back on track vs Bilbao to keep alive the slimmest of hopes of qualifying for the CL.

  • Metro

    We need to stay calm, lads. It’s clear that we are getting a little bit tired and injuries have disrupted our rhythm as well. What we need is to stay behind our team and help them get back on the winning track. Diego and Tiago will be back to help us soon, so lets stay optimistic and keep supporting our lads.


  • ratchet

    we never seem to get rewarded for our patience. In many ways its loke following england. Whenever we do well and get our hopes up it always seems to come back to the same situatipn we are in now. Its not fair doing that to faithfull supporters. I feel sorry for the most loyal of all fans who go to every game. They have to suffer the same feelings im getting but they have to pay for the privilage. About £40. Will they get their money back? No, but the players will pick up their inflated appearance bonuses. Do they get it back from success? No. They are just expected to come the next match and show optimism. Theres never anything to justify this. I thought the manager would change it but he clearly hasnt. I see no progress from last season. We have just made up the ground we lost through manzano. We still have very little domestic away wins and we are still mid-table. Im sick and tired of recieving crap results like this. We’re like a laughing stock to the rest of spain. Its embarrasing. I try to defend atletico to my friends who say they’re crap but its hard. This was a great chance to close the gap to the CL and we blew it. Lets face, we are probably not gonna get any european football for next year and we will lose most of our star players. We just dont help ourselves.

  • Mais

    im not sure why anyone is criticizing falcao…only messi and ronaldo have more goals :S even given his price i dont think anyone expected him to surpass those two by any stretch of the imagination

    we still have home matches against a few of the teams above us in the table coming up, and of those teams i think we can win the away matches as well if our players return from injury..i think we’re pushing quite hard considering

  • Javi Lozoya

    Giver our players a break guys. True it wasn’t a favorable result, now we’re fading away from the European competition spots, but our players we’re hella exhausted, and we have a short squad. We’ve been playing 2 competitions in 1 week in row now, it’s not easy for our players to be physically fit and perform good in every match. So easy on our team, no need to be so harsh on them.

  • 7th

    we were bound to lose eventually, we were really tired.

    however, I knew falcao would waste a penalty there.

    good debut by merida though.

    lets move on.

  • Mais

    iraola misses the match against us..lifeline?

  • Javi Lozoya

    I don’t think Iraola’s absence is gonna be a lifeline for us, but a Bilbao’s loss does. I would prefer that Munian, Ander or Javi Martinez miss the match against us. They do make a difference for Bilbao, I cannot say the same thing about Iraola.

  • leika

    If we don’t end up in CL spot then it will be really hard to keep Falcao and possibly Adrian with us. And don’t forget that Simeone has been here only since January. Blame Manzano for our table position. If Simeone would have been here the whole preseason and first half we would have been at least 4th in the table.

  • Mais

    i dont mean in the sense that bilbao is weakened, just that our forwards could find cracks in the defense not an expert on that team however, i dono how high iraola ranks among the defensive players, but from what ive seen i dont mind his absence one little bit

  • ratchet

    Valencia seem to have bailed us out again. How many times do results need to go our way before we take advantage of it.

  • dgsozkan

    Calm down guys. It wasn’t the score we expected for sure, still no need to be harsh on the team and Simeone. Our position in the table is Manzano’s shit. Blame him and the geniuses who make him our coach in the first place.

  • Mais

    i think id still be surprised if adrian left..he came to atleti from a relegated team, he doesnt seem like the type of guy (from what other players say about him) that wud expect to be in champions or hes outta there..n he knew coming in that it wud be a team without aguero etc

  • Javi Lozoya

    why always someone has to copy what I say?, it’s getting pretty annoying, and as for Manzano, the guy is not with us anymore, give him a break, it’s useless to blame him now, for me the only one to blame is Cerezo and probably Gilma for appointing Manzano.

  • God, we just cannot win. I just gonna be optimistic about the europa league same shit like when quique sanchez was in charge we were on a high in the europa league and did shit in the domestic competition and we are not consistent we can only do good in one league i have realized that over the years. I am giving them one more chance to do ‘GOOD SHIT’. Come on people of Atletico Let us try to win.
    We are goin to win europa league!!!!!!!!!

  • ali_

    come on, mallorca was extremely lucky with their 1st goal. it wasnt even a shot on goal. shit happens. tho if im right we usually dont win in estadio iberostar. lets see what happens on wednesday against bilbao, the teams are both tired, but at least we playin at home.

  • AtletiFanInPhilly

    The squad lacks depth, both in terms of talent and number.

    That’s the most important thing. Without Diego and Tiago, we are playing with a really weakened squad.

    Diego > Salvio
    Tiago > Assuncao


  • AtletiFanInPhilly

    This loss, undoubtedly, makes the Athletic match a must-win. I would certainly consider a loss a terrible outcome and a tie a bad outcome.

    We really need Real Madrid to beat Malaga. Plus, that late Levante goal against Villarreal really stands out now.

  • Hey guys you know berbatov is gonna quit Manu so he is available at the end of the season

  • ratchet

    yh, but berbatov is quite a lazy striker. We need players who work hard for their team.

  • Arjit

    This our second defeat in 2012. We’re playing in two competitions and we have injuries on top of a short squad. This was going to happen. Our league position is manzano’s fault and nobody else’s

  • Tackle_Hard

    Bilbao lost at home too. Europa is still on.

  • Tackle_Hard

    In 3 months Simeone has managed 15 matches 8 of which have been won, losing only twice, with a staggering 9 clean sheets. I am positive enough. Though still waiting for Diego to join the attack.

  • AaX

    Can’t take the pain won’t get the gain. It’s a lesson-ful losses that counts. Not for those who gave up easily. Atleti’s path is never easy but definitely a Great one. Realistic patience is the right assessment to be employed here. The ‘team’ HAS IMPROVED even without new recruitments. Low faith and unrealistic expectation and support is unhelpful nor unwelcome at this stage of the season. Admittedly it was very disappointing and frustrating. The players should have learnt a lesson of not putting their game down and estimation low for any lower positioned teams until the required team’s intensity and performance is achieved consistently. I know there need be some moments of loosing up and relaxation but never erase out of your minds the fact that blunders like these do occasionally always make their visit to Atletico at the most ‘innocent’ times and which always we have to be on guard of. This especially is not absently known nor a foreign challenge to Simoene of Atletico who marshaled this team to a great Double and more. Hopefully this will evoke out the best of determination and strength of Atletico de Madrid with passion along with their supporters.

  • Erwinito

    All you guys and girls supporting Atlético must know that beside the nickname “Los Colchoneros” we are also named “LOS SUFRIDORES”. This means “THOSE WHO SUFFOR”.
    Also with a little bit of luck we had won the game yesterday. Surely playing many games in a few days takes his toll from the players. El Cholo does an excelent job since he arrived in Madrid.
    Let’s all stand behind our team instead of criticising.

  • In the sumer what do you think we need 1. A striker? 2. A Winger 3. Midfielder( Please be specific what kind) 4. Defender(what knid) or 5. Goallkeeper
    Decide and write back

  • Urban

    Defensive Midfielder (Javi Garcia) and a Striker (Yilmaz).

  • Paco

    Hi guys,

    My name is Plamen and I’m from Bulgaria. I’m big fan of Atletico de Madrid from ’95 when Lubo Penev was at Atletico. I read this site from maybe two years, but this is my first post. And I just want to say few things. Even a blind man can see that Atletico play much better under Simeone. The team now have spirit and some kind of still. First half of the season we were everything but not a professional football team. It was terrible to watch our games. With players like we had in the start of the season it was I crime to play so bed. And guilty for this was the coach and the directors which hire him. Manzano had enough time to create real strong team but hi didn’t. When we finally suck him and came the new coach, Simeone doesn’t have that time, but he changes a lot of things. We must be grateful and patient. The only reason we’ve lost in Mallorca and didn’t win some other matches is because our players had tired legs. We’ve have been playing 2 match per week alllmost all season and it’s clear that we weren’t ready for that. And the guilty is once again in the ex-coach and his staff. So I just want to tell everyone that blame Simeone and players to think first. I know everyone want Atletico to be in the first four in primera, but it will be hard (but not inposible). And once again the reason for this is the terrible first half of the season. So every single fan must be behind the club (coach and players, not the bosses) at this final stage and let’s hope the team will makes us proud!
    I’m also really amazed when I read some shit comment about Falcao. He is first class finisher and it’s a real wonder that he had so many goals so far. Again same reason – first half of the season we played really bad, and now Diego Simeone prefer more defensive style. Let’s hope we didn’t sell him this summer and enjoy his talent for next couple of years.

    About Berbatov, believe me it will be fantastic. He is 31 now and have at least two years more of professional football. Please don’t talk about he’s lazy stile…He is striker (not a 100 m. Olympic medalist) and have got number 9 on his shirt. Last season his was a Premier league goal scorer (24 goals) in case he played only 24 matches like a starter and 8 like a subtitle. This season he played only 5 matches and have 7 goals. The only reason he is not a starter is Alex Ferguson. This summer his price will be between 5 and 10 (max) millions. Here some stats. And for those who didn’t watch him there is youtube.
    P.S. Sorry for my Englsih!

  • ratchet

    He got 21 goals in the prem last season, joint top scorer with tevez. And no one is asking for an olympic athlete, just someone who is willing to get back and defend, not just stroll about the oppositions defensive line

  • Javi Lozoya

    Javi Garcia?, hell no, he is so overrated and madridista. Prefer to have Ruben Perez back, promote Fer, Claudio Yacob (he is gonna be a free agent on summer), Fernando Tissone, Francesco Lodi, etc…, as defensive midfielders, a left back if Antonito doesn’t get a contract extension, promote Pedro for the first team, and have Diego Costa return if he gets an EU passport, if not, let him stay at Rayo for another season until he acquires Spanish citizenship.

  • palc

    Mario Suarez is shit. Bad at defending and bad at attacking. USELESS. Need a replacement in summer BADLY. Falcao also. Can’t he just stay inside the box? He can’t do anything else. ( His goal was a fluke) He can’t dribble and he can’t pass. He has some psycholigical issues, but there’s no excuse for that horrible penalty kick. Which is by far the worse I’ve EVER seen.

    We need Diego back. And also Tiago.

  • AtletiFanInPhilly

    palc: I am not sure if I agree with the sentiment “Get rid of Falcao!”, but he seems to be a rather divisive player.

    He is clearly talented. He is 4th (!!) in La Liga with 17 goals. Since the Pichichi race is a two-man race, he is really only behind Higuain. Very impressive.

    He has 23 goals this season, which is more than Forlan scored in his first season with Atleti. Again, very impressive.

    At the same time, he does not have great first touch, nor does he dribble particularly well. As you mentioned, he is also hot and cold. It would be great to see a game log to see number of games with 0 goals, 1, 2, 3, etc.